Mingles with Jingles Episode 186

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When good descriptions go bad…

But while you’re here, War Builder into Alpha at the end of March and needs players.


  1. Yeah good call with the chairs. I think ‘ Welcome to the World of Chairs with The Mighty Jingles’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it somehow. That being said it could be a new opening for you Jingles. I can just picture Jingles flogging furniture during prime time TV ad breaks….

  2. Jingles have you heard of Tank Encyclopedia.com its a very good for the history and specifics of tanks and armored vehicles

  3. Shouldn’t Rita be doing the garden chair review? I mean she could answer the questions about if it needs to be level or does it rock if one leg is higher than the other. How well you can level the garden out with a rake while lounging in the chair on a nice spring day.

    Inquiring minds want to know and where better than get these questions answered here

  4. jingles I swear I’ve only seen a few mingles where you don’t say “this will be a shorter than usual episode”, and yet they all stay about the same length… oh jingles never change

  5. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    jingles. how u do.a review is use a cheap crap mic and record oh idk 2 minutes of audio from it then take the professional mic and record 2 minutes of it and if it’s better (which it should be) u said it’s a decent mic or a great one and bam while having random vid in background

  6. More Atlantic fleet please

  7. You should review bad games too! Make it a once a week deal and if you’re honest and have good and bad reviews people won’t mind. If you only review good games it’s less interesting.

  8. should it be dubbed “sellout Saturdays” from now on? lol. I don’t care if you say you like a game and you don’t jingles. if you need the money then go for them! you are the best!

  9. I still played AW–PvE mode only I’ll admit, but that’s what I was there for. I want to buddy up with friends and take it out on the AI hordes, and AW let me do that. I can’t do that in World of Tanks. There was so much novelty and potential in Armored Warfare, and to see the publishers utterly flush all of said novelty and potential for what looks to be a mindless and probably futile cash grab is what bothers me, regardless of the nationalities involved. I’d have been just as upset if a US publisher bought the Metro license and dumped its developers and their unique design qualities in favor of turning it into Yet Another Military Shooter.

  10. Its literally illegal not to say that its sponsored video, not really a morality thing

  11. I have played armored warfare then proceeded to stop playing it when obsidian got dropped.now I may test it out in the future maybe the next update. on the fact of a cheap cash modern world of tanks skin. if it becomes that i think ill just go back to World of Tank. I really don’t need two games running updates on my computer if they are actually the same game in different beds.

  12. i can’t play armoured warfare no matter how much I’d like to since they don’t offer it for mac…

  13. I’m russian and I must say this: “Fuck mail.ru!” Don’t care if they are russian, they are still dickheads.

  14. I dont play armored warfare, but im annoyed because it explored what a tank game could be. It presented competition, and gave wargaming a kick up the ass. Now its dying, im worried wargaming will stop developing new features in favor of raking in money.

  15. The Centurion Project

    To do a video on a microphone – speak into microphone about salt mines for half an hour, and let audience judge about quality of the microphone.

  16. I stopped playing Armored Warfare because no one was playing it! If they’d advertised the game and got people on board then I could FINALLY play it.

  17. we know cuz we know you well enought fromn past years… u say what u think… like when war thunder did that sht u said it and didnt hold back…

  18. Me: ACT tomorrow… I’m dead
    Brain: Ooo mingles with jingles!
    Me: no! just go to bed!
    brain: nah when tomorrow comes you will just wing it!
    me: no!.. i need!.. I’m just… gonna wing it…
    brain: yessss jingles more important

  19. I have to say i wasn’t outraged by the news Obsidian had been sacked. However, I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing where Obsidian were taking Armored Warfare.

  20. i want videos about garden chairs!!!!!

  21. I would be playing Armoured Warfare however I had to stop playing a while ago because my PC just isn’t strong enough. I bought a couple of prems and I would be playing the game when I got a new PC. It’s sad that they’ve been sacked because when I did play it, I did enjoy it.

  22. Jingles on the AW PTS they changed arty to be direct fire GMC’s and they do loads of damage. It seems lots and lots of people on the forums despise arty and it may just be removed completely.

  23. i would play armored warefare but as a college student with a job i dont have time to sit in a queue for ages. I think just advertising the game the way wargameing does would have boosted the population so very much

  24. I stopped playing AW because it was too similar to WoT as is. Making it a closer clone makes me even less likely to get back to it.

  25. Should tell your miss to stay off your dick until your married, so you can get your Mingles episode done.

  26. Jingles, I have never disliked a video of yours in the 3-4 years of watching all (and I mean ALL) of your videos but when i heard you say that the outrage of the AW debacle is due to an “East vs West” mentality is bollocks so I hit the Thumbs Down. All my clan on AW have left and the vast majority of them have left to play something else until AW became what we had been promised from the outset. I am waiting too, waiting with the NZ$250 I have spent on the game hoping it would help it come to fruition. The outrage is due to the frustration of waiting for so long for something that will not be.

    Aside from that rant, I love your content and I will still watch ALL your content religiously. You’re a diamond in the rough, mate.

  27. The same Obsidian that developed Fallout New Vegas?

  28. “Wrong side of the Iron Curtain” really gave me a giggle (4:14).

  29. If you only pick the games you really like, I am okay with that. I trust you. Go ahead with reviews – you have to make some living Jingles. Maybe we can get more giveaways directly from you 🙂

  30. as long as you are honest with reviewing games and not lie to us its fine jingles. DO NOT FUCK US

  31. i find it kind of funny that as much as jingles was talking about honesty he has a problem with being honest with any degree of negativity, like what’s wrong with saying “ya it’s pretty good, kind of technical but once you get past that i had fun.” you get to be honest and paid the company get advertising probably for less than they would pay for most other things. but if it turns out to be shit you can always be polite and be quiet

  32. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    Hi Jingles,i am not sorry to say that this was my last video that I’ll watch from you.Really hope that one day your “celebrity” w’ont come and destroy you,because your actions today are simply stupids.Have a nice life and when you go down hope to go very deep

  33. Um Jingles have you read about balance 2.0 they are not just changing their arty they are thinking about if they should remove it all together because they don’t want to have to make maps for them. No one cares if the mechanics and balancing are the same as WOT what they want was for the game to include something different. Like for example the fact it has a reasonable PVE mode which means no having to que for TOXIC PVP game modes all the time like WOT makes you. Even WG have seen how Toxic PVP chat was which is why they disabled general chat. But still you have to play random battle modes you have no choice. Obsidian gave AW a chance because it doesn’t force you into one mode. Unfortunately it meant PVP became even more toxic because all the players who didn’t want the toxic crap went to play PVE but at least there was a choice. Maybe RU doesn’t have that trouble. Point is with Obsidian AW had a chance to make a global hit which would have made My.com and Mail.ru heaps of money most likely even out doing WG by a lot but instead they want to stay small which means the gaming experience suffers most. Games like WOT and WOWS don’t do better in NA because they are to simple with very few choices of what kind of game you can play. In fact I think you probably see it a lot with World of Warcraft since it can be played many different ways it doesn’t become as tedious and boring which means NA players don’t get bored so easily and so keep playing but maybe change how they play or if they do take a break it isn’t a long break like with WOT and WOWS.

  34. I play AW, I am bit annoyed with the dev changes but I will continue to play the game if I feel like the game is enjoyable and playable for me. Looking at a business stand point I’m not surprised OE was unfortunately laid of development as the game wasn’t doing as well in western market but successful in Russian market.

  35. I don’t want a WOT 2.0 so no AW lost me as a customer

  36. Thanks Jingles good honest views as usual.

  37. I think obsidian gave that match making spread because they knew it would be hard getting many players. ontop of not being adverted

  38. My issue with the whole Obsidian fiasco is not “durr they’re russian durr” … Its because the wage task masters are STUPID enough to think they can make a WoT clone, and get loads of people who have YEARS of time and money invested in one game to suddenly leave and play their “clone” game and start from scratch again. Not gonna happen.

  39. Jingles, there are a few reasons why I trust you:1. it’s up to you to go to bed at night and have sweet innocent dreams   ;)2. I watch different game-videos for my entertainment but I play WoT only, I’m the wrong target Group   ;)3. If you don’t like a game you advert you change from irony to sarcasm, I would realize that   ;)4. If you would ad a gaming chair telling me your ass fits perfectly in and I would order it just to find out that my ass hurts after twenty minutes I would simply send it back. Asses are not the same   😉
    But pls make an ad for these garden chairs, you know I would immediately get up to get my hands on them   😛

  40. HawkUSMC IrishPirate

    Much Love Jingles, you’re the first commentators for gaming that I have ever watched, and definitely prefer to. That said I love alpha testing games, and will con my cousin into helping me test this game and hopefully generate some more with my WOWS fleet of 300 😉

    ALso, I don’t play Armoured Warfare so that bit was totally unrelated to my interests ^_^

  41. I would suggest that your “independence”, as it were, has been in doubt for quite some time… Let me first of all point out that I enjoy your videos, even though I didnt get all misty eyed when I got to shake your hand at Arsenalen last year! Even if “no money has ever changed hands” I hope youre not claiming that Wargaming has never acted in a way towards the so called community contributors – not only you but towards others as well – so their “unbiased opinion” could come in question? For example, how many times have you yourself been treated to free travels and hotel nights in foreign countries? Compensation does not have to come in monetary form…

  42. Ton of respect to ya Jingles, just doesn’t feel like there are many people left out there with morals so high who will hold onto said morals above all else.

  43. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    All of you who leave a comment on Jingles videos,who really got a reply from him?! I know he cannot reply us all but he can at least try harder….He is getting payed now for “testing the market” with shady games,no?Go and do your fking job Jingles,reply not only to the guys who praise you,see also what does not go with your concepts…

  44. About your paid review. I’m unsubscribing and putting the Interpol warrant out there for your arrest! 🙂 On the more serious note, you didn’t make a lot of room for you to be biased in the first place. You showed us the game, gave your initial impression, and that’s cool. You didn’t say “Oh my Gawd! This is the BEST game ever! It’s nothing like anything else! Go buy it, and I’ll send you a picture of myself taking a hot chocolate bath with a hand written _I luv you <3_ inscription"!

  45. My personal issue with Mail.ru is the fact that I’ve been very-disillusioned by WG and Gaijin in the ability of a Russian company to properly handle a vehicle-based wargame’s development. The reasons are too specific and numberous for me to bother listing them all here. I wish AW all the best, but because of personal experience, I’m very cynical of mail.ru being able to do a good job with the game. I’d love to stand corrected in the future, but my optimism regarding games died a long time ago.

  46. honestly? I´m having no problem to seeing you doing sponsored Gamereviews. If you can get money by doing that why not? And that shouldn´t be a problem for anybody because “in the end of the day” (^^) everybody has to do his own opinion of the Game your showing.
    I do that for myself everytime while watching your vid about a game
    Doesn´t mean I´m not listening what your saying while playing or showing that game but 90 % of the Chance that i´m starting playing that game i make for myself ^^

  47. jingles you were a navy chief you are not capable of looking at the facts. lol

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