Mingles with Jingles Episode 181

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Source: The Mighty

In which the evil Gnome takes time out from sponsoring international terrorism to have a chat with his mistreated minions.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    0_o today I learned I’m in the top 10% of aircraft carrier players! yey go

  2. I would not call myself a compatent AC player but I have to agree that they
    are 2 hard to use.

    I wish the AI for the aircraft was better than click and go………

  3. Antswan Harrison the 3rd

    Dear Jingles, Could you take look at Naval Action again I want to what you
    think of it know that it it an open world game.

  4. I used to enjoy playing carriers. I have good situation awareness and I
    could plan where I wanted various squadrons to be when ahead of time.
    Unfortunately, I absolutely hate the manual torpedo and fighter commands.
    Those really destroyed all of the fun for me and made it impossible for
    average players to compete with the really good players.

  5. Jingles try rita with …….bottom , citizen Khan, Plebs , still open all
    hours , rising damp

  6. I went to g2a and gave a bad review and they didn’t bother to email me back
    they screwed me I wanted to let you know I will tell you why if you email
    me back and want to know

  7. There seems to be more CVs on the NA servers than the EU. I haven’t really
    noticed a complete lack of them like what Jingles mentions when I get a
    chance to play.

  8. G2A Facilitates and Supports FRAUD! I’m glad to hear you are not going to
    promote them Jingles. Thank you!

  9. They should do like AW did. Hitting something that isn’t the actual hull
    will deal decrease damage. Cupola and piercing something unrelated to hull
    and deal full damage is so weird.

  10. The Almighty Douglas

    Jingles sc2 sometimes requires up to and rarely more than 300 apm

  11. For so many years heavy tanks have essentially been nerfed is because of
    gold rounds.. Just get rid of them so there is a point to having armour
    Obviously wargaming will never do this because they make money from gold

    Personally it has never sat right with me that mixed faction tanks fight
    together and they also use almost current day tanks alongside WW2 models.

    Warthunder do a decent job of having similar period vehicles fighting
    alongside each other (although again i find Koren era stuff a bit much) but
    Wargaming even have tanks that were in use in the 80’s (i’m looking at you
    Swedish tanks) or longer…. It’s a farce

  12. Hey Jingles , show rita Fawlty Towers

  13. New intro cool!

  14. I have used G2A a couple of times. No issues experienced.

  15. The biggest problem in World of Tanks though hands down remains the
    toxicity and the amount of trolls within the community. I myself just spent
    5 hours dealing with 1 moron who was bitching and whining that I was a
    coward just because I decided to take my O-I exp away from the usual HT
    position in a top tier game and then hours later his stupid clanmate buddy
    that apparently is just as much of an asshole. Wargaming should focus more
    on banning the pricks that make this game a chore to play than anything

  16. What no Faulty Towers? Black Adder? It isn’t like there’s a shortage of
    great classic comedy series.

  17. Good for you Jingles. I’ve never like G2A myself.

  18. what is your cat and dogs name they are cute

  19. Jingles, common sense, isn’t

  20. Black Books Jingles!!! Give it a go!

  21. Did you get rita a ring jingles? Forgot if you did or not when you were in
    ss steam a while ago.

  22. Well, to the point of aircraft carriers rebalance… Does anyone else
    remember the official reason for the “great artillery rebalance” in WoT? It
    was “Huge difference in the influence on battle between noobs and skilled
    players”. Sounds familiar?

  23. SO! Jingles! Care to explain why you decided to give even MORE fuel for the
    JinglesxRita group?

  24. Holy shit he actually wrote shit down

  25. Well, I better go play some more Starcraft II and get my Actions per minute
    above 80…

  26. You should let rita do a mingles with jingles video, but this time mingles
    with rita. Would be hilarious.

  27. Personally I prefer cdkeys to G2A

  28. Driving Japanese heavies….get what’s coming.

  29. black adder, what about a reloading depot

  30. That ISU-122 replay was painful to watch

  31. IOW they’re going to push people even more to buying premium ammo and other
    consumables, making heavy tanks even more of an easy target to unicorns
    spamming heat while at the same time heavies will get a smaller chance of
    hitting things themselves because their shot dispersion is that much worse.

  32. when i play AC’s i use map move

  33. It is the old Wargaming story. Every change they make, is going to make
    Soviet tanks stronger. Maps, penetration it doesn’t matter. Its a game made
    for Russians by their brethren..

  34. G2a is risky business, It is the last resort to use them

  35. I like how wg continues to try destryoing their own creation. Instead of
    balancing that bloody artilery, like the Armored Warfare guys did , they
    want to change the other tanks. I really think soon i’m going to stop
    playing this game and go to Armored Warfare.

  36. Fashizzle Shazzizle

    My god that ISU player lol

  37. Newbees are getting a heavy tank and gues what , they can’t shoote right
    and move right because they don’t have top modules .Now, around tier 5
    that’s not really a problem because top modules can be relativy quick to
    get but beyond tier 7 is a nightmare, you don’t have , for instance, top
    gun , you are useless . So , after you bust your hump to get a tier 8 tank
    you have to start all over again to get the top modules , that is NOT
    boosting agressivity ! Another thing Wargaming might consider is taking out
    premium ammo rather than modifying armor and pen capabilities .

  38. How is the fact that no one is using gold ammo on the sandbox server a good
    thing? All it means is that WG are doing their testing under totally
    different conditions to the live server and their conclusions will be
    flawed. WG to should try to replicate the same conditions that exist under
    the live server, everyone fires gold whenever it is needed, and it should
    be the same on the sandbox. Otherwise they will implement the changes
    thinking they will work and as soon as they hit the live server there will
    be totally different results.

  39. CV’s ain’t that difficult to play, it’s just the UI that is so unresponsive
    and so unintuitive that it makes we want to rip my hair out. Why couldn’t
    they just make it like any top down strategy game?

  40. For Rita and her new found love of british humour, what about black adder,
    little Britain or even mr. bean???

  41. was laughing with you when you said Reta had a thing for older men and then
    laughed even more because I’m sitting here by myself not with you lol

  42. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Can you try say “shit barn” more often Jingler

  43. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Have you got her on Peep Show yet?

  44. I’m SO late! So much for “chatting” with my Uncle Jingles. . .

  45. guessimalivinglegend

    *reads description*

    Knock knock
    Who’s there ?
    This is the FBI, open the door

  46. Little bit of generalization with the CV players. I fall somewhere between
    the two. Bad, but at least can keep CV safe out of firing line. Still
    struggle to hit targets with bombers, and handle multiple engagements
    simultaneously. That being said certainly an tell what WarGaming was
    getting at.

  47. Glad I’m in the top 5% of people who can use aircraft carriers but
    considering how low the bar is set I’m not sure it’s a compliment >.<

  48. How come every time I hear of WG messing with the game mechanics I
    instantly facepalm? Honestly WG, get a fucking clue, you allowed the power
    creep to go through the roof. Top tier soviet meds are ridiculously OP and
    make almost all other meds obsolete. Old heavies, those that relied on
    armor are now mostly a relic due to the introduction of massive guns (Jg Pz
    E100), massive DPM machines (soviet meds) or auto-loaders. Oh, and premium
    ammo spam, ‘cose that’s always fair and fun. Just … stop trying, you’re
    fucking hopeless.

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