MIGHTY TORTOISE & RP-3 ROCKETS (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ϟ -Want Free GE?
MIGHTY & RP-3 ROCKETS (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. Wyvern is also, hands down, the best sounding aircraft

  2. who else thought the tea bags where turrets before the big ones showed up

  3. Are you sure that the tank is not French because it’s reverse speed is

  4. THE GREAT CHIEF OF DESTRUCTION !!! chieftain British heavy tank plzzz
    (attempt 3)

  5. Play the Cromwell RP-3

  6. I dunno man between you and the orange doom I can’t find any more videos
    that are more fun and inspirational than yours

  7. a custom between the maus vs the smallest tank from the previous videos

  8. The Panther at 12:27 was me… i thought that an IS-2 was where phly was
    but then i had a heart attack when i saw the tortoise. The Me 410 that
    strafed Phly later was also me but that was just to mark him.

  9. can u play more with those planes

  10. Pz IV G and Me-109 w/ 500lbs bomb ground strike and kill

  11. Whats about flying/driving out the F9F-Cougar and the M-103? ‘Murican bias!

  12. M22 and P-47D-28. Trust me, the M22 can punch above it’s weight pretty

  13. Hey phly can u take out the me 410 50m and pz III m

  14. What’s the best way to record WT game plays?

  15. Valentine mk I and the 3 in Gun Carriage, the slow tea bags combo pls

  16. play T25 and M41A1

  17. Play M4A1 with P-36 and some other of that BR

  18. KapitānKönigsberg

    Did any one else want him to die by that nashorn towards the end? I did
    because it would have been pretty funny, phly is cursed by nashorns lol

  19. And what song is playing while you were on the (Domination) Jungle map?

  20. don’t download that fucking app anyone. it’s a con. And phly is a sellout

  21. phily take out the m 19

  22. maus me 163

  23. Whats the screamer sound at the begining?

  24. (4th Attempt) play the Conqueror or the Conway plz since I am going to
    grind for one of them.

  25. have you no love for the typhoon

  26. british U-boat in war thunder
    german tank comander: boat spoted
    loader:sir thats no boat this a tank !

  27. Play the t29 and the f8f ad2 go kill some stuff

  28. Rbt-5 in high tiers, you choose the plane.

  29. #beastmode engaged

  30. hmm whick tank has the smallest gun? i challenge you to use it

  31. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    The bolo isnt exciting? Its a twin engined heavy fighter of sorts. And it
    makes funny rewards when you gunship it up.

  32. To be fair…You didn’t kill anything either..

  33. First of all, the Nat Geo part killed me, and Colonel Bogey was a nice
    touch. I r8 meme/10.

  34. British bias

  35. whats the command for binoculars?

  36. T-34-85 soviet speed

  37. what if you don’t have a warthunder membership, and you only have a steam
    account, can u still get free golden eagles.

  38. the so called a 10 in war thunder and the maus

  39. Tatical Nuke and MOAB Launcher: Take out the Kv2 and the Pe-8 with 5000kg

  40. Tactical”

  41. ONE ShOT BABY FIRST KILL…..urgh Nashorn….(laugh

  42. That Crysis CLimate is the BEST !.

  43. this was an awesome video, keep it up

  44. 4th attempt take out mighty atom zis-30 and mosquito I16 type 27 for
    russian bias
    take note war rule 101:do not attack mother russia

  45. 0:31 Phly did u say VoidThunder?

  46. phly plz do a overview when the new big update is out

  47. guys i have a question: if a tank gets shot at wouldn’t their be a hole
    weakening the armour?

  48. F9F-8 Cougar and M103 pls :)

  49. phly play the best American tank ever, the 76 Jumbo with a lethal sidearm,
    the p47 with full loadout

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