Mingles with Jingles Episode 180

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In todays Emergency Edition of Mingles with , I explain why I’m a day late for everyone who doesn’t follow me on Facebook, and take a look at some of the design issues that go into rebalancing a game from the ground up when it’s already been up and running for a year.

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Read about Balance 2.0 in AW: https://aw.my.com/gb/balance-2.0

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Careful Jingles. G2A has, shall we say, a bad reputation for selling games
    cheap (a little too cheap). The keys they sell for games are often intended
    for foreign countries with people that do NOT make enough money to afford
    60 dollars in Canadian or US currency. This makes buying such games
    questionable at best, immoral at worst as they were never intended for us.
    If you need the money to survive, fair enough. We all have to do things we
    don’t like to make a living.

  2. Man, the M60-2000 looks like a Chibi M1A1.

  3. us console scubs have to buy a new controller every few months

  4. i prefer Green man Gaming

  5. “no minimum requirements, everything just works on consoles” have you seen
    new releases??? A good 30% of games (even top shelf AAA ones) are barely
    functional on day one. The “release it now and patch it later” strategy is
    making a mess of things. The console firmware updates sometimes take
    forever due to the garbage hard drives they put in consoles. You have to
    pay a fee to use the damn things online. And the 30fps vs 60fps debate is a
    can I don’t want to open, especially since I’m running a 144hz moniter.

  6. here is an idea to balancing:
    get rid of tiers
    attribute an artificial fixed point value to stats (like 1 point for every
    point of hp 1 point for every point of damage 10 points for every 3°/sec
    turntime and so on)
    summ of the point value of the tank is the “combat conditioned performence
    value” thats the value you use that determins MM
    problem solved you dont need to make tanks unrealistic (eception being hp
    and dmg value those will lend you a little room for in depth balance)
    let the value be at least 5 digits and the first two digits are a forced to
    be the same in a game so imbalance doesnt happen.
    this shit needs a lot of playing around with but in the future0 will settle
    the argument of balance before it occures no machine is overpowerd it just
    hast the “CCPV” of for excample “69188” vs “69638” ( and the range between
    them) and the vehicles are ashured to have a chance against eacht other
    since they should be able to take advatange of the other vehicles weakness.
    and in maybe a year or so bam! perfect balance and the complete absence of
    the stupid tier sythem


  8. to much porn? lol cmon Jingles

  9. Oh yeah, consoles just work! Except when they don’t. Red Ring of Death,

    At least with PC you can fix it yourself if you’re not crap, like Jingles.

  10. “Like on consoles, where everything works” LOLXD Joke of the century! Just
    for starters -Red halo of death
    -Disk drive crunching and not being unable to read the disk
    -Backwards compatibility in early days of Shitbox one
    -Still forced to play those 360 games in 900p resolution when everything in
    pc is pretty much HD
    -Hard drives dying and costing arm and a leg to replace
    -Console Turning Off (35% of PS4 owners experiencing a problem)
    -No Audio / Video (25%)
    -PS4 Freezing (20%)
    -Disc Drive Problems (10%)
    -Other Technical Issues (10%)

    Sure PC can have some issues, but there is pretty much nothing cleaning the
    system physically and software side wont fix. If something blows
    physically, then just replace that part and your good to go. Thanks to
    multitude of manufacturers there is always one to your budget available and
    tons of people know how to assemble the pc.

  11. Consoles may be great at playing games, but that’s about it.

  12. BDO BlindDeafOrphan

    @The Mighty Jingles, In regards to your point of view on the T62, T70, etc.
    They may use the same caliber, but the caliber of a gun has quite little to
    do with the actual shell components. An “Armor Piercing High Explosive”
    round could easily carry more explosive filler than another that may share
    the same caliber. However the developers have stated the larger the caliber
    the more damage, secondly, the higher the tier, the higher the damage,
    which is silly.

  13. Is armored warfare free?

  14. What PVP battle?

  15. I bet nearly all my money it’s mumble. It has a nasty habit of fucking with
    and overruling all other audio settings in my experience.
    So, $2.

  16. Shit… wish I could afford to replace my dinosaur, it’s not terrible but
    I’m at my upgrade limit aside from ram. A new CPU requires a new mobo which
    at that point you’re already at the point of a new computer. New mobo to
    get a new cpu, which needs a new cooling unit. Could probably salvage
    v-card, but a new HDD that’s an SSD is almost a must for any serious gamer.

    Most of the cost for a new unit comes from the SSD and V-card… oh a
    smaller case would be nice for a lesser footprint.

  17. G2A sells bunk codes.

  18. Ouch. G2A is going to sting.

  19. The first thing I thought of doing was uninstall Mumble and any audio
    drivers it may install to use it.

  20. Did you ever try removing the Sound card and putting back in for the
    computer to rediscover? This will fix most issues as its old school

  21. sellout sellout sellout.

  22. Jesus, what ever happened to doing a new Windows install? That would fix
    your problem.

  23. jingles comedy is so funny

  24. PvP in Armored Warfare? What is this that you are talking about??

  25. Slayingkenny Is a boss

    And then there’s the TOG II “we do thing differently, we get more health
    then the IS hehe”.

  26. don’t they have a gtx 2700 or some crap

  27. Hi great vids. I got the ps4 just to play wot. Wish they would put world of
    battleships on PS4.

  28. Hey Jingles, could you have a look at Heliborne? It’s out on steam now.

  29. did you think to swap the mic with the headset jack? my sound card has an
    issue where it does this to the front jacks but I can manually change it

  30. did you try disabling the microphone as a playback device?

  31. Started playing Pacific Fleet a couple days ago after watching your
    Atlantic Fleet video, contrarianism I guess. Anyway, great little game,
    already got a buddy at the American Legion (Navy Vet) looking at both.

  32. Jin, these things happen with Realtek board’s sound drivers.
    I usually get away with manually setting driver’s I/O ports on the
    If it just won’t budge, I just reinstall driver (original that came with
    motherboard, no updates).
    Anyway, Realtek HD sound effect manager should be a place to go.

  33. I just kick my PC in the side, it always fixes it

  34. To be fair though, playing WoT on the console just feels…”wonky”. It’s so
    much harder to actually aim at where you want to aim, even more so if you
    try to move and fire (god forbid).

  35. it’s a realtek issue jingles I had the same exact problem last week never
    got it fixed I just turn my Mic off and I’m good

  36. Hi Jingles. Just asking can you make another on of your derp videos please.
    Because they are funny as hell. This will make my day

  37. WoT doesn’t tie the damage to the caliber of the guns look at the 105 some
    do average damage of 330 some do 400 some do 390 with that said AW doing
    the same damage and hp for a tier 4 and a tier 6 makes it not worth
    grinding a shit ton of money and xp for maybe at the highest a 5% better
    tank ppl will just quit cause its not worth the time or effort to grind if
    you basically get the same tank with very little difference only way to
    make it worth it is to cut the mount of creds and xp to advance by alot

  38. Saw a comment on the post of the new USSR DDs made by Nonna_the_Blizzard.
    it said ” More fantasy ships being given higher priority than the F***king
    Hood, the Repulse or the RM Well done.
    Next patch brand new USSR CVs freshly found by secret KGB documents”. I
    love the comment and do agree

  39. @The Mighty Jingles You said you don’t have money to throw but that is
    exactly what you have done when you went from the Intel 6700 (Skylake line)
    to the 7600 (Kaby Lake-line). Most tech sites have criticized Intel pretty
    harshly for the very marginal benefits over Skylake. It is basically a
    ‘don’t bother’ product.

    So please, do your research before you plonk down the money regardless if
    you can write most of it off as a tax expense or not. And what you should
    consider getting is a dedicated editing PC where you separate your gaming
    from your youtube business so you can at least make videos without having
    to run out and spend hundreds of £ on a what is a unnecessary upgrade.

  40. Mighty Jingles is peasant CONFIRMED:

    Promotes shady af platform : G2A
    Envy’s consoles because MicroShits Windows broke something.

  41. Imperial Order Gaming

    G2A is basically a black market and is killing developers. Jingles don’t
    EVER buy or be sponsored by G2Assholes

  42. Get rid of that sponsorship, Jingles. G2A is a very dubious corporation.

  43. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Aaaand Jingles doing it again, wasting money on a GPU which isn’t better
    (or just slightly) than the older one. First replaced a GTX 780 Ti with a
    970 (the 970 is a bit faster on 1080p but slower on 1440p and up) and now
    replacing a 970 with a 1060. He must have tons of money to burn away. 😀
    Have to say after seeing all these crying about G2A, my problem is small
    companies getting rekt by G2A scam, but seeing cancer like EA, Activion,
    Blizzard (sadly no WG here) loosing some money is always a good thing.

  44. *Jingles – Rule 101* Partition your drive. One part for the Operating
    System & the other for your Data. Second point. Backup ~ backup ~ backup.
    Finally – here is the one thing you didn’t try. If the problem re-occurred
    AFTER you rolled back to a previous point – then its likely that the sound
    problem is at the BIOS Level.

  45. G2A?
    really jingles? really?
    you know that they are basically pedophile Stalinists

  46. i can help you, pc problem

  47. Actually Jingles, you have also downsides on the XBox, its called the Red
    Ring of Death.

  48. (On PC’s)”it’s not like the consoles where everything just works”. this
    reminds me of the infamous ring of death that plagued xboxs.

  49. Hi Jingles, game developers have issues with G2A bcause they facilitate the
    sale of stolen game codes. Here’s how that goes down: folks purchase a
    bunch of game codes from either the developers direct site, or from a third
    party. They pay with a credit card or some other electronic method like
    PayPal, and receive the codes instantly. They then issue a charge-back on
    the account. At this point, the codes are still valid and now they’ve payed
    nothing. They then go to sites like G2A and sell the code. Please be wary
    signing on with these gents.

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