Mingles with Jingles Episode 176

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Big thanks this week to Animexx http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/ inviting Rita and I to Epic Con in Frankfurt, Germany. No thanks whatsoever to the power-mad cow at Heathrow Airport Security who got a strop on with me because I was standing five feet away from her while waiting for her to get off her fat arse and check my luggage.

Not that I’m mad or anything.

Epic Con was awesome by the way, as was Frankfurt. Travelling 10 hours to get there and back, not so much, but we’d totally do it again.


  1. 7:45 “Absolutely everything that could go wrong went wrong.”

    Anyone else initially react to that with “well, you obviously made it
    there, so at least Rita didn’t wash your wallet this time”?

    Seriously though, Jingles, that line is one you absolutely cannot ever use
    again, after the long and growing list of things that have gone wrong in
    your travels.

  2. They wax the seats on many of those mechanical bulls. Makes it harder to
    stay on.

  3. 6:24 Rita needs a cowgirl hat when riding the bull and needs to whop &

  4. Jingles: “I swear I was being stalked by YaYa Han.”
    YaYa Han: ‘I swear I was being stalked by that Jingles guy and his

  5. While this one was short, Jingles the way you tell it, it was one of the
    best. I am glad that you did not allow the trials and tribulations of your
    travel to Heathrow to spoil your fun in Frankfurt. Thanks for the great
    video of Christmas in Germany….and of Rita :)

  6. Thanks for giving us mingles with jingles even though you are tired. This
    was the highlight of my day due to three finals in college. This was
    something i could sit down and relax to. Again thanks!

  7. Uhm, Cologne is way bigger than Frankfurt :P

  8. Rita is, rather, quite pretty… I noticed…

    Good on you Jingles.

  9. Once my father also get catch in the same situation like you,he always go
    business seat on ThaiAirway (infact he has been traveling by TAW in 4
    years,bussiness trips)
    He buy a ticket for me to go with him to Korea (which go along with his
    There a woman at the Thaiairway ticket check,she tell my dad that my ticket
    is not valid,he MUST buy a new one,then she ignore everythingy dad try to
    So he just buy a new ticket for me, not a single reaction in his face,but
    when we arrived in Korea,he go straight to ThaiAirway office,and he go
    He yelling and shouting, demand to meet the higher manager,demand his money
    back,said that he have traveling by TAW for years and this is unacceptable
    So,they fire that woman,refund my dad,and wrote an apologies letter

  10. What do you get when Jingles marries Rita?

    Jita, your welcome

  11. Ethan “Memes” Owens

    What they serve in Germany: Sausage, Bratwerst, and LET ME SEE YOUR PAPERS.

  12. Great video but you really don’t know what a mechanical bull is called? Oh
    Jingles! Sometimes I think you must have angered the Gods of travel in
    another life.

  13. Jingles, you can always go as a GuP character Xp


  15. Once in london, either take the tube to Paddington to get the Heathrow
    express or take the tube to Heathrow, via the Piccadilly Line
    Both would of been quicker, especially the express from Paddington

  16. man if its hard for a brit to get a passport to russia just imagine how
    hard it is for a german

  17. Jingles, give Bla Bla car and Uber a go. This wasn’t the first time when
    public transport disliked you. Good luck and happy trips :)

  18. Did Rita wore the school girl uniform back in the apartment and rode your
    “bull?” ?

  19. Jingles engaged motion detection in Youtube settings. Embrace motion
    sickness! :D

  20. They’re literally just called “mechanical bulls”, Jingles. Hilarious to
    watch drunks try and hold on.

  21. Jingles, are you a weeaboo?

  22. please please please tell me how i can send u one replay 🙁 please please

  23. business idea
    move to Cologne and open a german sausage restaurant
    serve Kolsch only in bottles
    make lots of money

  24. Maybe leave a day before. We travelled to Liverpool for a cruise to Norway,
    if we had travelled the same day we would of missed our holiday but luckily
    we travelled the day before. Never trust British moterways or Public
    transport or even yourself. Even our sat navigation let us down and what
    should of been a 5 hour journey turned into a 9 hour journey due to road

  25. 7:56
    I wonder how many people know who those Grandia cosplayers were supposed to

  26. Rita got cake

  27. DUDE you lucky Motherf****r!

  28. Jingles, you should visit Berlin! Really multicultural city, lots of
    history and museums there, great Currywurst, and absolutely amazing Doener
    (basically Turkish kebabs, there are little Doener shops all over the place
    and they are amazing). I spent a month in Berlin for a class, and I was
    never bored.

  29. Wow! Rita is cute for an old duffer like you! Gives me hope! (One old
    duffer to another.) BTW It’s called a “mechanical bull”. Next scene: Who’s
    the cute blond in the costume with the very short skirt on the far left of
    the stage? I enjoy Mingles With Jingles! Your pal QuickieBabby makes a
    point to ask for thumbs up approvals at the end of every episode. I suggest
    you do so too!

  30. Woking? Jingles, do you live in the area H. G. Wells lived in. The place
    War of the Worlds took place at?

  31. mechanical bull Jingles.. and she is definitely riding it incorrectly, i
    have spent many a long weekends drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon by the pitcher
    and riding the bulls at a local place.

  32. +TheMightyJingles Your back from FankFurt…. Im never letting that go its
    just too funny.

  33. +The Mighty Jingles next time take uber to heathrow :P

  34. My friend recently got Armoured Warfare and he couldn’t get into a PvE
    battle due to the lack of people n queue, so I downlaoeded it thinking he
    was drunk, and its true after the turorial we couldn’t get into a low PvE
    battle there was 6 people in queue, and they were all different tiers, and
    PvP had 0 people… any advice jingles or anybody else?

  35. The real reason she didn’t wear her schoolgirl outfit is because it was in
    the wash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  36. Question!! After following you for years now I’ve been listening to all of
    your mwj episodes during my long ass house reno due to mold issues and they
    keep me going since they make me forget wth I’m doing all day long. Anyway,
    I think it was on episode 44-46 or something where you talked about ww2
    happenings and you mentioned that you might start a history episode and
    that triggered me. I am a complete ww1-ww2 nerd and I cannot get enough of
    the stories. (yes I had read about Witold Pilecki) Now I know this is a
    long time ago, but is it still a chance you could do it? Also, what are
    your thoughs about the heavy water commando raid at rjukan during ww2 and
    the clame of someone for it to be ww2’s most successfull raid. Keep up the
    good work! Sincerely from Alexander, Norway

  37. So UK airport security it just like American airport security; staffed with
    unhelpful, incompetent, power tripping, high school drop out, unionized,
    room temperature IQ, jackbooted thug assholes with delusions of adequacy?

  38. So, I just discovered what the home button on my keyboard does in youtube
    while watching this…needless to say I spamed it during the intro after I

  39. Ah, the famous German sausages: Bratwurst, Currywurst, Grosser Kurfurst,

  40. also see when a fucker like that lady at the airport its simple you get her
    name then you kill her at a latter date and if you want to never get caught
    place a hit on her from the other side of the world where you went

  41. Saradis Apostolidis

    Well Jingles you can go to Germany with your ID since both countries are in
    the EU.

  42. Engagement ring on Rita’s finger Jingle ?

  43. So after you’ve seen Cologne and Frankfurt, do you plan to go to a German
    city that’s actually worth visiting?


  45. jingles i think its safe to say dont travel…

  46. Heathrow security lady: ‘Mmm, my job is bloody boring who can I pick on to
    liven things up a bit? You sir, look like you have a plane to catch.’ *bitch
    mode activated*
    To be honest Jingles when have you ever managed to get a flight without
    incident, she just made sure this was no exception.

  47. it seems to me that Rita wasn´t riding properly….

  48. I am actually curious as to what you were going to do with the
    securinazibitch Jingles. Knowing you’re ex-RN makes me suspect roll mat

  49. Dude you were really lucky we have/had some strikes from the pilots from
    Lufthansa and a lot of flights have been cancelled and the others delayed.

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