Mingles with Jingles Episode 167

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Monday is your punishment for having a good weekend.


  1. Hey Jingles. Since you have semi-returned to streaming, do you ever plan to
    Stream with Circon again on a regular basis?

  2. the guy on the iowa is such a dumbass

  3. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    the kv5 is not op ita fabulous

  4. -I have even more. I have once seen several of the first episodes, and
    recall that you once mentioned a case of a dungeon-run, you once had, where
    you queued up, and have waited for a tank, for 15 minutes. You don’t
    remember the name of that tank, now, do you? Just the name of the character

  5. Oh mighty overlord, may I have a question please?

  6. Jokes on you Jingles, it’s the school holidays! Monday means nothing to me!

    proud) its rather funny because all of my friends also constantly make
    sheep jokes 🙂 nice to see that people from other countries also believe
    all the Welsh have is sheep ;)

  8. But she was right about the spirit level. there are long ones and leveling
    the yard is a thing

  9. while you talk about KV-5, you could show the 3D model, not that bloody
    boat game!

  10. Jingles, do you think WG is going to bring back historic battles?

  11. when is Rita playing alien isolation

  12. when are you taking Rita out for some Airsoft?

  13. Dragonfire68 Dierschke

    I have the kv 5 in wot blitz

  14. World of tank premium vehicle mean to accelerate game progress! NOT PAY TO
    oh yeah?
    platoon E25 GG 95% WR
    platoon Bromwell GG 90% WR
    platoon Type 59 other team is fucked 100% WR
    Platoon KV-5 push no stop WR 100%
    SU-144-22 Platoon = 400 damage every 2 second

  15. Jingles, does the NDA explicitly state that you aren’t allowed to give
    detailed impressions? In that case, you only need to stay general. Don’t
    mention any stats, don’t do ship-to-ship comparisons. The rest should be
    fine, right?
    Or, in other words, “I didn’t really like them.” is not at all detailed and
    should be perfectly fine.

  16. *Give us back the power to make credits in the game, and you can have an

    Making a tank less bad to play for 7 months and no one noticed, likely
    doesn’t need nerfed for nought as it was good enough as was anyways and
    effectively you change nothing with minor buffs as what this seems to be.
    *if ya suck in it ya still suck in it. If good, all the better for it.

    Simple solution on Kv5: Do nothing, there is no issue if pogs can’t aim
    their gold. ^-<

    in world of tanks every nation that has a tank destroyer line has a premium
    td. Why don’t the French and American have one! ? They introduced some new
    french tanks but why don’t we have any tier 8 or 7 tds for America and

  18. Surprised about the KV5. I never noticed even though I faced it several

  19. did you go to egx this year??

  20. Kv-5:s strength is the armor and thats it. The gun is the same as the top
    gun on the T-150. Why nerf it?

  21. Hey Jingles as a question, I went to EGX with 2 friends last Thursday (had
    a great time) and I got to play games such as Final Fantasy XV and Dawn of
    War III. These franchisees I have never tried out before and actually quite
    enjoyed them, and I was wondering on your opinions of the franchises and
    your opinions of the games (if you have seen or played anything of them) at
    this current stage of development as they are both scheduled for 2017?
    (that should give you at least 5 mins to rant/talk 😉 just need to find
    another 25 for a typical Mingles with Jingles).

  22. I cried laughing xDDD JESUS CHRIST xDD

  23. Dear Rear admiral Jingles, imperial system is the only thing i can really
    laugh at in your story. Regards from a metric system guy ;-)

  24. everytime I’m in my FCM 36 pak 40 on Mittengard, I get some medals for
    spotting xD

  25. I have just noticed that my kv5 is a monster again. plus its faster then it
    was too. i have 1500+ fights in it since wot started and have made 200k.
    but not in a long time. glad they buffed it.

  26. dear Jingles,
    what happened to the Armored Warfare PVE map guides you were going to do?
    We saw one or two, then nowt. and they’ve since put out new maps that I’d
    enjoy your opinions on. Ta muchly.

  27. Luca Luca (KingYoshiLuca)

    Can you give a shoutout to harambe?

  28. they need to buff the armor of t10e4 just a little

  29. Will you ever play Cards Against humanity and make a video of it? :D

  30. Are you going to do a series of videos on Fractured Space?

  31. hi jingles!
    speaking of questions for next episode ?

    it has nothing to do with the games that you cover but more towards your
    channel and how i and all other subrcribers that love your work can do our
    best to support you.

    how does the system work that makes you get money from being a youtuber? or
    more specifically can we do anything to improve your income?
    will it help to always press the like button, watch all commercials to the
    end without skipping or something like that?
    or do you have a system for recieving donations?

    i just want to help you wil keeping up the fantastic job that you are
    have a great week and see you next monday ?

  32. hey jingles, what is your current stance on War Thunder and do you plan on
    showing war thunder replays at all anymore?

  33. Awesomenoob25 The Gaming Noob!

    Jingles, have you heard about the rats of Tobruk? it really shows
    Australian ingenuity on the battlefield.

  34. Jingles, if you will still reply, what is your intro music to your WoT

  35. So what’s the story behind you and Rita? Why did she move in with you?
    What’s the story behind that?

  36. You and Rita married?

  37. Thịnh Nguyễn Quang

    The thing for businesses is that behaving inconsistently can be very
    harmful, in this case, it will affect the sales of other and future premium
    vehicles in games (WOT, WOWS). Clearly WG made the wrong move at the very
    beginning with PMM and things like that for prem vehicles. It would be
    really awkward for them to do anything, neff them, replace them, etc?

  38. Hi! Tier 10 economy suffers in WoT if you ask me. Heavy tanks and thick
    armored TDs are my main focus. People spam prem ammo at you right off the
    bat. Makes having all that armor alot less fun. So I’m crippled within
    minutes on low health and then I got to fork up 20 k for the tank to be
    fixed. What do you think about a balancing factor with me getting 50% off
    the shell cost as compensation? So if player one fires a premium round that
    costs 2000. Player 2 whom recived the hit would get an extra 1000 creds at
    the end of the round. (I would kinda like to see that premium rounds only
    could be bought with free exp and not credits/gold. Might stop some of the
    spamming of it)

  39. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    Basically, what Jingles is saying is that wargaming have no idea how to
    properly balance a game. They should have meetings with Riot & Blizzard to
    learn a thing or two about how to balance a game…

  40. Antony davies simpson

    jingles have you heard about the chieftain mk6 being added to world of
    tanks console? an will you do a review on it?

  41. Jingles, how much have naval warfare tactics changed since your navy days.
    In particular the role of the destroyer.?

  42. AverageSavageGaming Channel

    How did you and Rita meet?

  43. I just got a point for flagging this video for deletion. Thank me later,
    I’m a youtube hero

  44. If you dont know what to talk about … you could at least make more
    “Wanker of the Week” series :P

  45. What’s up, Jingles? I wake up and you spoil me with a video.

  46. Wtf is wg doing lmao


  48. jingls how do you feel about xbox and ps4 getting the cheftian mark 9
    before pc users

  49. Apparently, the RN cruisers have been nerfed to hell and back, making them
    near useless.

  50. Post Traumatic Stress Ball

    I don’t feel like the KV-5 is any stronger than it was, I’m still reliably
    penetrating it and not finding it a large threat at all.

    Just my two cents.

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