MILK TRUCK MASSACRE – 29-K Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. “Blend in with the scenery tank” Its bright green Phly

  2. 14:25 Phly r u okay?

  3. Ed & Mark Xx3litegamerxX

    8:13 the cheap brand of vodka

  4. try su-5-1

  5. How Do You Aim So Well?

  6. Soviet Artillery Bias: Take the Su-5-1 into 7.7 RB, see how many tier 5’s you can kill before you run out of ammo… or get 1 shot! Attempt #3

  7. cool vid as always Ok here is something different take the Panzer MK2 with 20mm and the He-112 A-0 with the 20mm cannon and rain 20mm hell.

  8. Is4m or m55 Sheridan but shells only have fun

  9. @ 4:11 look at those two Ivans sitting on a bomb and being all smiley about it:)))))))))))))))))

  10. Phly, you’re as bad as Jingles. 4:49

  11. When I watched this it had 29K views

  12. phly, i got a question :

    so you basically almost have every vehicles in the game, having everything but never get a new ones is awful, so did you get bored over that?, or you just save up GE for Premium vehicle?

  13. Benjamin Sassaman

    The Pre-War Japanese J1N1 and Ro-Go

  14. I really wish they (gaijin) someday add an APC line, for vehicles like the M8 Greyhound.

  15. That “Dah” at 2:20 just got me. So unpexpected.

  16. 70 k,m,h down one hell of a big hill firing the gun behind you for extra boost. Whats that in mph about 40 mph ? it’s something like that i would of thought, i’m sure someone will correct me, i live in the U,K so don’t really pay much attention to k,m,h. I know most country’s use k,m,h. If YOU live in a place that does use k,m,h would you prefer mph. in the video’s i watch from the u,s i hear references to both, in this day and age you would think measurements and unit’s of all kinds would be standardized all over the globe by now, tools for example i cant believe both metric and imperial are still used depending on where the item was made, with exception to the odd few that think it’s a good idea to use both on the same thing, like motorbikes, iv’e found with both metric and imperial sized nuts and bolts, sorry, i totally wondered of the subject there guy’s, my bad.

  17. the 2 guys sat behind the cab are there to protect the vodka, if you xray and look in the box they are sat on those are bottles of vodka disguised, notice how after a short time they are slumped over ? there not dead there just hammered and sleeping it off.

  18. The Daring Cookie

    This video is just too funny xD I just kept giggling xD

  19. Cyka blyat komrades. Go vodka and Stalinium 29k stronk tonk

  20. Since when did Phly have two WT accounts?

  21. Wasted ammo challenge.
    Take out the Type 60, but play without the HUD and without optics.
    Get an ace.
    Attempt #10.

  22. CHALlENGE TIME attempt #41 yes I will not give up till he does this: machine gun challenge get 1-2 kill IN HIGH TEIR with a machine gun NO AA TRUCKS ALLoWED TO USE GOOD LUCK

  23. can u try to play the m56 scorpion

  24. Ground target gunner challenge: take any low tier plane with a tail gunner, land it on the battle field and kill a vehicle with only a tail gunner

  25. Could u please put in app for iOS

  26. Hey phly can u do this challenge for me. Do Russian potato rockets against planes. Plzzzzzzz………….

  27. take out the one u wanted to drive next in this video

  28. 1:03 I was expecting a “Heeeres Boris! ” but no

  29. imagine when american have another milky truck in WT. it couldnt be able to pen anything

  30. wow! i cant believe u survived that long in an open truck and got so many kills

  31. Ah, good old milk trucks, baby!

  32. Horsepower doesn’t so much matter on hills as torque does. It’s kind of like acceleration.

  33. “I mean look, max speed, 70 kilometers an hour…..WHICH IS BULLSHIT” lmfaooooo

  34. Play some more simAirport please.

  35. yo phly can u ask someone you know that is good at useskins to make one for the il 28 please?
    thanks 🙂

  36. Why are your crew members speaking Russian? Better question is how did you make them speak it? Is there “national” voices for every nation?

  37. MusicArrangementChannel

    Metal Slug Challenge, attempt #4:


    General Morden is on the move again, and his Rebel Army have seized much of downtown Berlin. Tarma and Marco are busy elsewhere, so it’s up to you to liberate the city!

    We’ve got our classic SV-001 “Metal Slug” (M8 Scott) and a few stolen copies of the Rebel Army’s Eaca-B (SBD-3 Dauntless) with 1000 lb bombs to aid you on your mission, as well as your choice of additional 100 pounders. Give ‘me hell!

  38. What about play Type62+Tu2S[the one with the Chinese camo] ? A chinese combo
    Attempt #2

  39. ICan'tTalkRightNow ___

    David and Goliath
    Arcade battle p26 peashooter vs jets


  41. hi phly have u every played dogfight elite?

  42. CHALLENGE: Kill a Heavy Tank with the Me-262 a1’s R4M Unguided Rockets.

  43. the 29 combo t29 and b 29 attempt 6

  44. Morgan Stormonston

    Mr. PhlyDaily, I remembered from one of your past videos you said you watch anime and I would like to ask you that in your spare time could you look into watching a anime called Clannad. I really enjoy watching this anime along with your videos I quite enjoy them they even started making me play warthunder thank you. But as I was saying Clannad is a very good anime but I know your busy with buying a house and making videos but if you have a chance check out Clannad I feel you might like it. Thank you for reading this, bye.

  45. I WAS THE GUY WHO KILLED U IN SINAI:D and u killed my friend at 8:40 he was that m22

  46. i reached 90 km/h on Starlingrad once with the Russian tier 1 SPAA

  47. ma tu sei un mito! da quanto tempo giochi a war thunder?

  48. Get the russian KV-1E in simulator but equip a german cross

  49. Little Stuart or Stuart Little?

  50. Oskar Hjalmarsson

    do a video on the Lincon!!

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