Merkava / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

state of Israel had to for its right from very beginning — and then the Israeli military had to rely on hand-me-downs from the WW2 era. They used everything, from Cromwells and Shermans to outdated Renaults… and it took the new country several decades to make a full switch to modern British and American designs.



  1. I wanna blow one up with the Abrams to see what would happen

  2. i was a gunner of the merkava 3d and merkava 4

  3. My brother got to sit in Leopard 2A4 in Italy 2 years ago

  4. I love Merkavas and all Israeli gear/equipment but the devs decided to make them exclusive content and not have a proper TT for these gorgeous machines. Shame on them for this. There is no Israeli tech in game that is not event or premium and ots outrageous since they added South Africa as a legitimate nation to the game with TT vehicles. Double standards are not appreciated.

  5. I had a Micro Machines Merkava Mark 1 once

  6. Thanks for the history lesson

  7. I love all of them! And Gaijin makes them deadly pricey to not get them! Money hungry fouls! So i am not pay for a digital thing over 200 euros! OUTRAGEOUS!!

  8. i hobe so the bring us an israeli tank tree with gemran sovjet american britsch und not but lease israeli made tanks 🙂 ( sry my english ist not rly good. )

  9. I missed all of the merkava events because i was working with them
    💖Combat engineering X tankers💖

  10. Izrael🤢

  11. טניה לביא

    My favorite merkava is the mk 4m (מ)

  12. I sew irl ones. From the museum mk1 and 2 to in training mk4 and few mk3 and mk4 in transport

  13. mekava mk.4 is coming?

  14. Never takes you all long while to see a Merkava when you travel to Israël! Love the Merkava; the engine in the front lay-out is for survivability for the crew, Israël is a small country so trained crewmembers are much more important then material!

  15. Can I use Palestinian children as armour?

  16. Brovs When You’re gonna put da APS

  17. Uk: move those cheiftains of the border, they are only for testing
    Israel: its ok, we moved the border

  18. Gaijin when are you going to fix the game and address the many problems the community has brought up? You’re out of your mind if you think you can continue surviving off new flashy pixels. You might get decent revenue for a short period but it’ll hurt you in the long run. Many players are getting fed up with you lot. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

  19. Why these merkava are so beutifull

  20. Illegitimate “state”

  21. Merkava mk4 loader here,


  22. Israel tech tree Gaijin!

  23. Booooo.

    Freedom for Palestine.

  24. Merkava mk.3 is my favourite tank ever

  25. Give us an ISRAELI TECH TREE!

  26. Where my foreskin brothers at???


  28. I saw the merkava mk.1 and mk.2 and mk.3 and mk.4 the Merkava mk.4 is unstopable

  29. Israel, whether you love the country or hate it you have to admire their tanks

  30. Fattest tank in modern service 😂

  31. were are Israel

  32. When till tank be built with 357mm gun and be called tank with pistol.

  33. زيكو زكارنة - zeko zakarneh

    you didn’t mention it’s great weakness, the palestinian kids with 20mm slingshots.

  34. زيكو زكارنة - zeko zakarneh

    merkava: i fear no man
    but that thing, “15 year old palestinian with a rock”
    it scares me.

  35. Add Israel please xd

  36. 6 days of fire
    1 day of pay to win

  37. OY VEY we need top notch battle tank to protect ourself from the sheckels US give
    *overkill vibe checks palistinia children*

  38. When you think about it, Merkava is basically a Heavy AFV.

    Engine in front, troops in back, turret slightly towards back, etc.

  39. It is not Merhava
    It is merKAva
    “chariot” in hebrew

  40. Also, there are Merkava 2 Merkava 3, and the latest Merkava 4, sadly the #4 is not the one featured in this video

  41. I actually served on a Merkava mk 3d for 3 years 😁

  42. You’ve gotta admit, Israel did did a pretty good job with modernizing older tanks and making them capable of fighting against current vehicles.

  43. Yes I did in 2006 in July war between us lebanese people and the idf

  44. Went to a military museum in Israel, the tank is beautiful))

  45. Шалом элейхем

  46. Nice premium tank

  47. Whenever I see the thumbnail, I automatically read “merica”

  48. I have not seen one but I did see a Sherman tank

  49. i was driver of merkava 4 in unit 401 of barkan

  50. I was a loader in the Israeli armed Corps 401st tank brigade 9th battalion

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