Mingles with Jingles Episode 155

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In the worlds’ fattest, oldest and scruffiest paratrooper invades the lanes and backstreets of peaceful Dorset in a half mile long collection of historical armoured vehicles, and the FV3805 Restoration Project finally gets some well earned cash.


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  2. Sooo… when are you getting your first military vehicle Jingles? Will it
    be an M3 Lee for Rita?

  3. thk u so much for this greeat video 🙂 and hope to see the rest from this
    weekend to 🙂 u are the best. Alles gute Jingles

  4. So how ’bout infinity battlescape?^^

  5. justapasserby 001

    Hey Jingles, have you watched the Girls und Panzer der Film? Would love to
    hear your thoughts about it.

  6. Epic picture of u 2 – utubers ! Wallpaper-mats ;)

  7. wrong it was Operation overlord for the D Day invasion it was Operation
    Overlord get your facts straight jingles

  8. why did soldiers have a net on their helmets?

  9. The black and white picture at the end was real good, got me thinking, hows
    about making a copy as a poster and giving it away as a prize for your
    subscribers. this to belatedly celebrate your 500.000.

  10. Fleppy Luxemvlogs

    Anyone else notice that Jingles is wearing an 82nd Airborne patch? Slogan
    “All American”?

  11. SgtScott Reenacting507th

    Jingles, is your 82nd Airborne impression just regular 82nd or Pathfinder?
    Got to remember that Pathfinders were the first American troops who had
    their boots on the ground in Normandy.

  12. Jingles, I know you don’t like talking about politics or religion but what
    are your thoughts on Brexit? Go on, I dare ya!

  13. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    jingles what do you think about england going out of the EU ???
    what is tankfest going to do then? going to tankfest will then be thesame
    as going to amerika…
    (sorry for my englisch)

  14. I want to live in UK so much! However i do live real close to a Tankmuseum
    so i’m good, but things like this i miss in Sweden!

  15. curious question, even though that’s none of my business, but are Rita and
    Jingles in a purely platonic relationship or is there more at it?

  16. Its great to see people reenacting the division I served in, the 1st
    Infantry Division (The Big Red One). With how the US Army names and then
    renames units, I was lucky to have served in a unit that had its history
    going back to the second world war – Delta Company, 1st Battalion of the
    34th Armored Regiment (the Centurions), 1st Brigade – 1st Infantry Division
    (I know, a mouthful). But thanks for the great video Jingles; I hope you
    had a great time.

  17. As much as I hate some of the changes WG make, I do love how they will
    support history as hard as they can

  18. hay I’m Dutch I’ve seen stuff like that

  19. why don’t u play games like minecraft

  20. snoring= bad sleep for snorer and others

  21. That Bedford is in fact AEC Matador artillery tractor.

  22. hey have u forgot about starcitizen

  23. I did not know the FV4005 stage 2 was at the Bovington tank museum, really
    was exciting to see the tank in the video that I only have Pics from

  24. “i swear i didn’t touch anything” of course not, it was Billy

  25. Don’t be too upset about being broken down on the side of the road,
    Jingles. If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t have been able to show us that
    rolling convoy from such an amazing angle. So jelly.

  26. This all makes me want to play H&G again.

  27. lol did something shock you guys at 23:59

  28. What you called a M-8 without a turret is in fact the M-20 dashhound.
    Sometimes armed with a M-2 .50 and a light .30 and racks for to bazookas.

  29. Hey guys is jingles breeding program still in action?

  30. Herbert Erpaderp 2

    That looks like an awesome event to get to take part in, or even see!

    Rita is such a sensible lady and not at all silly… That 40s dress style
    seems to suit her.

  31. This was like a win parade!

  32. A-ZProductions102

    So that means the FV will NOT be at tankfest???

  33. Josh Zaragoza (Battlebacca2010)


  34. Just one thing to say Thank You for this great video!!! Ok 2
    questions was the M1 Garand you have real?

  35. 7:00 the original non-photoshopped footage from the Fury first convoy scene

  36. I live in Singapore and I would love to see WW2 machines!! What we have
    here are Leopard 2A4 variants(2SG), modern APCs, Bionix, F-15s, F-16s and
    F-5s (decommissioned soon ) and a bunch of helis. The only war museum we
    have shows pictures of dead people killed by the Japanese.

  37. Mr Jingles ! This is a amazing video coverage. THANK YOU ! I enjoy all of
    your video and the stories you telling. THANK YOU AGAIN !!

  38. “In which the worlds’ fattest, oldest and scruffiest paratrooper invades
    the lanes and backstreets of peaceful Dorset in a half *mile* long
    collection of historical armoured vehicles”


    Aren’t you British

  39. that bedfed truk see them all time in ozs

  40. Loved the Classic style photo in the end… :)

  41. richard williams

    Jingles great video but the British truck was not a Bedford QL it was the
    matador 5.5 inch gun tractor

  42. You’re really passionate about military history, aren’t you Jingles?

    You’re always attending these events for the older machines and older
    conflicts, and there’s always a fun history lesson included when you take a
    crack at a replay with a new vehicle. I’d love to able to attend all these
    things like you do.

  43. Wish I was there. Looks like great fun.

  44. if you had posted a vid yesterday i would have said this yesterday but fuck
    it happy fathers day you magnificent bastard!!
    “I know I’m late but hey we are all crap from time to time.”

  45. Jacke e-is-silent

    Long ago in the Canadian Forces, sometimes in the 1980’s, I remember seeing
    a training film from a while back even then, either British or Canadian, on
    convoy packet procedure. The packet commanders and 2I/C’s were always
    mounted on motorcycles for exactly these purposes.

  46. That was the best. Keep them coming.

  47. Could someone tell me the motorcycle name with the Big M with wings at 2:26

  48. Aw Jingles, I was hoping you’d be filming on the Sunday during Tankfest
    since I’ll be riding the Comet in the arena that day =(
    Doubt I’ll have any time to stand in line during the Sunday due to that, so
    hope will hope I can catch you during the Saturday

  49. a good MWJ as always!! Keep up the great work!! ☺☺

  50. He didn’t say , I’ll catch you next time, :(

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