Mingles with Jingles 391 – Discord Anniversary Live Q&A Edition

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On Sunday morning we hosted a Q;A on the Salt Mines Discord where I did my to answer as many questions as possible for nearly two hours. For those you who missed it, here it is.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/the-salt-mines


  1. Major WW2 navy and you skipped Italy? Also the USS Enterprise is the US ship that is a shame we scrapped.

  2. you can link your account on Azur Lane by linking it to twitter..

  3. Well much of that was like an episode of Only Fools and Horses featuring Uncle Albert speaking of the vessels he got passed off too when the ships company had had enough. I was Raleigh class of 88, and in fact a scribe. However, even as a scribe I wasn’t trusted abourd many of Her Majesties vessels as they bundled me off to what was then ISIHQ Hertfordshire about as far away for the ocean as it’s possible to be in the Royal Navy. It sounded glamorous when the bunk was first put to me, but it was still largely all paper with only very few actual computers. Maybe the dullest job I’ve ever had, even though the nightlife was better than watching grey bulk heads.

  4. Yeah this is great more is definitely welcome

  5. About fixing World of Tanks: what about restricting the maximum amount of Gold/ He that you can take in a battle.
    That means you have to manage your ammo, to use gold only when you actually need it, instead of having a full load out and spamming it

  6. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    yes we need more of these 🙂

  7. To anyone attempting to join the discord, and having trouble with the verification, some things to consider, members must have their Discord account registered for longer than 5 minutes to join and must have verified their email.

    Once you have access you must react to the salt mines warden in the #rules channel, then you will have “Rookie” access to the entry levels, Despite our evil nature the salt mines staff are happy to direct you further once you have jumped the above mentioned hurdles.

  8. Jesus, I’m going to have to watch this in parts.

  9. Jingles, do you think a limit on the amount of gold ammo taken in WoT would work? Say no more than 10% gold ammo in the load out.

  10. Wish they would just allow CV’s to be deplaned again,.. so a CV would actually have something to lose when they fly into combined aa bubbles etc.

  11. For me the American ship I would save is a tie between the Johnston or the Enterprise

  12. Jingles admitting that he’s a weeb is the number 1 anime betrayal!!!

  13. jingles more concerned with dinner what a gent

  14. US Navy ship that should have been saved…SIMPLE USS Enterprise!

  15. Hey Jingles, About the Azur Lane account problem . I am assuming you went to the wrong server and thought the account progress was lost . For example if your acc progress is in Sandy server it stays there . So if you go to Amagi server when you redownload the app in another device it ll start over , I am fairly certain your account progress is fine if you return to the right server. Take care Mighty one and have a good day.

  16. Jingles you misunderstand why guns and owning assault rifles is so important to us. Yes we love guns, but that’s not entirely it.

    Not at all i would honestly say.

    The reason we want to own that ar15 fully automatic, is because it symbolizes power to the people. Because its one of our constitutional rights. And because we are the only truly free country.

    So that, is why we love guns and why we cling to them so dearly

  17. Psychedellic Toxin

    Aw man I missed it.

  18. Music recommendation….. Bones of J.R. Jones

  19. Gilder von Schattenkreuz

    If you would like to know some Anime which are not Heavy on Fanservice (or even extremely scarce with it) I am Pretty sure we can Provide you with a few Names ^^

  20. Great White North

    Only thing they need to do with CV’s is limit the number of aircraft like the old days. I would be completely satisfied with that

  21. Girls und panzer
    Strictly for the plot

  22. Working for the DHSS in the 1980’s I had to sign for the Official Secrets Act and I was nowhere near anything to do with the military. I assume it’s for life. I spent one week preparing documents for destruction from the late 1940’s. Even at 45 years old these papers were treated as if it contained British nuclear secrets. It amused me greatly.

  23. Caught this in the morning as I woke up. Really enjoyed waiting for this beaten body of mine to sort out the pains and general state of how itll function today. It was good to have interesting stories and thoughts floating by. I always wanted to visit England, but after I ended up in a wheelchair at 30, I cant afford to go, or afford the help I’d need. I’m 41, in good health, and still capable, but I have to move two states away to get my little shop of customs going. And now I’m off to can my cat for breaking a window. He hates his massive oversized kennel. Good day to you Sir!

  24. Lotr jingles is my man.i know im talking about the movies.but for me its the best trilology.we dont talk about hobbit which is meh.

  25. The last time the “You can dislike something whilst acknowledging it is good” story was told the subject was the entertainment value of Robbie Williams.

  26. Gilder von Schattenkreuz

    Wait what ?
    Baldurs 3 Gate Early Access was Hard ?
    Oh my God. People have become Snowflakes havnt they…
    Compared to Baldurs Gate 1 or 2. Baldurs Gate 3 was Pretty easy to be Honest xD

  27. I somehow imagined that Jingles joined the RN the way Redmond Barry joined His Majesty’s Army in “Barry Lyndon”… I.E.: Not at the recommendation of some guidance counselor…LOL

  28. Lol the chrysler. They made s*** cars back then and they still do it today.. Overpriced and under-performing. I don’t usually ever fire gold Ammo in WoT, especially from the chrysler. I find it to be amusing when the enemy sees that they’ve been penetrated by standard ammo and then assume I’m using them there hax.

  29. What happened to chryslyn (sp) the cat?

  30. Re the OSA… AFAIK *EVERYONE* in the UK military has signed for being bound under the OSA. There was a simple A5 sheet of paper that says you are bound to it and you sign it. It is one of the many bits of paper you signed when you joined up usually without any explanation or just a passing comment. When you go up the ladder, change forces, go on sone detachments etc you do get to sign it or a revised version. So you can end up signing it many times. Though having done that I have never actually seen the Official Secrets Act (nor for that matter a full set of Queens Regs) in any case if you are still serving Military justice is harder than the civilian equivalent (have a look on YouTube For Colchester Military Prison)

  31. Naval Action, totally forgot that game. I remember so many military YouTuber gamers playing it when it was still Alpha or Beta

  32. The guns aren’t for hunting, they just like swords are a mark of a free people. 2nd amendment isn’t for hunting. The media is great at getting people to argue on the wrong premise. We wouldn’t exist today without it. 2 world wars in the last century, most countries are not free. Major world powers are not free. The EU the legislators or those who can propose it are unelected. Humans today are no different then a thousand years ago, only they have more technology and worldview is different. The government is the same as it’s people. They don’t come from a pure hearted good place. The police are the people training doesn’t make someone a good person. Our rights don’t come from government else they can take them away. Our rights come from God, government wants to be God. It’s why germany and the soviet union ect are all atheist, no God. That’s the scary truth always has been, power corrupts absolute power absolutely corrupts.

  33. So you count Germany as a major navy in WW2, but not Italy and France? Both had bigger navies than Germany.

    (My choice for ships to save from those navies would be Gorizia and either Richelieu or Jean Bart.)

  34. EU was supposed to be a trade union not a political union. It’s just like the nobility from the old world habsburgs ect. Still playing the power games and they want their titles back but not like the roman republic they settled on the illusion of freedom.

  35. I cant like this enough. Jingles is so relatable and down to Earth.

  36. Listening to all the ships you served on and there fates we now understand where the jingles effect came from

  37. All 3 pronunciations of Newfoundland are fine.

  38. Great video though, you could make awesome history vids. Huge market for it that you could easily get into if you wanted.. 😋

  39. A great way to start the week, I hope you do this more often O Mighty One, rather ill at the moment and it cheered me up no end Mate 👍👍😁

  40. Jingles, love ya man but stick to the royal Navy and leave the gun stuff to those who know what they’re talking about.

    “Assault rifle” has an actual military definition that involves being select fire, unless you have $20,000+ USD you’re not buying one of those in the US.

    As far as the Armalite(AR), which is where the AR comes from, platform goes it’s quite possibly the best home defense weapon choice there is. They’re lightweight, low recoil, have a wide variety of sight and grip options, good capacity and easy reload. Even newbies can use them effectively without a lot of training, which is exactly why the military likes the platform alongside the ballistics. There are also a solid dozen or more different types of ammo. You’re not stuck with a selection that has excessive penetration for home defense, almost any of soft points, hollow points, and ballistic tip options will do a superior job at stopping a threat with minimal barrier penetration afterwards. The small fast bullets come apart in hard targets and people, which is excellent for defense and for not penetrating multiple walls. Options that aren’t really available in handguns or shotguns.

  41. Now i’m curious who is your favorite character in the Fate series?

  42. Enjoy your vacation Jingles.

  43. I cant believe Jingles didnt say the Enterprise when choosing which ship to save from the navys.

  44. The Yamato class definitely deserves a better fate than to be sunk without seeing much action (Musashi) or being sunk in a suicide mission to be somehow turned into a coastal battery (Yamato).

    Unfortunately there’s no way they will ever even build a memorial ship unless China conquers Japan or something. Even if the guns are incapable of firing anything, the sheer amount of noise from China and Korea would immediately make the project not worth it.

  45. Aloha Overlord; yes! Please do these on a “regular” basis. Mahalo!

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