Mingles with Jingles Episode 182

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Source: The Mighty

It’s Jingles. He’s Mingling.


  1. Hey Jingles, when are you going to do another good the bad and the ugly?

  2. Jingles! any talk on Armored Warfare update 0.19 and or balance 2.0 Release

  3. As someone who plays tier 6 skirmishes a lot, I am sick of Cromwells

  4. Atleast South Korea got the best looking females in the world :D

  5. “Go for the eyes Boo!” – Captain Jingles. Just one of the quality lines you
    can enjoy with the cap’n in Fractured Space!

  6. You agreed with WG when they said WOT is pay to progress… Don’t talk bad
    about people doing “exactly” that, Paying someone to advance their

  7. Korean war is known bad the forgotten war M*A*S*H was the only real show on

  8. were you talking about red tails mr. Charleston

  9. charlton?

  10. its charlton, lol could’nt remember.

  11. I am surprised that it surprises you folks will pay money to get ahead. As
    you well know the “grind” is not why the kiddies play the game, its all
    about the “end game”. I have played WoW for more then a decade and have
    seen so much of this kind of thing I was just waiting for this to happen in
    WoT or WoWS. Must be because I am also pushing 50 that I don’t realy see
    the point but you are never going to stop it. As for what this kind of
    thing does to the stats, they don’t care so long as they get to drive
    around in a T10 tank. Its the same mentality that grinds or buys a max
    level toon to spend all your time ingame griefing low level toons in
    starter zones ‘cose this is fun some how.

  12. It’s Jingles. He’s Mingling.
    My spidey senses are tingling.

  13. Well Jingles, a lot of peoples’ jobs *aren’t* playing games, and they just
    don’t have the time to *grind bullshit*!

  14. I seem to remember an interview where Michael Caine said he got his name
    “Caine” from the classic movie “The Caine Mutiny”. What a career he made.
    Still waiting for a proof of the “Caine-Hackman” theory :D

  15. Yeah this boosting is insane. For games like this, the content IS the
    progression. I enjoy playing multiple ships to T10.. I can’t imagine how
    lost I’d be starting WOWS with a Khabarovsk.. lol!

  16. Native American Prince David

    Uncle Jingles, are there more Why You Heff To Be Mad videos coming?

  17. the only decent film l have seen about the korean war is taegukgi
    (brotherhood of war) but it is a korean film so you will have to read

  18. I think you are the only Youtuber I have ever seen mention the Korean War.
    I look forward to your future Mingles with Jingles episodes!

  19. “Not a lot of people know that.” ?

  20. still enjoying Lunar New Year yay

  21. Damn it I hate it when you already know jingles random history facts thats
    why I comr here

  22. Good Korean Wart movie is “Bridges at Toko-ri”

  23. I’d pay someone to earn me 3 marks on M3 Lee lol

  24. I thought you abandoned Armored Warfare Jingles :)

  25. In grind games, your time is worth more than your money. Not everybody
    wants to spend 6 hours a day for a year just to unlock that one vehicle
    they want to play.

  26. what company can unlock the t10 campaign heavy

  27. Only one thing to say Jingles ….. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or
    M*A*S*H*. The series ran for longer than the war and I am sure you have
    watched at least one episode or the film of the same name !

  28. That Massive BOMBSHELL!!!!

  29. So what are these people doing if they are too lazy to play their own video

  30. Service: Pay $300 to not play the game!
    Potato Whale: SOLD

  31. That kind of boosting is exactly what happens when you make a game
    ludicrously grindy, and have so many weird hellish tiers/bad tanks that
    aren’t competitive with wide matchmaking RNG. I left WoT a long time ago
    simply because I got tired of playing almost every round at a large
    disadvantage personally to most other players- it was very hard to “learn”
    the game when the game punishes you just for playing. However, the moment I
    bought a tier 8, got in a platoon and clan, I found my knowledge expanding
    hugely about the game in weeks- but those lessons did not help me do any
    better at lower tiers- because many tanks at lower tiers cannot do anything
    against vastly superior tanks the run into (2+ tiers). In addition, the
    game punishes you for platooning up prior to matchmaking- this makes no
    sense whatsoever. I had rounds where my friend and I were in various
    tanks… but we wound up in 3+ tier matchmaking- we couldn’t contribute
    anything to the match because our guns could not pen the sides of enemies,
    nor did we have the view range/armor/speed to do anything at all of worth.
    If I were not against such “Cheat” “Shortcuts”, I would happily pay 5-50
    dollars to get a tier 10 tank I am interested in. It also hurts that I
    cannot play WoT with most of my friends… I get in a clan, everyone is
    like “Hey, want to come play with us? We’re at tier 9-10.”… and I simply
    could not play with them because I did not have anything over tier 6.
    Nevermind it takes dozens and sometimes hundreds of games in crappy tanks
    just to get sixth sense on one of them… without spending quite a bit of
    cash to boost up the crews. Even then, I find myself getting bored of
    losses you can’t really do much about- and when you look at guide videos,
    as well made as they are… everyone is driving around with premium
    consumables, and fully trained crews that give them edges the average
    player does not, and often, cannot have.

  32. The intro music. Can’t seem to place it. So familiar but can’t place the
    tune. Could someone help me out?

  33. Hehe long weekend for us in Auckland NZ! Next Monday in NZ/Waitangi Day

  34. Lounge Suite is different to Business Suit or Morning Suit!

  35. Pay for account buffing… that’s a stupid idea. Why would you do that?
    I did occasionally switch accounts with clan mates to help complete each
    others missions, but you have to be mad to pay for something like that.

  36. ThatguyfromMichigan

    I can kinda see your argument Jingles on grinding. I just finally got the
    Object 263 after ten months of on and off grinding.

    also, M*A*S*H

  37. Fehrenbach’s “This Kind of War” is one of the best histories I’ve read
    about Korea, a real omnibus. “The Bridges at Toko-Ri” is a classic Korean
    War movie, came out in ’54. I not know about Michael Caine’s wartime
    service, look forward to more in future Mingles.

  38. I have seen that very often – also use of BOTs is hugely prevalent – or
    stat padders who stay at back till end of game!

  39. Jingles there is a American public broadcasting show called American
    Experience that just did a VERY good documentary about the the Battle of
    Chosin Reservoir called Chosin. Its free to watch online and worth

  40. Interesting point about the lack of ships but you must understand Jingles
    is that they’re still adding ships to the game. We’ve yet to see the La
    Royale (or the French Navy) and the Regina Marina plus all the other ships
    such as the Commonwealth. So your point would be moot once the lines comes
    out. However, WoT also have that issue as well since they all have the same
    tank on both sides…

  41. Jingles, there’s quite a few movies set during the Korean War. The Bridges
    at Toko Ri, Men in War and Battle Hymn to name a few

  42. Got to this late. It’s every single game I’ve played. Gold sellers. Level
    boosters. You name it, people do it. For many people they have more money
    than time so they do it. Others want to steal glory so they do it. Others
    want to ‘catch up’ having started years behind the top players so they do
    it. Others are just lazy ****s so they do it.

    I won’t because if I don’t earn it, it has no value to me.

  43. The amount of boosting services, goes some way to highlighting how BS the
    progression in world of tanks is. It takes too long for people to get
    credits and experience. Some people get seriously bored grinding shit tanks
    like the challenger just to unlock the charioteer

  44. Jingles uploaded 1776 videos.


  45. Did those torpedoes hit?

  46. mark lewis (cowsgom00)


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