Mingles with Jingles Episode 184

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Source: The Mighty

And in this weeks’ episode, Armored Warfare sacks its’ Dev Team in the middle of Balance 2.0 tests and World of Tanks might just finally have fixed almost all of its problems in one shot.

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  1. Um… I don’t play World of Warcraft, but I’d CERTAINLY LOVE to hear about
    that raid with the shitty RetributionPaladin. Sounds like an amusing story.

  2. Or they could just remove artillery since it isn’t needed anymore.

  3. I’ve been sick as a dog for the past few days.
    Haven’t been able to sleep so when I woke up I took a shower.
    Saw that a new Mingles with Jingles was on so I clicked on it.

    It took be 15 minutes to realize I was still naked.

  4. I don’t mind the artillery changes… I’ll still get one-shotted anyways

  5. So is there any information about whether the new stun/debuff mechanics
    will apply to non-arty vehicles? and will other vehicles HE get nerfed in
    terms of penetration as the arty rounds are? Also with the change to
    reusable consumables, given the long reload time of artilleries does it not
    make the debuff irrelevant 1/2 the time as they can burn a consumable and
    then have it 50% or more charged again by time the artillery can shoot
    again? How is Bert the Avenger affected by the changes given the high
    accuracy, fast reload and low AoE? Lastly are the aim time and accuracy
    buffs enough to actually make a difference?

  6. jingles i have to ask.what even is that Division gameplay? i play alot of
    division. and im trying to figure out your thought process. you popped your
    med link when youre overdose was up. not to mention you could have shot the
    alarm to stop more enemies from spawning in. not criticizing or anything.
    just wondering.

  7. finally jingles delivered this on Monday, greetings from sheep-shagger

  8. Why are all game publishers douches? and allergic to innovation.

  9. DeathFireNemesis 421 (Michael Wu)

    Nuuu my T92 ap nuke shells and explosive death
    Give it back

  10. If they ever remove premium ammo I will come back to WoT. Until that
    happens WoWs will be my wargaming game of choice.

  11. If they push the crap on test server to live Armored Warfare will just die.
    I’m gonna uninstall immediately. This is another perfect example of a
    clueless publisher destroying a game with lots of potential.

  12. I’m early! Let me tell a joke. “In soviet Russia, potato is propaganda”.

  13. can you elaborate more on what’s going on with armored warfare please I do
    love the game but I don’t want it going to shit.

  14. I’m conflicted on the artillery change. Yes, they’ve eliminated the massive
    damage that artillery can deal to enemy tanks. But I definitely don’t share
    your feelings on how powerful the stun mechanic is. It has potential, but
    it’s actually practically impotent. The stun mechanic doesn’t *knock out* a
    tank for the duration, it reduces crew skills by a mere 20%. That E-100
    with a spall liner you hit with your tier 9 batchat arty? You’ll do around
    100 damage, and take his crew down 20% for about 5 seconds. If he’s
    reloading, his reload will go from 15 seconds, to about 16 seconds. His
    accuracy will be somewhat reduced. He’ll move a bit slower…. and he’s
    back to normal. Meanwhile you’re reloading for the next 30 seconds, and
    despite that tank being in the middle of an open field, no teammates shot
    him while he was stunned. Which means, you get 100 direct damage, and no
    support damage for the shot you fired. Great contribution. Your example of
    300 to two mediums and 200 to a heavy would have to be a very lucky shot
    with a T92 or Conqueror GC. Even a GW E100 wouldn’t have results that good
    after the patch, and with the small change to accuracy, it’s still 80% RNG
    whether you even hit at all.

    In short, it’s a great idea in theory, but they will need some massive
    tweaking to the mechanic to make artillery even remotely viable. As it is,
    your team would be better off if you were driving a bottom tier heavy and
    camping at the rear than having a top tier artillery.

  15. Reusable consumables?

  16. A start would be to reward the artillery player everytime. their smoke
    screen causes the opents to lose sight of a teammate, or when the opentes
    would have gained sight of a teammate but the smokescreen prevented it.

  17. I really hated WoT after getting as far as Tier 8. Just so much illogical
    BS going on, so much RNG nonsense. To be fair, I wasn’t more than an
    average player.

    But then Armored Warfare came up and I immediately loved it. I even started
    a little bit of a channel last year (although personal issues and things
    halted it again) with AW. I still want to do videos with Armored Warfare
    because I still love it.

    It’s very saddening to hear that MY.COM fired Obsidian, because they
    literally don’t know how to make good games, they are a greedy
    “make-a-fast-buck” shithouse. Unless they actually only produced the games
    and have it developed by visionary studios like Obsidian.
    Sounds familiar? FUNCOM is the name.

    I sincerely hope that this doesn’t end AW because the fuck I will go back
    to WoT! I rather play the mess that WT is. Hopefully this will mean a
    brighter future fow AW, maybe MY.COM learns it’s lesson…Also, why didn’t
    you talk more about Armored Warfare, Jingles? Most of the video is about

  18. warships do need to change or remove entirely the radio location skill the
    game is impossible to play in ranked battles because Unicom players can
    take full advantage of that skill and ran useless dd players

  19. illumination rounds would be too strong on maps as small as the wot maps

  20. Hey Jingles, in The Division you aren’t affected by grenades (excluding
    incendiary, gas, and LMB grenade launchers) if they are on the other side
    of your cover. Just a tip that’ll save you a lot of health because your
    running from a grenade.

  21. If wargaming actually listened to their subscribers/players they could have
    sorted the artillery/heavy tank problem out patches ago…even years
    ago…but they dont seem to listen and they certainly dont like criticism
    no matter how constructive it is! You only have to spend a short time on
    the forums to realize this.. What happened to the 3-5-7 tier balance they
    were going to implement in MM? They talk a lot but do very little. They
    also love to sell you shit at over inflated prices then reduce those prices
    several weeks/months later to peddle the same shit again…I’m talking
    silly coloured tanks and daft bundles at over inflated prices..They
    recently made the MatildaBP more expensive than its other tier 5
    stablemates then discounted it a week later!!!! Its a pile of shit yet they
    build it up and charge more for it….just to mug people…..especially
    noobies……WoT your so funny….Not

  22. what is the name on the first game

  23. The change on WoT arties would work only in Clans/Team Battles. On pub
    matches the arty changes would be a huge nerf. On pub matches arty can make
    a difference by anihillating a tank that is coming by an open flank. With
    the nerf, the tank will invade the open flank, kill the arties (that
    wouldn’t be able to defend themselves, by the low alpha), and take the team
    by the back. This is very frustrating for a good arty player (that have
    gone above the “RNG factor”).

    As I said on the NA forum, if this “stun”/nerf for the arties is to be
    implemented, I’ll use it to annoy to DEATH the average tank players, and
    I’ll help any other arty player to excel on arty performance, and will be
    on platoons (a thing that I usually don’t do). I’ll platoon with derp TD’s
    (ISU-152, SU-122-44, JgDPz or else) and will tell them: load your ammo and
    prepare to kill that tank in particular, that I’ll shot in “x” seconds.

    That’s a promise.

  24. When my.com takes over, AW will become as biased for the russians as

  25. Poor Armoured Warfare :/

  26. you got it backwards jingles … the new dds are more like conventional
    ones and the old branch is going to be comprised of dd leaders

  27. guess I’m different but as an arty-player I use spall liner on my artys
    that can’t use vents, saved my ass at numerouse counter arty shots as U
    need a direct hit to kill me…

  28. the jingles drinking game : have a drink every time he says fundamental !

  29. +The Mighty Jingles For Armoured Warfare devs getting the boot, is balance
    2.0 still happening or is my.com scrapping it? I does is have to know.

  30. I know this isn’t exactly related that what this video is about, but holy
    shit Jingles, your medkit uses in Division, just… I don’t even. You have
    free, infinite healing under Q, but you opt to use very limited medkits on
    V (assuming default binds). Also that thing at 23:08. Jingles, please, when
    you need to heal, you double tap Q. Single press allows for shooting that
    healing charge at range (or at your feet). Q on cooldown? Use medkits on V.
    Please. PLEASE.

  31. How to solve WoT:
    HD maps with lots and lots of foliage for all but the russian server for
    potato pcs.
    Instead of a corridor shooter there has to be more open maps with bumps in
    the ground, hills and ridges, buildings rocks and bushes. Make arty more
    accurate again because light tanks finaly can do their original job again
    of flanking and sneeking past the enemy, since there is not but few ways to
    get through and not just open killing fields, to go and kill arty. Heavy
    tanks can now close in towards the enemy in cover. No need to nerf arty, no
    need for a decrease of accuracy of any tank gun with standard AP causing an
    even bigger gold spam of people who actualy need to hit the weakspots to at
    least scratch others.

  32. While I think arty was broken, i have to say that arty is about to go from
    broken to OP. the oneshots are NOTHING compared to being AoE permatrack +
    stun. the 1st time can be avoided with the consumables, and then somebody
    hits your ammorack or your fuel tank, follwed by another one that destroys
    either of them. Or maybe you’ll get hit by arty again, and then it’s for
    keeps, regardless of the cooldown on consumables. What has happaened here,
    is taking an issue that originally was a heavy tank and tank destroyer
    problem, and turn it into a problem for everyone and everything. If you
    wanted heavy tanks to move up and fight in close range combat, there is a
    far bigger issue: premium ammunition, which allows an AMX 13 75 to piss on
    a Maus.

  33. Who is worse – my.com or EA?

  34. So, tl;dr, RIP Armored Warfare

  35. I really hope the arty changes are going to either not be implemented as
    they are on the sandbox or very massively changed, as it makes arty pretty
    much useless. Not having damage anymore completely nullifies any reason for
    heavies and TDs to not camp anymore, and that’s not even mentioning the
    fact that stunlocking is significantly more frustrating than getting
    (mostly) deleted one every 20 or so rounds. Think the fv304 is annoying now
    with the chain tracking? Imagine 2 or even 3 of them stunlocking 5 tanks
    for 10 minutes while they do 15 dmg per shot to them…Sure you can unstun
    yourself once a minute, but with a shell coming in every couple of seconds,
    good luck with that. And if they go to just getting skills reduced
    temporarily for up to 15 seconds you remove all usefulness altogether…
    Not to mention that defending yourself in arty will also be impossible as
    you can’t shotgun anymore >.>

    It would be so much better if you got straight up lit to other arty
    whenever you fire, so you get back to counter arty play in the early game
    as was a thing during the beta and until they removed tracers the first
    time around. Or if WG finally figures out that getting Heavies to move is
    not the main problem, but the imbalance caused by gold ammo >.<

  36. kv2 shot t67 and not hellcat

  37. I use Superheavy spalliner on all tanks that can get it, sure it makes my
    tank overall slightly worse, but all tanks that can fit it are generally
    really big and really slow, so their gravitational pull on arty shells is
    alot bigger, meaning the reduction of damage helps alot in staying alive in
    those 9/10 games that you don’t get cities

  38. Hmmm so if I’m playing arty I will no longer be able to kill heavy tanks ?
    So no damage or xp etc for that and even if I stun a heavy tank I’m screwed
    for damage and xp if none of my team mates actually do any back up damage
    while the tank is stunned. So the bottom line is that WOT have taken away
    my ability to farm damage/kills/xp, not to mention all the xp and gold
    spent obtaining arty pieces just to keep heavy tank drivers happy. Seems
    perfectly fair to me.

  39. sounds like WG are basically copying world of warships to fix world of
    tanks in some aspects here. Once again WOWs dev team prove they have more
    brains :D

  40. Oh ret pallies, the one spec I don’t think I’ll ever want to play.

  41. All the team play things are just b******t . You are penalized for having a
    bad team because if they YOLO you can stun even GOD and still loose…

  42. Jingles I don’t know if you are aware of this but cool down stuff like the
    med kit has been in blitz for ages or at least for as long as I’ve been
    playing it, it’s useful but can be really annoying when you’re trying to
    get into cover with a damaged track and your heal is on cool down.

  43. ‘I’ll tell you what’s it’s like inside the studio responsible for Armoured
    Warfare.’ *goes of on rant about artillery*

  44. Jingles speaks about the artillery … and my brain is like “For the sake
    of the Green Flu SHUT THAT ALARM DOW!” :D

  45. This may stir the shit pot a little, but hey, i don’t care: I’ve made it to
    T10 in both the American and German Artillery, I love my big ass guns, but
    I have NEVER actually one shot a T10 HT, and I can’t remember one shoting
    any T9 HTs for that matter. Using both AP and HE. 99.9% of my one shots are
    from AP on T8 and T9 Med tanks. Maybe 1 in 1000 of my HE shots actually one
    shot a tank too, if I do, it’s on an ass of a T8 MT or on one of the paper
    armor TDs. I haven’t seen what’s on the test server and this video is the
    first I’m hearing of the specific changes to Arty, and honestly if they go
    thru to live server, there won’t be much enjoyment for me in playing any
    arty. I (am an asshole yes) enjoy nailing HTs and MTs for 800 DMG every 37
    seconds (avg DMG on my M53, my favorite) that’s less than dpm than a lot of
    the TDs. I hardly ever fire AP anymore, like ever, because I’m lucky if 1
    out of 5 shots hit the target let alone actually Pen and don’t just track
    or bounce. I also love playing my HTs and MTs as well, more so than my
    arty, I too dislike being nailed for 800 DMG every 35-40 seconds by Arty,
    but I also hate getting penned by an ISU, but ppl aren’t complaining about
    them, or T30’s, or Grille’s.
    My bottom line that I haven’t actually worked toward at all in this damn
    essay is that remove AP and (for me) 99% of my 1 shots are gone. Leave the
    high DMG HE with 100 pen alone. That’s y ppl play Arty, otherwise they’ll
    just turn into what Carriers have been in WoWS since it came out of Beta
    pretty much. IMO worthless.
    I do however love the reusable consumables, just like in WoWS, I feel like
    that would be a great addition, so that way if I’m Toon’d with a buddy in
    an Arty and we decide to target one guy (we are assholes) we can’t just
    alternate shot keeping him tracked, he can get out of it and behind cover.

  46. Jingles enlighten me, what is so funny about making players rage quit,
    because this specific russian developer has no meaning of the word BALANCE?
    You can make fun of really bad players rage quitting out of their own
    stupidity, but it wasn’t the CV players fault. That guy probably waited the
    maximum amount of time, perhaps multiple times, qeued up for a match. It
    ain’t so, that the servers are overrun by high tier CV players. Probably
    think more and laugh less. Makes you look less foolish.

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