Mingles with Jingles Episode 175

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In I get fingerprinted by Russians, realise that all Cashpoint machines/ ATMs are out to get me, ponder the nature of stupidity, bring badass of the week back and give away some very expensive arse-warming furniture.

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  1. I have actually heard of Luchner! Somewhere in this room, I think, I have
    an old book about him and his exploits in the war. Can’t remember how old
    it is, but it was from before WW II I am sure.

  2. So whatever happened to the sandbox server? With the new tank classes idea?

  3. I got that paypal email as well. None of those companies (ebay, banks etc)
    ever send you emails.

  4. As to which might be more effective in vetting, I think Russia’s got a
    better question list than America :/.

  5. I hope you didn’t breach the Official Secrets Act

  6. The British and the Russians never had problems, i think 600 would

    Cannon to right of them,
    Cannon to left of them,
    Cannon in front of them
    Volley’d and thunder’d;
    Storm’d at with shot and shell,
    Boldly they rode and well,
    Into the jaws of Death,
    Into the mouth of Hell
    Rode the six hundred.

    Enjoy moscow jingles

  7. Thank you for constantly reminding us that we are a bunch of silly,
    slightly modified apes, it does keep one in perspective. Now it’s back to
    the salt mines!

  8. “cake or death?”

    “death, NO CAKE! I meant cake!”

    “ah you already said death”

    “yes but i meant to say cake”

    “Are you sure?”

    “yes I’m sure. Cake please”

    “Oh, all right”

    American immigration is an Eddie Izzard sketch.

  9. Listening to English people say Al-Qaeda is hilarious! It’s Al Kida….

    Not Al-Ki-Eeder HAHAHAHAHA

    Oh Mr. Jangles, you so silly

  10. Visas to enter countries? We Canadians just have to walk up to the border,
    say “Eh” and they let us in with a tip of their hats.

  11. Hey, Jingles! I love your content, but I was wondering if you plan to put
    up any other Armored Warfare videos?

  12. Jingles I’m sorry for you. this going fun.ATM are to be hard.Email link are
    aways Hot until Proven otherwise

  13. I remember when i first checked my garage in world of tanks, specifically
    the tab that lets you manage spare parts. My dumb ass had a fucking
    stockpile of spare shit worth millions of silver. For tanks i either never
    use, never will use again, or just outdated equipment. God did that make my
    life easier. As a recommendation for the lot of you lovely bastards, new
    and old, go check yours. You might find some old shit you don’t need.

  14. Luchner looks like Indy from The Great War channel.

  15. If you click yes on am I a terrorist on the visa app you deserve to get a
    free say at hotel Guantanamo

  16. Yeah, with Taiwan you need to fill in and print out a form, take it to the
    liaison office, bring with a print out of your bank details for the last
    three months, a letter of invitation, etc.. I think South Korea requires a
    police clearance certificate as well.

  17. If you’re gonna keep doing badass of the week you should do one about
    panzer ace Otto Carius

  18. So ready for WoW on Xbox One

  19. Hey jingles not all bad a family friend of our went to Russia was there for
    20 min before they detained him started questioning him and saying he was
    an IRA terrorist here to buy guns and then he was kicked out of Russia.

  20. I’m in dire need of a chair but am in the US. Bummer! Get it?

  21. Be careful in Russia. They might think you’re a Japanese torpedo boat and
    sink you.

  22. 15+15=15?

  23. I might do the world of tanks thing as a challenge lmao

  24. That’s why I like being Canadian, you can go everywhere, get the longest
    stay without visa, you don’t need visa to go to places and all.

  25. High Tier Jap DDs need a change, most people learn to move just a little
    and torps often miss.

    The Gearing has, while not as many, comparable torps to the Shimakaze; that
    and being better at everything else.

    Jap torps need a change, they need to be stealthier / more dmg / or

    WG don’t like torp spam. but at high tier your luck to get 5 hits at all.

    maybe Jap torps could be semi-steerable / homing or blow up by like a
    proximity mine.

  26. Yay New Zealand. We both just looked like fools and heroes

  27. Ah, but the United States is not an authoritarian dictatorship, while
    Russia is. Remember, Russia is the country that does not publish accurate
    maps to confuse potential invaders and thinks GPS units are potential
    espionage tools.

  28. Uhhh Jingles uhh don’t have any, 0, nil, no problems with ATM’s/cash points

  29. Regarding the e-mail scam, you don’t have to be stupid to fall for it. The
    scammer knows that if they can create enough alarm then the victim may feel
    that they can’t afford not to trust the e-mail. It’s psychology, not
    stupidity. And sadly it works.

  30. Which side of the bed were you planning to sleep on?

  31. Fare well Jingles. Please return safe & sound. I speak from experience when
    I say watch out for the taxis. Some exist solely to live off of scamming
    tourist. And their goat milk ice cream is to die for. Separate your cash
    into as many locations on your body as possible when you go out. And go for
    beer as often as you can unless you think you can handle endless rounds of
    vodka. The tunnels under the square are awesome cultural meeting places.
    Tally-Ho and don’t forget to write.

  32. You have to be the coolest guy ever.

  33. You confused the ESTA for a visa but it still makes for a fun story.

  34. WoW… blagh.

  35. I fancy a very expensive bilbo, but you don’t see me complaining.


  36. i was that arty player…

  37. One does not simply walk into Moscow


  39. Really…Von Luckner doesn’t have a movie made about him ? I guess history
    really is written and filmed by the victors

  40. Badass looks kinda like Robert Mitchum.

  41. are the give a way is rigged

  42. Dammit jingles how about us Aussies

  43. I thought the German chappie also escaped from NZ too. I used to live near
    were his was held. Rippapa Island in Lyttleton Harbour. He floated out to a
    neutral ship and got away.

  44. Jingles, could you tell us about Robert Surcouf, the French corsair? He had
    quite an interesting and badass life too. Thanks.

  45. with the way the US and its allies keep trying to push russia into war l am
    surprised that they even let you apply for a visa with you being a pommy ex
    navy sailor

  46. Jingles there is a reason for saying “The sun never sets on the British
    empire because god doesn’t trust the British in the dark” so it’s
    understandable behavior from Russia.

  47. Yea figures I wouldn’t qualify, ah well not like I’d of won anywho. :p

  48. Russian here. Just did a visa application to Czech – same questions + bank
    account details + fingerprint. Visa to Finland – same questions + bank
    account details + how much alcohol do I drink. And you have to do
    everything by yourself, there’s no online visa application at all. Takes
    about a week to approve.
    Visa to USA/GB are the hardest to get being a Russian and are almost a no
    go for me because I work in information security.

  49. Thanks for bringing back the bad ass Jingles. I thought of it when I saw
    Hacksaw Ridge, as you had covered Desmond Doss some time back.

  50. 1h for an visa? LOL that´s nothing

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