MERKAVA 2D Main Battle Tank (Armored Warfare Gameplay)

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About Armored Warfare- Use steel giants to wipe the enemy from the face of the earth! Operate the most powerful tools of destruction invented by mankind: heavily armed tanks and artillery.In Armored Warfare you will be able to drive and do battle in the mightiest armored vehicles from dozens of countries around the world.

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is having a pleasant time. Can’t wait to get back to recording and streaming once the family leaves! o7

  2. Wtf i expected event for 2D view :/

  3. PotéPlayGames. PPG

    Phly i play it to, en i have already an M60A3 i realy love the Abrams family

  4. Simple planes please. I love your vids but i want that old good simple planes by the way there are new updates 1.7.0 v. Theres damage control,more design features and more and a nice vid. Merry Chrismas

    With love from How To Make It

  5. I first thought its world of tanks

  6. War thunder the best

  7. Dont play that shit

  8. why so many dislikes?

  9. why every online game about tanks is russian?, we need tank game that is not russian!!

  10. 1:00 “it looks like this tank was made of every single lesson learned in warfare” that’s about right.

  11. Phly why din’t you make a guide for m4a4 (sa 50) french sherman jumbo.

  12. I have had the Merkava 2D since it was first offered. I love the tank and its concept.
    It is to bad the AW for NA is so dead and not as fun as WT or WoT.
    i wish WT or WoT would introduce this tank….id buy it/level it in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Phly’s Fav Combo!

    Take out the Panzer4.F2 and the HS129-B3 and the Dicker Max!

  14. Phly please play Heroes and Generels agine

  15. Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah!

    I used to like you Phly, but not so much anymore.
    Do raffle giveaways to thank your community, you cheap bastard, ones that aren’t sponsored by someone else!
    What did you do on your 500k celebration? Did you do prizes and raffles? NO, you did a twitch stream, so you could soak up new paying subscribers.

  16. mlp_Blackbird _official

    Phly..please fly the new British Corsair came out of nowhere and I wanna see your opinion on it..

  17. I love armored warfare but it is so dead i do not know why

  18. Should have played Global Ops.. much more players, bigger maps, respawns and changing objectives….

  19. What a shame

  20. I thought Armored Warfare was DEAD. I tried playing a month ago and there were THREE people in the NA server, and FIFTEEN in the EU server…

  21. war thunder is better

  22. 6:44
    Phly, one does NOT simply diss the VFM Mk 5. That light tank has aluminum armor. But it has a LOT of it. And it is fast, maneuverable, and packs a leightweight version of the 105mm L7, with some VERY good performance.

    Also, if you really want a beast of a tier 7 Main Battle tank, play the challenger 1 man. Hell, the challengers are beasts of their tiers in all cases they show up- Except the Falcon, that turret front gets penned by literally anything, and it doesn’t even take reduced damage, even though it is an unmanned turret.

  23. More armored warfare please!!!

  24. It’s sad that you support the ongoing Jewish genocide of the Palastinians via this coward’s tank.

  25. As a former beta tester and Founder’s Pack owner, this was a good idea ruined by a bunch of drunk russians that do not care about balance or optimization. / stupidity knows no bounds.

  26. Pos of a game… Founder and alpha tester here but the game looks and plays like shit… Removal of arty (even the one bought with real money) from pvp on a whim, broken promises everywhere, forcing devs to copy paste WoT, like wtf? Not to mention the barrage of shitty looking skins which are sold as separate tanks and the limited “must buy now or loose forever” tanks

  27. I love juice Orange juice

    1 kornet missile = 1 dead merkava 2d :p

  28. I got suspicious the second I saw Phly do an AW video… and knew it the second I saw the text at the bottom of the description: Sponsored video.

    I’m not criticizing Phly, it’s great for a sponsor topic, but I feel like if the game was still actually good he wouldn’t need to get paid to play it… I still believe killed Armored Warfare. They killed it when they opened that beta just so they could start selling premium reskins of existing tanks. They fired a veteran, respectable developer weeks before the most critical patch in the game would have dropped, and when they dropped it at last, it was a disappointment.

  29. ReisenUdongeinlnaba

    You should showcase Special Operations as that is the prime of the recent update

  30. I thought this was World Of Tanks

  31. 666 dislikes, DEMONS!

  32. So armored warfare is basically world of tanks, but modern? interesting.

  33. Hmm I have T10 tanks in Armored Warfare and in WT I reached nearly to rank 5 and as I watch this video I see how WT is superior in gameplay mechanics and even graphics which is quite a something because they are using CryEngine. First of all it is sad AW is aiming to be WoT knock off. I see now how even realisitc battles in War Thunder are key point for the game. Yes you play arcade battles for some time but then you get bored that game is doing everything for yourself. Just wait until big red mark pop up aim for target wait for it to turn green and fire….. boring as hell. You cant even sneak attack someone in AW because you are immediately spotted even when you can’t shoot yet. In general AW is boring as hell and this gameplay works for WoT because they are doing hell of a promotions while AW marketing is non existent..

  34. tank got hit-points? Just like sucking WOT? Give me a break.

  35. Phly! pHLY! PHLY!!!!!!

  36. These wankers flip over with IEDs like any goy tank.

  37. Game is dead.

  38. Wot is better lol,this game sucks j

  39. welp. lebanaise arent afraid of it

  40. the merks actually missing something… its infantry. it carries a 6 man squad of infantry

  41. A Руссий, grammar commu-nazi

    Seems a bit forced but anything for our Phlee <3

  42. war thunder is much better, this is to arcady

  43. This look an awful lot like “that other tank game”

  44. Warthunder needs good PVE too, where you can actually make some serious RP and SL. That would be great.

  45. Phly … but this game is dead 🙁

  46. This game is meh.

  47. Though Christmas is ok.

  48. You really need to stop using profanity or I will have no choice but to report you. I am good with it, but I have my cousins here so you really have to stop. Please and Thank you.

  49. how much did they pay you XD

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