^^| Merry Christmas From Wargaming: ”Happy players”.

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Source: SirCircon


  1. wargaming are some of the worst game developers ever

  2. MrImmortalityPrince

    WG nerfed the 155, so i don’t understand why they don’t add more time in
    between shots for the french tier 10 arty. It’s not like it’s gonna break
    the vehicle like the nerf broke the 155. Le sigh maybe 10 second’s every
    shot then whatever the full mag reload is currently + 5

  3. Not using a large repair kit on a tier nine? Shame.

  4. Why don’t you just adapt Circon

  5. Fun and balanced gameplay!

    btw: Armored Warfare is getting rid of it’s arty by 0.19, to whom it might
    interest. :)

  6. Herman Klein Nagelvoort

    So? You got artied.. So what, we never do? Come on Dutch guy….. Waar
    gevochten wordt zijn Nederlanders


  8. Wew, I guess I wasn’t the only unfortunate one who get nuked by 4 shells
    from 2 BC 155 58s.

  9. It needs a buff

  10. I love it when an SPG on my side wrecks a player at the start of the battle
    makes me laugh my Tits off……!

  11. This is why Im stopped playing this shit after 2 years… and Im proud of

  12. stahp camping Circ then ;___;

  13. Stop camping?

  14. could of been worse…actually maybe not XD

  15. I find it slightly more disturbing that I was able to realize exactly what
    was going to happen from the first arty shell, despite my not having hardly
    played for about a month or so.

  16. front line camper!

  17. Don’t worry Circ, in the bright WoT future you’ll just be stunned, stunned
    again, stunned again, repeat repeat, repeat, go do dishes, oh, not stunned
    anymore, oh dang 2-13

  18. Shoulda hid behind some cover to prevent arty from hitting him. Arty
    prevents camping!!!!

  19. get rekt m8

  20. Enabled 3 personal reserves. Decided i was going to have a nice 2 hours of
    Wot. Play five games; where I get nuked 3 times by artillery, my team dies
    on its arse within 3 minutes leaving me by myself on 3k damage…. Alt-f4

  21. The irony is that the “anti-camping” feature actually makes people camp.


  23. Circon being negative again about wot just to be negative about wot. Get a
    life. It will be a part of the game and if you dont like it play another
    game. But being negative the whole time and complaining every stream is so

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  25. you deserve it fucking moron ass camper go play tetris

  26. What the mod for the aim reticule? Thanks in advance!

  27. So, from hundreds of games, Circon gets owned by arti in one of them. How
    dares that arti?!

    I think arti brings a interesting random effect to games. Sometimes it
    silences the killing machines just by chance (like Circon, he is one of
    those machines), but most of the time they don’t. And killing machines hate
    random events and take notice to this blasphemy. Exact calculations and
    flawless execution to a foreseeable conclusion is their thing. RNG might be
    tolerated, but random events are a crime.

    All hail that arti, the saviour of the puppy killers (for once). 😛

    And yeah, I got nuked many times by arti and raged. But also nuked people
    and loled. Why so serious?

  28. I got two off my top tier matches on ARL44 destroyed by two arty shots
    couple of days ago. Fucking bullshit! I hope this message gets heard.

  29. Woah, you made it just over 2 minutes into the game before dying in your
    new Swede tank? Lucky.


  30. Thats just… ugh yep…

  31. this is one fucked up game!!

  32. Arty is fair and balanced and prevents campers from camping. Imagine
    yourself in a T110E5 … on Sand river and have 3 of those autoloading
    shitters in front of you in a platoon. It happened to me.

  33. Speaking of repairs, is Toolbox worth buying?

  34. Arty seriously ruins this game.. wished they would remove them alltogether

  35. snowisthebestweather

    Stahp kemping Circon

  36. Same thing happened to me yesterday in my IS 4. I have 5 crew skills on it
    but it still wasn’t enough. The worst part is I blocked 6k that game
    against regular tanks but arty can deal damage to anything

  37. You see this is why I purposely play tanks that I’m shit at to keep my wnr
    at 46% thanks to xvm, if you green and above you get hounded like crazy,
    now if you use the detailed xvm mod that shows vehicle stats as well I’m
    screwed =P Also another bad reason xvm stats is stupid, you get people like
    me who aren’t unicums but good enough, but refuse to stat pad or only play
    tanks we good in to prevent being hounded by everyone and their mothers. I
    mean I get shoot at by arties 1 in 100 games because they have higher
    priority targets to aim at =P Like SirCon hehe.

  38. You’ll realize how fun arty is when you play the Object 263 for many games
    in a row ;~;
    I learned the hard way for about 65 games

  39. Damn WG … Back at it again with the dynamic gameplay #StopCamping

  40. Ahhh, the arty memes

  41. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal and a happy rebalancing.

    Guess that showed you for camping

  42. Honestly, Wargaming have have their heads up their asses. Giving arty an
    auto loader, 6 shot magazine and a fully rotational turret.

  43. Well at least you’re not getting dicked over for being in EU like in
    Still, well clicked.

  44. Why is there a hessian (federal state of Germany) flag over Circons head?

  45. I usually give your videos a like, but it’d feel wrong to “like” this one.
    So, just props for the awesome content

  46. Arty prevents camping, stop camping Circon Kappa

  47. Balanced™

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