Mingles with Jingles 304 – Internet Privacy Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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This episode Mingles with Jingles is sponsored by NordVPN. Yep, I finally found a sponsor I was happy with, although I almost wish I hadn’t, because while doing research into a) what a VPN was and b) who were, I found out things about privacy on the internet that I’d rather I’d never known.



  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Go to https://NordVPN.com/jingles to get 70% off a 3-year plan and use code jingles to get an additional month for free!

    • You ruined my ignorance, thanks

    • I worked for myself many years ago in IT, I specialised in Network security and as scary as it was way back then (mainly because people didn’t run AV software (when Nortons wasn’t bloatware) or know what a firewall was) but it is now many factors worse today. I already have Nord VPN but thanks for the offer, everyone else, seriously if you think you don’t need a VPN then you are exactly the type that does.
      I am in no way affiliated with Nord or Jingles but jump on this, it may save your sanity one day, and that is worth way more than you can imagine.

    • Also you should consider using a VPN when you are working in public hotspots those are notorious for getting information and logins from you. So not only when you are traveling even something like a business meeting in a cafe can be harmfull to you and your company…

  2. 26 minute ad, more please.

  3. Nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    Jingles: VirtUaL PrIvaTe nEtWorK
    (love it)

  4. Tried to follow the link… blocked by my ISP. Welp…

  5. OMG, I strongly disagree that (any) VPN guarantees anonymity and privacy. All they can do is to change your entry point (IP) to the Internet and provide additional security layer (encryption) from your device to their devices. And their protections stops right after the traffic leaves their devices. You have said that Rita was uploading a stream, right? And youtube knew it was her, right? So, if I want to know what Rita was doing recently I would simply check the list of uploaded videos. And I do not have to work for the FBI to obtain the information you are giving away easily for free! Ladies and gents, stop blindly trusting paid “5 stars revievs”!

  6. Here’s the thing, Facebook are looking at Discord and thinking “ficken armatures” ?

  7. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    Well, I haven’t heard much new here, but I’m still glad you picked NordVPN as a sponsor. It really is the best VPN service out there.

  8. The gnome don’t usually plug someone…but when he does…he does it for half an hour :))

  9. Nord VPN should give jingles extra cash cause he gave them the greatest of adverts possible!

  10. Already got this. Works well.

  11. Geoblocking by Netflix, Amazon Prime et al is no longer an issue inside the EU. You know, that evil empire that the UK is leaving because of all the unnecessary regulations. https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/cross-border-portability-online-content-services

  12. Unfortunately what this episode doesn’t not say, since it appears to rely on on low level ‘research’ (not that I’m blaming anyone for it, it’s just hard to get into the more complicated levels) is that you are NOT getting any confirmation most of these VPN companies do not log your data and you as the consumer just sold them prime data in the form of outgoing and incoming connection data and you’re letting them choose the DNS and everything else.

    Point of this is, if you’re being shady or your country has vulture copyright firms that hound ISP data looking for anybody to sue, then a combination of a VPN and a secure browser (look it up for yourself which ones are not currently compromised, do not take advice from YouTube® videos)

    If you’re not so shady, just block ads and watch who you’re giving data to, more than that would be fear mongering and I hate even using that phrase.

  13. How do I put this politely. Sod off mate ?, yes I think geo blocking is bit distasteful however it is entirely legal. Circumventing is not.

  14. Teamspeak is so much better than discord sound wise.. the sound is alot better and the servers are stable. Discord servers crash every 20min or so

  15. Most of the phone apps lately request permission to the microphone allong with the camera, pictures folder, video folder, contact list, alow it to make and recieve calls… like wtf… =_=
    it’s supposed to be a dumb clicker game…

  16. Lord have mercy… Jingles, hide that IP mate!

  17. Inquisiteur Space muffins

    It’s funny to see Nord VPN coming on english channel. Here in France we got video sponsored by this VPN since about a year and it became quite a meme actually

  18. Jingles why do you have a Kindle fire ?

  19. Ahh yess welcome to the internet where everyone data is a free real estate.

  20. You have some explaining to do sir . Here have you been you old milksop.

  21. While I appreciate that you found a sponsor to partner with… I really liked the lack of ads in your videos.

    So. It didn’t just have a performance hit on your internet access speeds, but also the enjoyment of the video(s) :/

  22. That has to be the best 26 min long ad I’ve ever watched.

  23. I personally feel sorry for anyone that goes through my data, I have no shame

  24. You could just do what I do and use TOR browser for questionable browsing… Its free!

  25. next weeks sponsor: please, let it be pornhub. with all the invested research jingles does, this will be a blast

  26. The only thing that would kinda hold me back from such a deal – if a necessity should ever arrive – would be the huge discount. How overpriced or bloated a service has to be, to be able to offer a 50% off on a 3-year plan? I mean jingles is not the only one to advertise nordVPN with that kind of discount, there’s also other youtubers that have from 1 to 10 times the amounts of subscribers and an average of 1.5 million+ views per video. That’s a whole lot of exposure for such a discount, so either the company is allergic to revenue, or their services are way overpriced provided you don’t use the discount.

  27. when you use vpn on YOUR pc, how can rita notice a difference on HER pc?

  28. Really got me paranoid when Discord went all “hey, do you want to sync your facebook [name@email.com]?”
    And i was like: Dude, this PC is fresh installed, i have no keychains or account memory, and i havn’t used or logged into my facebook account in 6 months.
    Turns out, it checked the firefox sync and found out i was on facebook many months back with my account way back on the history.

    And bam. Discord now knows my facebook. Probably doesn’t have access to it, but it did make me paranoid.

    And before you ask, i don’t allow my browsers to remember or store my passwords or account information, nor sync them.

    Honestly, if Discord want to push themselves to become self-reliant, make privacy included in the 10 dollar Nitro cost with added benefit of implementing support for 3rd party VPN’s to handle the data stream.

  29. Excellent video. Thanks Jingles.

  30. I wanted to get a VPN anyway. Well. The Jingle Deal is pretty good. So I got it.

  31. Wait… Discord does everything Skype does? How do I use it to call a landline? That’s how I stayed in touch with my family in the UK/NZ now I live in the USA. If Discord does it that’s great.

  32. Well that was a grim episode of Mingles with Jingles… hopefully you got a good cash injection for it?

  33. I thought that the title was to do with Rita’s response to the subject of last week’s “mingles”

  34. Djingles Unspotted should really have a silhouette of the TOG II. Missed the opportunity. Must try harder


    N O R D V P N for when surprise buttsex just wont do

  36. 690 likes, nice.

  37. I cried a little when I saw Jingles download speeds. The most I’ve ever seen in Australia is 60 mb/s

  38. yeah vpns are great.. as long as you don’t need your internet for playing games 🙂 just had nordvpn for a few weeks, it lagged hard in Dota2 and even WoWs sometimes… got my refund at least

  39. Hi Jingles, in part I agree with your assessment of privacy on the internet. It is abundantly clear that your information is being sold and although that has some benefits there is enough reseason to be worried about this at this. However, what this episode lacks is the problems that arise from a VPN. You touch briefly on it when mentioning downloading a song or using torrents. But think about it, you are directly promoting a system that will allow its user to break the law here as well. Now you can argue that downloading a song is not harmful. But taking litres of gasoline from your local petrol station is that harmful either, nor is driving above the speed limit. So should we allow motorcyclist to hide their number plates and keep their helmets on when filling up the tank? All of this is relatively minor. But it would be kinda nice to be able to hold them responsible for their actions. The argument “we don’t log activity” simply should not hold up when the e.g. FBI is undertaking a criminal investigation or when it comes counter-terrorism. I agree governments should do more to protect the privacy and yes, when abroad, VPN is very useful. But we need to find a balance between no and total privacy, both extremes simply cannot be an option.

  40. Geovanni Rodrigues

    After 2 weeks of no mingles with jingles
    What do we get ?? A video where he talks 2/3 of video about nord vpn ?

  41. well the first thing i learned when we started programming is that no code is safe no amount of safety will be enough it is just a question of whether the intrude wants it enough and how much time they have. therefore i dont care about vpns

  42. Thanks for the heads up Jingles.

  43. don’t worry Jingles. we all know you’re watching anime.

  44. add ends at 7:02 . youre welcome

  45. Jingles what you are scared of isn’t just privacy concerns. For years when a child is born that birth certificate is worth $50,000 USD to the bankers. Figures from the 1980’s. You saw the figures of what Google makes on selling data, the Congress come up with. Well You first are going to have to get people to stand together and say “NO MORE”. That would mean Banks, Corporations, ISP’s, Government, Royals have to all be dealt with. A realignment of how people look at the world and take responsibility for themselves. That means “we all work together for mankind’s betterment”.  Self government where each person of adult age runs things. No formal Governments at all, no Corporations, no Banks. Until mankind can do that you will NOT have privacy, security, freedom, or self worth. In other words “You are a Slave to the system”.

  46. “Military Grade” normally means as cheap as possible.

  47. 6:54 – that’s the main problem with VPN services. They promise they won’t log your activity. But nobody stops them from doing it anyways.
    And there are a lot of organisations willing to pay a lot of money for that data.

  48. Jingles I want your internet connection

  49. Jingles has been living under a rock for the past two years.
    Audible, skillshare, squarespace and the bunch will be featured soon.

  50. For god’s sake, this a month after I’ve signed up with them….

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