Mingles with Jingles Episode 183

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I ponder what it is about a game that keeps us coming back for more, and come to the realisation that Wargaming are a lot more clever than we give them for.

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  1. And that’s why I dislike games like The Division these days.

    Honestly… I’ve done WAY too many Baal runs in Diablo 2 to bother with
    that kind of game play any more.

    How about making the game so good that I want to come back and play it,
    just for the fun of playing? Farming loot for hours on end is not my
    definition of “fun”.

    Each to his own, of course.

    But very good point about World of Tanks and Warships. A lot of the
    frustration comes not just from the long grind, but also from the different
    goals of the players. Some are super-competitive , some want to grind to
    tier ten as fast as humanly possible, and others are just in it for a game
    or two of fun and pewpew.
    In essence, the game is too grindy for casual players and too easy for the
    super-competitive players. As always, when you try to be a jack of all
    trades you end up being that master of none.

    Ultimately, if you want to get anywhere in these games you’ve got to put in
    an awful lot of time. An hour and a half might not sound like much, but
    that’s about the amount of spare time I have on a standard weekday once
    I’ve gotten home from work, picked up groceries, made dinner, cleaned up
    after dinner, done all the other needed chores to keep life progressing

    Yeah… I think I have better things to do with that time than playing
    World of Warcraft or Tanks or Warship or whatever.

  2. good old EVE i have sunk months into that game and ive barely got a stable
    job in it. if you don’t get ganked ya get hunted

    if ya don’t get hunted you get stuffed over by your “friend” driving the
    miner next to you who thinks its “funny” to tractor your cans.

  3. An MMO is a game deliberately made worse to ask for more money.

  4. The lack of low tier ships to farm at tier 6 is why the pensacola exists at
    tier 7; perfect bacon material.

  5. Jingles you’re making me hungry with all of these döner talk lol.


    What are you hiding?

  7. mr terminator warhammer

    i got the 120mm gun on the tortise bought it then realized i needed the
    tracks nnnnnnoooooooooo

  8. Well a little of topic, but a reason why not to come back to a game.

    I played Gwt a wot copy and i was a pretty good player. (the enemy team
    once begged me to let them win as they saw me).
    When the game closed i gave wot a try, until my 2nd or 3rd match in my
    stock T-34-85.
    Highway map , i went to the medium tank corner, we lost the engagement.
    The Tankdriver , who was with me accused me that my performance had made us
    lost the game
    (of course in a toxic way, we are talking mmo here 🙂 )
    And he was 100% right, it was a close fight, and we lost because i was just
    a little late, a little inaccurate and had just a little to low dpm and
    Now the point: I had to make a choise as a good player.
    Do i want to play hundreds of games until i got a few competitive tanks and
    then start enyoing the game because then the tanks would be competitive?
    Or do i quit, because i personally do not have the patience to wait until
    the tanks and crew are developed enough to match my skill and stop getting
    my frustraded because i have to loose against players just because they
    played long enough and therefor have better tanks and crews.

    So i am not coming back to wot, because the game is too old and i personaly
    get frustrated when my underperformance is not based on my skill or flaws,
    i can as most players live with that.
    or in other words. Wot is a longrunning game wich got a development aspect
    and i am not willing to spend hundreds of hours of gameplay just to get a
    fairly competitive tank.
    Or I am just starting to far back to join a race were nearly everbody else
    is years ahead.
    So i rather buy me a 50 Euro game and enoy it from the first second, then
    spending hundreds of hours until a game starts making fun.I will never
    spend money to reduce the time were a game sucks. Helloooo??? Spending
    money as a free choise, so something sucks less??? I play for fun, not to
    make a frustrating journey to achieve something, everbody else already got
    years ago.
    That is also the reason i wouldn’t join any longrunning mmo (f.e. Wow),
    wich includes a devoloping aspect wich influence the pvp experience.

  9. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    I don’t like you complaining about the Mutsu facing tier 8 while my Nagato
    suffers tier 9

  10. Jingles, are you going to get Ghost Recon Wildlands? It plays a lot like
    the Division

  11. at least flying mounts will be usable in broken isles soon. Should make
    getting around less tedious

  12. YOU rock JINGLEs!!! hahhaa
    Awesome as ever……………………….

  13. Nice insightful analysis.

  14. Hey jingles love your videos and watch all of them despite only really
    playing world of warships. Just a quick comment though regarding mingles
    with jingles. I usually like to listen to each episode in bed before I go
    to sleep almost more like a podcast than a video and personally I think you
    should keep the volume of the game in the background to a minimum. Loud
    gunshots aren’t all that relaxing to listen to in bed. I realise the world
    doesn’t revolve around me but I just found the division footage quite loud
    and distracting this episode. Anyway overall you do a phenomenal job and l
    love your work.

  15. They’re great because they suck kind of thing going on.

  16. Try Paragon if you are looking for a MOBA causing grief!!!! It is better to
    lose 15-0 in 3 minutes than to lose after 50 minutes because someone did a
    Jungle camp while an Inhib is falling

  17. Marty Rudd (Bad Wulf)

    You just explained why I may drop WarGaming and go back to Warcrack after a
    5 year break from it.

    Do the video you want. It’s your channel.

  18. Please do Atlantic Fleet this Saturday! I’ve been hyped since you first
    mentioned you’d be playing it again!

  19. Chris Hayton (HowlsatWind)

    Got a question for people. Im no ship expert etc blah blah but what is the
    “clock” on the back of the danoe that has only numbers 1 -9 on it?

  20. What is the music that you use in your intros Jingles? I wanted to know
    what it was.

  21. I am gonna be honest. I am one of those people who don’t give a rats ass
    about an ace tanker or a mastery badge. I was never satisfied in any mmo by
    all these meaningless rewards. But that does not mean I am bad at it.
    I pretty much stoped playing WoT now because it’s just a pain in the ass to
    grind or to get any money in it. It’s just fucking boring. Other people
    might enjoy playin 800 games in their KV-1 but I don’t. I have 460 in it
    and If I would never see a KV-1 again I would be happy.
    I really got spoiled by singleplayer games in the last few months.

  22. one of my friends in college had a t-shirt that was a parody of the
    anti-drug shirts:
    “world of warcrack
    my anti-job”

    this was…12 years ago.

    pretty impressive that they are still creating content.

    I wonder how long it will last?

  23. Actually, while ‘soon’ might be overstating it, it is likely that this’ll
    be the last expansion. Because, honestly, your character have a
    one-of-a-kind, ARTIFACT-level, golden weapon, and quite possibly gear, and
    the enemy is the unending HORDE of demons occupying, more or less, every
    other planet in the in-game universe. So, where do you go from there?
    Having your own GOD following you around, killing your enemies and bending
    reality, fighting things like Old Ones and the like FOR you?

  24. hey jingles, if you have to spend 10 minutes making a fuss about the
    character of eve players, why don’t you spend 10 seconds on next episode to
    tell people is for free now ;-)

  25. one of my favorite goals was “get the achievement for killing every tank in
    the game”
    and it was a race! because I had to kill everything before a patch was
    released or the number of tanks would increase!

    I did finally achieve it, but i didn’t feel compelled to keep it up to

  26. World of tanks: Rewards you for playing with x2 for first win.
    War Thunder: Rewards you for logging in and then pressing esc, esc, alt+f4,
    although sometimes you may need to press esc a few extra times.

    Ever since they made SB only allow some tanks each day, I have stopped
    playing War Thunder most of the time. I want to drive a Panzer IV, but more
    than 50% of the time the game will not allow you to play in one and you
    have to wait 24 hours to see if the next day will let you play or not.

  27. I don’t know about you but if I was having a firefight in a gold depository
    I would be apt to snatch a few of those gold bars when I leave.

  28. Jingles…………….we could be twins!

  29. Anybody here wanna see jingles play Ark Survival Evolved
    If so LIKE THIS UP this needs to be a thing

  30. Jingles do you not own a microwave oven? If you don’t like cold food why
    don’t you just heat it up?

  31. Jingles mentioning my favourtie timesink EVE Online?


  32. Miodrag Mijatović

    Maybe Rita should try a concentration camp :P


  34. World of Warships, afk dd. I am sure there are other afk ships, but afk dd
    are a huge issue. In a game before work, 5 dd on our side. 3 are afk. next
    thing you know, they have all 3 caps, the game is over, and its just try to
    farm some damage to keep your stats up time. Put this on a page on facebook
    I talk with other WOW players. Guy replies, I have problems disconnecting,
    its not my fault. Hey, if your having problems with that, please don’t play
    dd, play a BB, that way you have time to restart the game maybe.

  35. even if you are just about to buy the simplest piece of stuff in EVE there
    is a fairly high chance youre getting scammed. And/or poddet…
    CONCORD won´t save you, they are just too slow on response or sometimes
    even to weak to stop the griefers 😀
    An epic game, and when I am retired and have the Time i will play it on
    regular basis XD

  36. I’m a big fan of world of tanks what’s your favorite tank?

  37. Actualy Jingles…dont be stupid in eve, if it sounds to good to be true
    its a scam. and High Sec…ISENT SAVE! Be an arsehole to them, then! oh we
    did a ingame project, cald project discovery where we do protein sequence
    maping for the Human protein atlas, they thought 1mil pics last for a
    year…3months and the first eve player had all done…with 100%
    acuracy…we do usefullstuff..sometimes

  38. division video please

  39. Joshua Lane (X-critic)

    Did you just say cold pizza is almost as good as hot pizza? I would ask
    what country you live in but they love pizza over there as much as we do so

  40. but, muh glorious Bismarck battle….

  41. First win? Hell don’t want to be playing all night, I play until my first

  42. does this video come with hesh

  43. The reason I don’t play multiplayer games is because I don’t want to drag
    down other players on my team with my utter lack of skill.

  44. 14:09 Where Jingles ponders: “WHY CAN’T I CARRY ALL THIS GOLD!?”

  45. Jingles, you should do a casual Saturday of For Honor and see how you like
    it. I played the closed beta weekend and it was absolutely addicting.

  46. When the hell is console going to get world of warships?!

  47. Re: Mutsu. I’ll wait until Ashitaka (Tier 7 version of Amagi) and see if
    that’s any good. It’ll have twice as many torpedo tubes as Mutsu and
    significantly better torps, along with Tier 7 matchmaking. Plus I tend to
    like playing battlecruisers.

  48. “Rita has always been suspicious of Kebab”

    Rita gamer confirmed Serbian! Serbia stronk! xD

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