Mingles with Jingles Episode 171

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Psst! Want an episode of Mingles with Jingles? Course you do, I got this one cheap, fell off the back of a lorry, yours for a tenner and that’s cutting my own throat. You didn’t see me, right?


  1. find Spy v Spy.. 😉 :)

  2. byedu
    oh, Baidu (pronounced more like Baedu)

  3. if it’s stupid but it works…

  4. jingles forgot to talk about the Vietnam helicopter pilots views of the

  5. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    Question. Why would Rita be mad…. Jingles was playing a game in his bed
    with the kindle fire. His tablet….
    whatever thing it may be… i am happy for you jingles.

  6. Tommy Moore RVA @FastHatTrick @ohboywm

    Division reminds me of EQ when it went to easy mode. People spent years
    grinding to get amazing gear and top levels, then WoW came out, fed the
    impatient gamers, and EQ had to compete to keep the player base. Suddenly
    what took you 18 months to accomplish, took a power gamer 2 weeks two
    boxing. Shrug.

  7. jingles if you have a chance check out the 13th Valley and Tiger the LURP
    Dog greats Vietnam books!

  8. Jon Oregon (Kelarius)

    Baidu is China’s version of Google Jingles.

  9. have you considered trying FFXIV?

  10. Why can’t I seem to find War Wings in the App Store?

  11. Jingles, I have a question. It’s something I’ll never experience.

    When was the first time you were asked for an autograph and how did it make
    you feel?

    Also do you get used to it? Or is it always exciting?

  12. Hey Jingles i’ve been out of the loop for a bit but has Rita set a date for
    the charity stream of Alien Isolation yet or has that either already
    happened or not been planned yet?

  13. Just keep doing what you love and you will never work a day

  14. Why not just explain how to get the quest done quicker than going off at
    him? That might work a bit better.

  15. So, Jingles mentioned in a World of Warships video that he lives in the
    Portsmouth area if I remember correctly. Well I was bored when listening to
    the part about the traffic and I looked at Google Maps of England. Jingles
    do you live on Hayling Island by chance? Just randomly curious. BTW, I’m
    sorry about you dropping 300 for nothing.

  16. “The division ticked all those buttons” now jingles what were you saying
    about the people that shouldn’t be allowed online without adult
    supervision? ;)

  17. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Are you on Hayling or Portsea island? Baidu is China’s Google in effect.
    China’s biggest search engine. Lenova (China) bought out IBM’s Thinkpad
    business a few years back.

  18. Of course The Division isn’t a first person shooter, its a third person

  19. Battery lasts 4 months on battery saver standby…. What phone is this and
    where can I get it?

  20. There’s something about Mingles with Jingles that sets it apart from all
    the other vlog type videos on youtube. It might be your calming voice, or
    the format in which you do the videos (not planned responses) but it
    honestly feels like I’m having a good, personal chat with you Jingles. It’s
    as if I’m in the room with you and you’re telling me about your life and
    the stuff you’re interested in lately with completely natural and honest
    responses, rather than other vlogs where it feels like I’m being dictated
    Don’t ever change it Jingles, I love your videos as they are now.

  21. Nice Episode, got some good laughs from it. Thanks

  22. That warwings game looks cool but it’s android…and I’m a iOS oh well

  23. Can you put out more division videos please

  24. That quest may be the most unintentionally irritating quest to get in
    Legion I hate running it because of idiots like that.

  25. I too experienced my Skype account being hacked a few days ago and spamming
    links to all my contacts.

  26. Hi Jingles, when do ya do an Fractured space video again m8?

  27. jingles will you ever do a man cave up date or even acknowledge these
    comments i have been leaveing for the past months because i dont even think
    you can see them

  28. E75 video?

  29. I forgot to load ammo once….. it was in my KV-1S… I won the round by
    capping xD

  30. if you like grindy games then try out black desert online

  31. well if you want to fly somewhere you should at least go 2h before the
    plane takes off. so you got enough time if something like that happens

  32. Anyone else find it strange that there are eight Panzer 58 Mutzs (four per
    team) in the 2nd gameplay.

  33. They introduced PTS for Division and now it is for new DLC and patch 1.5:

    Also new level cap 256, and trust me it is getting better and better 🙂
    (850 hours in the Division)

  34. war wings is a great game in my opion played a few games and really loved

  35. Hi Jingles played War Wings on my phone and it is really good , needs a few
    improvements but for a mobile game it is well put together.

  36. As far as I’m concerned, if your head protection is a wool hat, a single
    headshot with anything but the tiniest stealth pistol should be an instant
    kill most of the time.

  37. Slim Nasty (SlimNasty2013)

    The problem I had with the division was I had an email from Ubisoft giving
    me a 14 day ban and stating if I did whatever I did again I would get a
    permanent ban. Problem is I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done, I
    don’t cheat, didn’t have anything installed that could have been deemed as
    a mod or a cheat, so what I am supposed to have done, I’m clueless.

    And this is the very reason I wouldn’t invest in the game expansions, for
    the fear of being banned for the something I haven’t a clue about it, so
    they lost a customer based on that and to be honest with those “Rules” I
    avoid most of their titles due to this experience, I only have limited
    funds so I am against wasting them.

  38. played warwings in betastage. liked it more then than now.. strange really

  39. My Skype and a friend’s Skype got hacked on the same day too. I wonder if
    the security breach was on Skype’s end.

  40. Tried War Wings… It don’t work on my phone
    Well, back to play WoWp

  41. War wings good game only more peoply need to play base defend

  42. Chickenhawk is a good book.

  43. Loaded a new random battle went to battle without ammo last one alive thats
    what i experienced

  44. sad loss ;(

  45. There is a new game mode for the devision on the public test server called
    survival… Great stuff… Playable for season pass owners on the PTS…
    Kind of H1Z1 gameplay…

  46. Eric Archibald (Ballist1cInt3nt)

    Motherfuckers… I had the same EXACT skype hack happen to me. You’re not
    alone jingles ;(

  47. why no war thunder anymore :(

  48. Jiggals what is your Skype name please tell??

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