Merry X-Maus! Ace Tanker (Giveaway)

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Source: osirish

It finally happened! Happy Holidays … and there’s a small holiday season giveaway the end!

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  1. Happy Holidays! – A great game in the fat slow german monster 😉
    Congratulations on the Ace!

  2. unicum platoon? they are both bad rerolls..

  3. Happy Holidays!

  4. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    Happy Holidays, Osirish! Hope you have a jolly good time! 🙂
    This reminds me of how happy I was when I finally got my Ace in the Maus.
    Congrats on making it!
    The Ace that took me the longest so far was in the Leo PT A though – 730
    games. lol
    Now it’s only 2 ‘cursed’ tanks left: the WTE100, and the Leo I.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this channel! Keep up the
    great work!

  5. Merry Christmas osirish I want to say I am a very recent subscriber but I’m
    hooked on your content please continue this channel. Can’t wait until you
    hit 10k subs.

  6. Happy Holidays!

    thx for the videos, keep up the good work :)

  7. Happy Holidays

  8. Happy Holidays Osirish!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and let’s hit
    that 4k mark! :)

  9. Hey cheers and Merry Christmas

  10. Happy Holidays

  11. Merry Xmas Osirish…wish you all the best 🙂 And to all the people
    watching and commenting on your videos 😛

    You can expect an AMX CDC replay with 4.9k dmg from me 😉

    Anyway once again Merry Xmas to every1 ;P

  12. Happy Holidays!

  13. Happy Holidays. Love your videos both low and high tier. Go on!!!

  14. Mario van der Heijden

    Happy Holidays and thanks for all the videos.

  15. Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you! I really like your vids!

  16. Happy Holidays!

  17. Happy Holidays, Irish!

  18. William Mickelberry

    Happy Holiday

  19. Happy Holidays! Hope you have an awesome Christmas!!!

  20. Happy Holidays! That was a great Maus game, and really enjoyed watching it
    (and picking up some tips). Thanks for all the vidz.

  21. Finally..lmao 😀 Think you’ve been talking about acing the Maus since you
    introduced me to the game xD


  23. Happy Holidays!

  24. The Anonymous Patriot

    Happy Holidays

  25. merry Christmas

  26. for a pub match loved that team work also turned out to be a pretty bad ass
    game to gg and happy holidays

  27. hippy hollydays

  28. Robert “Thunder”

    Happy holidays. :)

  29. Happy Holidays All!!

  30. Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays!

  31. Grats on your Ace Irish! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wish you all
    the best and congrats on your channel’s success this year, you’ve earned

  32. Merry Christmas to you osirish!!

  33. Nice match there! Gotta love the maus. And Happy Holidays!

  34. Happy Holidays! And a great game in the Maus. One tank away from getting it

  35. merry christmas!!

  36. Happy Holidays! Rngesus gimme free stuff :)

  37. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and to keep to the letter of what the
    contest request was: Happy Holidays.

  38. Mr Maus say ho ho and a Merry Christmas. Great videos osirish. Hope you
    have a great holiday.

  39. Happy Holidays!
    Here’s a tip, try to get in some games whit some famous wot players
    Jingles, QB, etc. Maybe if they drop your name and channel your subs will

  40. Happy Holidays. Great match.

  41. Happy holidays osirish keep up the good gameplay and commentary :)

  42. Happy Holidays!

    Keep up the good work osirish. Your ‘Is it worth it?’ videos are
    incredible. Thank you so much!

  43. John Wolff (Sirwolff321)

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  44. John Wolff (Sirwolff321)

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  45. Happy Holidays!

  46. Happy Holidays osirish !

  47. Hello Irish!! I really want to say a BIG thank you for creating video all
    year and all the effort and time put into them is just amazing!! So frtom
    the bottom of my heart thank you thank you for that!! Also Happy Merry
    Christmas and thank you for the give away also Happy new year where
    hopfully the channel will reach 10k subs! Trust me you will hit it this
    year in 2016! I really hope you do and i really mean this man not saying it
    for the sake of the giveaway mate thank you!!! HATS DOWN!!

  48. Happy Holidays!Merry Christmas!

  49. Mystery how you aren’t 40k let alone 4. All the best Os

  50. Happy Holidays

  51. Happy Holidays!!

  52. Happy holidays!!!!!!

  53. happy holidays @all and i hope for a great new year!

  54. Happy Holidays to all of you

  55. Happy holidays! love your videos Irish !

  56. .IWhats in your Fanta?I.

    Happy Holidays

  57. Happy mausiedays

  58. Maus!!

  59. O-HO, ho ho ho

    Merry Christmas :D

  60. happy holidays to you too!

  61. Happy holidays, 98 more to the big milestone, congrats and hope it comes to
    you soon ?

  62. oops sorry for the repeated messages, using a tablet and got an error
    message each time only to re-boot and see I spammed. Or to look at it
    another way, I wish you all very very very Happy Holidays! :)

  63. I just found you channel and I love it so I subbed. So anyways happy
    holidays and merry Christmas osirish

  64. Happy Holidays??????
    NO, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and bah humbug, I give gifts in World of tanks, maybe
    someone reading this will get one.
    I had noticed that here are alot of tier 10 tanks that spam gold
    ammunition, when there is clearly no need, I use gold ammo as a stategic
    decision, other wise it is just regular ammo all the way. Killed more than
    a few tier 10 tanks in my tier 8 tanks that way.

  65. Merry chrismas osirish! Btw, what was your 1st T10 tank?

  66. Happy Holidays!

  67. How I play World of Tanks

    nice video and happy holidays to you and your viewers

  68. Well done. Xmas on you.

  69. Happy Holidays – one time… 😀

    and thx for the WoT stuff – i always enjoy your videos

  70. Happy Holidays! Gotta love the Maus.

  71. Happy Mausy Holidays gg.

  72. Happy Holidays!

  73. happy holidays en happy new year from the Nederlands :)

  74. Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas and ty for the great channel mate :)

  75. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all….

  76. Happy Holidays

  77. I’ve given up on wot but glad to see your still doing well in it mate.
    Happy Christmas and all that. Keep doing what you do

  78. Nice match there! Gotta love the maus. And Happy Holidays!

  79. Merry MAUSmas!

  80. Happy Holidays!

    Remember folks….today we celebrate the great sacrifice our Dark Lord,
    Darth Vader made giving his life in order to restore balance to the Force.
    May the Force be with you!

  81. Thanks Osirish 😀 Happy Holidays and have a Merry Christmas

  82. Happy Holidays! We all love Maus :)

  83. The Immortal Sector

    Merry christmas! i hope one day ill be as good as you XD

  84. happy holidays everyone!

    and congratz to the winners.

  85. Happy Holidays .. Nice video. Maus is my first T10 Tank. Yeah it is slow,
    it is big but it is the Maus. Let it be it :)

  86. Well done! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Don’t enter me, just a
    congratulations post!

  87. Happy Holidays!!! From Brazil. And I though Maus was better tank. It´s so
    hard to play it?

  88. Andreas Hyldgaard Petersen

    Happy holidays

  89. Happy Holidays

  90. Happy holidays!

  91. Ho Oh-Ho, merry christmas!

  92. Say Happy Holidays!

  93. Happy Holidays!

  94. Merry Christmass to all!

  95. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!
    Any chance on M46 Patton KR review any time soon? :)

  96. Happy holidays!

  97. Happy holidays!

  98. Happy Holidays! – I am so original!

  99. Happy Holidays!

  100. what giveaway?

  101. Michał Pilaciński

    Happy Hoidays 🙂 mate , btw love your is it worth it vids . Cheers

  102. happy holidays and merry christmas

  103. 2nd and merry christmas

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