Mingles with Jingles Christmas Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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Merry Whatever Doesn't Offend You and a safe and prosperous New Year!


  1. Nigel deForrest-Pearce

    Merry Christmas, Jingles!!!

  2. What toys did you get seaman jingles

  3. I miss you annual WoW Christmas specials!

  4. Seasons greeting Jingles. Thank you for all your entertaining content this year. Oliver Cromwell cancelled christmas and that turned out well… NOT.

  5. And on That flipside, i have never ever had a snowfree christmasday. It was close one year. But just as the 24th was about to start, it started to snow heavy. Ended upp coming 30cm of snow that day.

  6. Jingles, when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, don’t just write them off, offer encouragement and explain what’s going on, not everyone wants to sit and do hours of study before playing their game, older content like you mentioned is usually regarded as easy, they probably figured it was old enough they didn’t need to pay much attention, or it could be their first MMO, and they just don’t know any better. WoW gets most of it’s hate from it’s player base of elitists that do just that, expect everyone to know all the content and never make any mistakes, instead of it being a bad experience for all involved, with just a bit of use of your keyboard it could have been a wholesome experience for all involved, instead it sounds like it may push someone towards the “I quit” button.

    Miserable experiences are made by the individual players refusing to help, not the one who’s making the mistake as a general rule.

    Also, in regards to the wolfenstien, welcome to video games, they are lineal products, you never(really) have much of a choice of what you do, you get an objective marker, and then you go murder the poor sap with the marker floating over his head.

    • I actually agree with you. I maintain that it’s your responsibility to show up either knowing what to do or admitting up front that you don’t so people can tell you. This shaman did neither and when I figured out what was going wrong and addressed it, she started making excuses. The raid hadn’t been going very well up to that point due and our other healer, a very well geared Holy Paladin, quit in disgust and that led to the raid falling apart.

  7. Persian Immortal 10,000

    merry Christmas uncle Jingles

  8. While i highly aprechiate the Charity drive i would ask you to reconsider your partners. The salvation army is a Organization lobbying against the rights of LGBTQ+ People and there are more charities out there that arent marginalizing vulnerable people.

  9. sounds like Peter Andre is a servant of the tribe if not a full fledged member.

  10. 1977 I think – I remember being around 7 and there being massive dumps of snow (in Devon) around Christmas.

  11. In Scotland it snows in the hills of the lowlands and mostly in the Highlands but in the 2 biggest cities Glasgow and Edinburgh, it either rains or it ices over bc its too cold for snow to form

  12. it was Wolfenstein: The New Order

  13. Merry Christmas

  14. If forced manipulation in games isn’t your thing, yes I’d stay away from New Order. Again there is a pretty horrible decision the game forces on you in the first misson.
    The New Colossus has a similar decision at the start but if you choose not to carry it out, the game violently does it for you, even insulting you and calling you a pathetic coward.

  15. You made it all the way to Boxing Day without posting. Is this a new record, Jingles?

  16. As someone who works in the catering industry, in a hotel, I can confirm that no time of the year is the best time of the year.

  17. couldnt stay off releasing vids did ya ? xD
    played encased lately , its like fallout 2 but better

    and on raids on wow : the players usually makes them inaccessible to new players
    if you say youre new in ffxiv , often people give you tips , dunno if something exists in wow lately
    usually people want to rush through and then want to wait 3 or 4 hours again for next dungeon

  18. Hope you had a merry christmas allmighy Jingles!

  19. Merry Christmas, Jingles!
    Yeah, we knew this was coming lol.

  20. Having been an endgame hardcore raider in Vanilla WoW (ReDeYe on EU-Runetotem, 4th guild in Europe to take out Nefarian doncha know) that 40 man raid grind was ARSE! 6 Hours a night, 6 nights a week? It was worse than being a dishpig in Bistros in the 90s!

  21. Merry Christmas Paul

  22. Happy Christmas Jingles and All !!!

  23. Merry Christmas, Jingles! May you have a wonderful, fun and successful new year coming up and many more of those to come!

  24. Happy Hogswatch!

  25. The Wolfenstein killing scene reminds me of that Airport scene in Modern Warfare 2.

  26. In the USA they have banned the song babe its cold outside

  27. Heeyyy, JINGLES!!! Merry Christmas everyone! Simple question: Are you going to pick up Elite Dangerous again? The Videos with Down to Earth Astronomy are really too much fun to watch!! greetings from The Netherlands, and where I life I can say also greetings from Holland as well!

  28. Ok so I looked it up, from 1550 to 1850 it was common enough to get a white Christmas in London. With the Thames river freezing over and people ice skating on it. I presume those memory’s are what you are dimly recalling gnome overlord? The record according to google is 43cm in 1981.

  29. ‘Its the most wonderful time of the year!’ trying to get this removed for false advertising? But what is the song advertising? for it to be false advertising, it has to be an ad in the first place!
    Though I do agree with the false part, -70F (-56C) windchill is definitely not wonderful!

  30. Do people enjoy the summer?

    Humans are broken.

  31. Public Service announcement for fellow salt miners – Death Stranding is free right now on Epic store.

  32. Merry Christmas and happy new year

  33. So i guess just telling the shaman healer “Dude, pls don’t dispel” wasn’t an option? Or was there more stuff he was messing up?

    • Things had not been going well overall up to that point, nothing to do with the shaman, though. But when I pointed out what she’d been doing wrong and told her why, she just started making excuses. At that point our other healer quit in disgust and that was it.

  34. The gearing treadmill is part of why I like raiding in ff14. If you’ve been out of the game for too long and the gear has outpaced you, there are several ways to easily get back up to speed.
    You can buy crafted gear from other players which is usually a good portion of prog-bis too.
    Doing any content at max lvl will reward you a currency that can be exchanged for gear, some of which is BiS when augmented.(weekly cap on the BiS currency though)
    Doing MSQ and it’s dungeons will give you gear to beat the minimum ilvl for the normal mode raids of the latest tier, which drop tokens to be exchanged for gear similar to the crafted set (also weekly capped initially)

  35. Merry Christmas Jingles

  36. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    have a nice holliday

  37. RFA cook here was working yesterday, had a good day and a chance to havea couple of drinks. Belated Merry Christmas to you Jingles

  38. The background game is a perfect illustration of why subs are worthless and no fun whatsoever to play in the same game with.

  39. Oh jingles you did it again… you tried to set up a donate button to a homeless shelter/charity and you accidentally got a button to tithe to a church haha. As you say, you are crap lol.

  40. For all the people who don’t like the fact that people celebrate christmas and want to be that sort of person then I have one thing to say. If you don’t celebrate christmas then eff off back to work on your own and leave us to celebrate in peace.

  41. Talking about song being banned, look into why the 1944 song ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ was banned in 2018 in America and what was number No:1 at the time.

  42. Oh jingles you work avoiding bum. Holiday pay isn’t overtime. It’s double time.
    And if you people are not getting it then your being denied your law written right, here in America at least.

  43. When he got to the Wolfhentine part I thought he was going to say something to the effect of “a game where Germany won WW2? by getting a bunch of futurestic weapons that couldn’t have existed in the 1940s? Oh no, no no no no” but it was something I actually relate to, for example in ghosts at the end multiple times I tried shooting Rork in the head, but the game kept making it a gut shot, and I tried over and over to make it a head shot, game said nope he needs to live, I’m sitting there watching my character get dragged off the beach, by someone who is immune to being shot in the head. Infuriating.

  44. I wholeheartidly approve of your gnome names. In my upcoming D&D campaign I made a mafia-like organization, where nobody (except the upper circle) knows the name of the boss. He is a gnome called Tinkle Winkle. Looking forward to introducing him to the party 🙂

  45. Who the hell even thought that summer holidays need promoting! Money for old rope

  46. Merry Late Christmas. I worked on Christmas here in America. I’m a Heavy Goods vehicle driver

  47. Jingles, it was 1984. My parents separated that year, and I went with my father to England. It snowed on the night of the 24th, and it had all melted by the 26th. I was really disappointed because I had wanted a green Christmas!!

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