Mingles with Jingles Episode 174

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Back from Sweden! Completely exhausted! Still have to do Mingles with Jingles! Yeah, first world problems. 😉

Epic Con Frankfurt 09-11 December http://epiccon.de/en/


  1. Joshua “Imperial Sheep” Ross Partridge

    Interesting fact: the SEA server has the T34 (B) as a standalone tank, the
    T26E5 with no camoflage and the AMX M4-49 with no camoflage. Go figure.

  2. I don’t think any of your 500k+ subscribers I’ve been playing WoWS with
    lately have seen your video about being nicer in chat. Sadly the worst
    behavior I’ve seen in the past year has been this past week on NA. Some may
    be parroting what they see on Twitch as well, which is not always stellar
    either, and may actually be “normalizing” bad behavior.

  3. The awesome epic guys were their

  4. Visit Russia, before Russia visits you…. :P

  5. Well I have become nicer, thanking teammates whenever they did something
    well however im still a whining bitch ass twat and rage. So I’ve gotten
    better with your video by thanking but I’m still a cunt to players (but
    only if they do really retarded stuff which a kid could do better)

  6. I’m a warships driver, and I do notice destroyers smoking their team up a
    lot more than before, and, this is the interesting part, *I’m on the SEA
    … and I forgot to add, everyone thanks the destroyer. And when someone
    gets deleted more often than not everyone has a good laugh about it too

    So yea, I think you underestimate your power O Gnome Overlord of the Salt

  7. God damn, Enji Night. That girl has the best waist to hip ratio.

  8. I got called Mexican by a t67

  9. Yes Jingles, the chat is, first of all, more “quiet” and there does seem to
    be more positivity in the comments that are made. I do miss the little bit
    of casual banter with the enemy you could have before but that’s a small
    price for a less toxic experience. Keep up the good work and give Rita a
    friendly peck on the cheek for me.

  10. Jingles can you do some sort of console video please

  11. I would say, yes, overall, more team work and and less yolo!

  12. About once a month, I see somthing nice said in chat to people about how
    they play. I do my best myself to thank someone for well played game, and I
    do this because I hope to see someone do this to me one day. Sadly, this
    week, mainly today, people have been major cocks. All of which are top
    notch players, like quickybaby levels of good, but they act like children
    when you do anything they don’t approve of. I had on guy in a t26e5 start
    pushing me out of the way to take a spot on a hill at a heavy tank corner.
    I was in a pershing so I had good shots with my gun depression, but this A
    hole just kept pushing me to take my spot. So I said the hell with it and
    move, and he put in chat, dump pershing, and then said stay out of my spot.
    After which I responded, not rude-like, but in a unhappy way, and he made
    that game hell from then on. At the end of the battle, I wanted to kill
    somthing I was so made, and yet he still had a great game, and I had a shit
    game. where is the justice in the world. but he was just the first of count
    it, 7 people in the 12 games I played. Wtf is with people this week. Guess
    no one in the U.S. took you’re message to heart. So yeah, north American
    seems un effected. Still, thanks for trying☺

  13. I’ll have you know that I first got the TOG II* as a result of one of your
    videos. It’s now my most played vehicle in WoT and I’m actually not bad at
    the TOG, even while solo. But HMS Fruitless has been in port for a while
    since I moved on to WoWS.

  14. Sad to report, I have only had average or below-average experiences with
    people in WoWs since last week. I did *not* observe anyone taking the time
    to thank their team-mates past a quick thanks. Only an abnormal increase in
    assholes raging in chat about “noob teammates” after they would go yoloing
    to their deaths. (mostly battleship captains that thought they were

  15. If someone asks for help and I agree then they thank me most of the time
    and I get a d.m suggesting tips a lot

  16. So… About that Xcom 2 video….

  17. What i want Wargaming to do is to have universal deals for all servers. I
    should be able to go to the store of each server, Asia, Europe, North
    America and Russia, and see the exact same deals at the exact same prices
    (after conversion) at the same time of the year. None of this crap with
    bundles in one server and single tanks on another, or the horribly
    overpriced tanks on the Asian server (it can be up to 15 Euros more for the
    same thing).
    This sort of thing should be really easy to do, so why don’t they do it?

  18. White people problems 😉 ” I have been travelling again!

  19. Anyone watching sircon you saw jingles booty it was sexy

  20. +The Mighty Jingles In the States, the Beer is cheap and Women are
    expensive… 😛 US Navy Pride!

  21. I bought a TOG 2 after your video, I even wrote a poem about it on the
    Blitz forum, I also bought it in Blitz.

    Cmon Everybody Crack a beer,

    It’s time to have some fun and cheer,

    Stick together to win day day,

    The TOG is here and here to stay.

    The TOG is slow, TOG is Fat,

    TOG can bounce but don’t count on that,

    TOG is not a solo beast,

    Spread the fun for all to feast.

    The TOG will tank the damage away,

    Let the TOG Lead the way,

    Kill the Stuff that he sees,

    Stay in cover behind the trees.

    Victory is what spurs the TOG,

    With his friends he feels the god,

    With teamwork there’s hardley a hitch,

    The TOG is great in World of Tanks Blitz.

    That is my Poem, I love my TOG *hugs TOG*

  22. Pathetic losers who sit around on their asses and play video games. I am
    one of them. This is his wife and I am about ready to divorce the son of a
    bitch, so all you millennials still living in your moms basement and
    selfish older pigs if you want a woman start being a man.

  23. 4:00 ish, Revival of project Mancave? Please master jingles

  24. WoT Blitz… *shiver*

    also, goes to Swedish tank museum, Swedish tanks coning to WoT in one month.

  25. Personally, I have not noticed any change. Though I did notice a lot
    “nicer” of a chat when they removed chatting with the enemy team. I don’t
    see as much assholery anymore.

  26. Ye Gods, that T14 is brutal.

    That settles it, I want one. Not in-game, I don’t play AW, an actual T14…
    I wonder of the Russians would sell me one.

  27. Yes, we wouldn’t mind having an American flag painted over it… unless
    you’re an immigrant… or your parents were immigrants…. or you think
    that would be stupid…. or you feel a strong bond with your heritage…..
    or you don’t play video games….. as you can see there quite a few
    exceptions that may be true for people, I’m not saying all immigrants
    wouldn’t want that or something just maybe they don’t.

  28. Oh the Swedes are so nice. Well, that’s why they are fucked and migrants
    now harrassing and raping their women and beating them and ruling parts of
    the country where police can’t go. That’s what nice brings you. They should
    grow a pair and stand up and fight for their country.

  29. i’ve always tried to compliment my team when they play well. it’s just…
    it so rarely happens.

  30. Jingles I have togII on world of tanks blitz plz replay it will make my day

  31. I’ve had a few people pm me after games and thank me and congratulate me in
    the last week, so it did work!

  32. WRT M4-49 and T26E5 (Patriot and standard camo scheme) are both available
    standalone on the Asia server for AU$55.49. T34 Shadow (no standard camo
    version) is available in the shop for $AU67.75.

  33. Today I was playing WOT on the Xbox one. I was in the ELC AMX bis and found
    an isolated T28 HTC on 100% health and did the old get behind him and kill
    him routine. After the match ended I received a message from him, and he
    actually congratulated me and said good game. That surprised me and made me
    smile. I sent a nice reply back. It was nice to not get the typical butt
    hurt rage message for once.

  34. Waking up with a new episode of Mingles with Jingles is the second best
    thing to wake up with ;). I noticed in World of Warships a slight change
    how people talk to each other. Also, when I encounter people who misbehave
    I praise them till they are fedd up with me.Praising them to death is quit
    effective, I ensure you. Thanks for the vid as allways. BTW, are you
    visiting the Netherlands anytime soon?

    Cheers, Gilles.

  35. I got thanked once a few days ago. I brought back the score on assault
    mode, but ran out of time. :(

  36. I don’t know about sales numbers but I can tell you I bought the TOG II
    after seeing your videos years ago. Christened her HMS Prince of Whales.
    Also so odd EU gets stuck with the 26E5 Patriot but we can buy the normal
    version. Which I prefer, even as an American. It’s such a GREAT tank,

  37. My experience in console tanks is as follows : stupid team idiot such and
    such tank dumbass artillery worthless heavies camping lights behind heavies
    tank destroyers camping in front of heavies etc etc so essentially ZERO
    change and as far as my perception goes your a cunt until proven otherwise

  38. Agreed, the Swedes are fine people. Went over there for the first time a
    couple of weeks ago and loved it. Great work life balance and the people
    are just great.

  39. Stop hating on us Americans Jingles lol jk Have you seen the World of
    warships “Sales”? Yeah WG Seemingly screws us.

  40. So between the T34 B and the T26E5, one is far cheaper and better than the
    other, WG just want to rip you off, even as a tank collector you wont want
    to pay that sort of cash if you had the choice of the above 2 tanks.

    On the topic of being nice in game, no its not changed, had a quick chat
    with a guy who has 3 stars on the barrel of his SU100Y but normally I am
    asking if the team know what the M key does 🙁 Wont even go into what I
    asked the arty when I was facing 4 tanks to the front (and winning) and why
    he wasnt killing the T-34 that was staionary to my right that i had pointed
    out 2 mins before to them…. we lost that game amazingly, 2.5k damage in
    the box tank but had to turn and counter a bloody med that a red arty
    couldnt deal with which exposed me to flanking fire. Teams are still the
    same old ones and getting worse unfortunately :(

  41. Actually Jingles you can buy the Patriot and Liberte without their
    appropriate flags on the Asian servers too!

  42. me and my mate both got tog 2’s after watching your awsome videos on togs
    best fun we have had on wot, platoon of togs are happy togs

  43. unfortunetly on the NA server I have not really noticed much change in
    warships yet.

  44. Jingles just seen your booty dance in front of Circon . You kept that quiet

  45. whats youre favorit swedish candy nom nom??

  46. Well since playing again over the last 2 days, the game seems less toxic
    than before, especially when its a good match up
    And both sides play hard and not do the whole lemming train.
    So there is more gg and wp seen, complete with more team co operation
    Its when the bad matching, lemming training and suspect game play
    (something of which there is a definite decrease of occurrence, since fair
    play announcement) that the toxic commentary reappears
    Yes you do also get the odd griefer, but it is a lot rarer than I used to
    Wows and AW still has a much lower level of nastiness in comparison

  47. Still really new to WoW, and most folks seem fairly nice.

  48. I have my WoT account from 2012 and I don’t remember ever anyone thanking
    me after the match.

  49. I try to give kudos to nice shots (ns), nice torps, and well played (wp or
    wd) matches, but typically in-game. If I have made comments back at the
    docks, well, it’s usually something like, ‘do your job’ or worse … I
    landed in a match tonight with good team work from the start and a lack of
    negativity from both sides as we just had ourselves a darn good match. As
    you suggested, I sent some kudos afterwards which got a great response. So,
    KUDOS for your idea and making WoWS slightly better, it’s all your fault!
    And if you’re looking for a decent match with an underdog winner (1 v 3 at
    the end), check your emails for “Not Bad’ in the subject line =)

    Take care …


  50. I was suposed to go on the event, but I got sick -_-

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