Message to Wargaming Regarding the 9.17 Update | World of Tanks

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Source: Valachio

The new overmatch mechanic will be disatrous for tank balance, especially for the higher tier vehicles. We cannot allow this to be released!


My friends at The Armored Patrol are doing phenomenal work at releasing the latest insider information on . Check into their blog every once in awhile and keep up to date with all the new releases coming to !

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  1. This patch is fucking braindead….might as well not even play
    anymore…they have broken this game beyond repair

  2. i have full faith in wg… exept the ilegal mods that wil never change

  3. Fucking bullshit wargaming are ruining the game. Swedish tier 10 heavy is
    so fucking OP as well. its a 50B with -12 gun dep and 350mm turret armor

  4. I’m looking forward to the update, it will nerd gold rounds also as a side
    effect of armor update.

  5. I like it

  6. My god OP, armor now acts like armor… who the fuck cares.

  7. LOL figured out wat tank basically rapes the new swedish tanks well rapes
    them from a distance. last night i had a 6,500 damage game in it on the
    test server. lol thats better than most ppl and on the live server i dont
    even hav a tier 10 yet XD

  8. ELC already pulls of miraculous track bounces/absorbs, but it’s a very well
    angled tank, that tank aslo got very much buffed by this.

  9. i have seen a video – a 152 mm selfpropelled gun shoted a cars roof, guess
    what : it was a bounc. It is realistic whats a point for not delaying the
    feature but i agree it ruins the whole balance

  10. go suck a dick and cry over its scrotum… it’s been a while since WG made
    a good move, and this is GREAT move.

    finally some tanks will be able to act as heavys again, no more auto pen to
    roofs or lower plates.

    you want to pen a tank that is showing only the roof? AIM to the fucking
    coppula…. you dont know how to aim/ dont want? GOOD, you dont deserve to
    pen a thing.

  11. whuaaaaaaa whuaaaaa whuaaaaaa cry moar kid

  12. Which tier 10 tanks do you believe will benefit the most from the new shell
    mechanic changes?

  13. Great video! This will have dire ramifications as far as balance goes.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much we can do about it. Trying to
    share it with as many people as I can.

  14. Hope it doesn’t come to console, if it’s as bad as you say. If so, I will
    adapt & overcome.

  15. TL;DR Everything can side scrape now

  16. Valachio pls, we need to make armor great again.
    Support WG and World of Tanks, don’t speak out or question.

  17. This is also going to act as a *huge* silver nerf.
    More shells bounced = more silver spent.

  18. The Swedish TDs need this change to overmatch mechanics, though. Otherwise,
    everything will overmatch them dead.

  19. The Swedish TDs need this.

  20. Instead of buffing the armor of some tanks wg decides to screw the entire
    game. Wargaming is really speeding up the process to kill the game.

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