Mid Tier Fun! – StuG III Ausf. G – World of Tanks

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  1. First to watch this fine gentleman post a fantastic video!!!

  2. Malith Loki Melkor

    Second pog !

  3. Circon, I’m really glad you have fun again with the game. Your streams are really chill and fun to watch.

  4. “Hellooooooo…..what are you doing?”
    Easy: low tier noob, what else would you expect?

  5. Ah. The Stug life. You chose well Circon. Glad to see you really enjoying the game again and a shout to you and your famliy hoping your mother will be well.

  6. As always the best ideas the need to listen to the community more or circon more lol i would be in on the grille 15 challenge.

  7. Nice one Circon. i was in a match with you in my T-28 and i done crap all. You were in your 60G – good Top Gun mate – hope you are well.

  8. It’s amazing to see Circon having fun with WoT again. It’s like some kind of Christmas miracle.

  9. Quadroflix Humixerum

    Solid banana out of 10

  10. The StuG Life chose me, it’s a hard life but its life…

  11. Grand battle on Mittengaurd #Slugfest #WoTMoshPit

  12. Paris is the first map I blocked!

  13. I am willing to bet that tier 10 games would be more fun if there were no in-game stats. Guarantee no one would camp like they do now.

  14. I’m surprised you didn’t ban Paris. The second the new patch landed that map was history to me!

  15. I personally find it so hard to play stuff like TDs at tier 5, it’s so hard to carry anything with 350 hp. Goddamn, you did it, GG Circon!
    See you on Twitch now that exams are over, gotta keep that sub up <3

    • The problem is not the low hitpoints, the problem is the lack of turret, awful reverse speed and very low viewrange.. This thing is just a meme tank, the others tier 5 TD with turret make it completely obsolete.

    • +Commander Tato In that case mount the derp and make them obsolete

    • Good luck hitting them if they have at least 2 braincells, if they are far or moving…

  16. Ah the Stug III G.
    My very first tank with 3 Marks of excellence ?

  17. Always nice to see you having even a bit of fun. Burn outs are comprehensible, Circon. All the best for you, I will keep following you

  18. Wow, gold is being shot now in tier 5?

    • +Commander Tato No, more than a year since I stopped playing WoT

    • Tier 5 and lower was always full of statpadders in overpowered tanks spamming gold ammo. That isnt new at all. Specially on north america server. No wonder the server is dying…

    • +Commander Tato That explains, good thing that I moved to WT and won’t get back to WoT

    • In my case moved back to dungeon crawlers and RTS.
      When a game becomes an excercise of frustration it stop beign a game. I run from F2p games like the plague these days.

    • +Commander Tato Agree with you.

  19. 3:20 arty flanking at2..noice meme

  20. 30v30 t10 mittengard would be a cute April Fools mode or something. Blow off steam for a few minutes.

  21. Add this to your “I got BLOWED UP!!!” series. It’s a good one!

  22. Lol that was some major pucker factor

  23. im liking this new lower tier memes. more tier 5 ,6 and 7s please!!!

  24. Am i one of the few that likes paris?

  25. 480p squad ! Not early, just shit internet

  26. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    Stug III, best tier 5 medium tank without a turret 🙂

  27. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Never let the T67 players win or have a good game.

  28. Sopterean Cosmin

    I wish i could get such orgasms while playing WOT

  29. I was playing a random battle earlier and low and behold there was Circonflexes in an UDES 14 5 getting 5 kills, top scoring and I guess semi carrying the game! First time i’ve noticed being in a battle with such a prominent WoT youtuber. Never seen Jingles or Quicky Baby etc in a game, but then only been playing since late 2017!
    Great player you are!

  30. thks for showing the lower tiers some needed love circon!! u had me hooked in better then endgame!! keep on rollin

  31. I really liked the town of Mittenguard. The hill start ruined it though

  32. pls dont ever change

  33. I want to watch the stream where you played the Excalibur but I Cant find it on twitch

  34. STUG LIFE!!!

  35. Most of the time the Douchey T67 drivers have 3 times as many games in the douchewagon than all other tanks I always check their stats anyone who has a T67 in the front page of tanks played gets blacklisted and if they have T67,M8A1,and E25 all listed 1,2 and 3 in their tanks played list you know they are douchebag royalty!

  36. Super Nice game. Well played.

  37. Anatoly Productions

    Can anyone tell me how he is able to move the camera in sniper mode as a tank destroyer.

  38. *misses shot* – “fuckin kill me”
    *gets shot by t67* – “AHHH Don’t kill me”

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