Mingles with Jingles Episode 187

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When I was in the Navy…


  1. That Damned American

    Now you gotta do a naval port comparison between Portsmouth and our naval yards here in the States. Would be interesting to see a foreigner’s view point on them.

  2. Heeey I can see HMS Excellent and good ol HMS Bristol. Spent soo many hours on that ship <3

  3. From what I’ve heard of the Type-45 turbine problems is that they’ve mostly been resolved. which is good news.

    also 7 destroyers and 14? possibly 12 frigates. so with 5 frigates and 4 destroyers that is between 50-70% of the fighting force. of course any ONE of those destroyers could have annihalated the Entire Argentine airforce of 82.
    Also I loved this Mingles with Jingles. Thanks.

  4. Jingles please don’t stop doing videos I love Mingles with jingles so much if you stiill have the pz. 2 j is iit still good?????? please let me know can you please keep doing Mingles with Jingles videos can you please do more KV2 videos great video Mighty jingles

  5. That was sweet. I was in the Us Navy, Davisville RI.

  6. From what i can make out jingles the daring issue is a frequency drop issue in the electrical mains. If it is tied to hot weather it probably means that the cooling system for the electronics add too much power drain to the system.

    Still loved this episode, as much because of the obvious fun you where having while doing it. But also nice to get an explanation of what’s what at portsmouth..

  7. Jingles, have you seen the new Logan movie yet? you know the one about wolverine kicking ass like always?

  8. Jingles are you running out of ideas do you need some help

  9. I always love your videos and have watched them for many years, This episode was quite fascinating seeing how tha port was layed out and makes it even better to have someone as yourself who was stationed there to give us a tour!

  10. 5:15 Why would Basil Littleheart write a book on Armored Warfare? How long has that game been around anyway? Its not even that good….. You would think he would write a book about World of Tanks if he was gonna do it right…. maybe it was just a promotional thing………….. O, nevermind.

  11. Jingles is that Rita we see on TV doing the go compare advert dressed as a pilot ?

  12. Ah, Jingles going down memory boat

  13. Lol I use google maps everyday just to invade people’s privacy…

  14. Don’t judge me

  15. AH! Jingles is a puddle pirate!

  16. where has jingles gone? he was put into the brig as a spy using google maps

  17. you should come to canada, come visit fort rodd hill coastal defenses

  18. Jingles! Campaign has also been mentioned for Armored Warfare! Beginning of the story’s plot on their website as well, here – https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-storyline-campaign

  19. Enjoyed every moment of this episode Jingles, was really interesting 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  20. The NRA championships are held every year at Camp Perry, Ohio. The ranges point towards Lake Eerie. Very similar to your range. A few boats have added holes over the years.

  21. Thanks for sharing this with us Jingles! It was pretty cool to sea the actual “gig”.

  22. Jingles what rifle were you using on that range? FAL or SA80s?

  23. jingles is so old he was a powder monkey on Lord Nelsons flagship HMS Victory

  24. Training the navy for combat with laser quest now? is out british budget really that bad admiral?


  26. man I would love to see your reaction/overview/vlog of coming to Boston to see the Constitution – very well preserved and an epic site to spend a day on!

  27. John Ormond Productions

    Does anybody know how much those deactivated MG 42 cost???

  28. 9 ships are “only” 50% of the current RN surface fleet.

  29. Ever wonder if the fire alarms going off and the sleep deprivation were actually part of the training?

  30. Totally entertaining, thank You.

  31. Well… That sold me on updating AW or uninstalling it. Uninstalling it is, not that I main’d Arty but I still played and enjoyed it in PvP.

  32. The Canadian Navy is also at its all time low. I don’t know if any of our ships are really in any good condition at all. World War 2 was the peak for the Canadian Navy…and now look at what we have become. I say its even more sad that the Royal Navy. Long live the Queen!

  33. i love your stories of your time in the navy.

  34. Kenneth André Hansen

    Thank you for the tour! It was very interesting! 🙂

  35. Jingles. Y have you wasted 20 minutes of my life. I liked the tour but HALF AN HOUR? Cmon put WOT, WOW, or Armored warfare at least!

  36. I normally take my minglings with my morning poo but today I had it before I went to bed. Nice work on this one.

  37. ‘Join the navy, see the world and use the fact that you were in the navy to make money of YouTube in 20 years time!’

  38. It’s odd hearing a destroyer referred to as a ‘capital ship’… It makes sense given how navies have changed since WW2, but still odd to hear.

  39. I wonder if Portshmouth was the place where they shot all the training ground military sketches in Monthy Python. I mean it looks pretty darn similar.

  40. Bank of Nigeria? Mate, I wouldn’t bother with that email. . . ever. Best to avoid that like the plague that it is.

  41. I have a question to anyone with an answer. I live in Missouri USA and I’m trying to get the Bovington Tank Museum on the phone and I’m unsure how to, so really any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  42. Keep getting those paypal spam mails, guess what, I dont have a paypal account! lol

  43. My old school is right next to the ranges 😀

  44. Hi Jingles. Love your posts and could you please tell me what map that is. Did a Google search didn’t find it, or anyone else tell me what map it is. Perhaps it’s me getting old. Derek.

  45. Jingles what was your occupation in Navy? Janitor?

  46. Can’t be as bad as the Collins class Submarines 🙂

  47. You forgot the most important part of the whole map tour… The cricket pitch…

  48. Self-replicating whatnot

    19:25 There are 3 ways to do something. Right way. wrong way, and a military way.

  49. Loved the virtual tour, by all means if you have more of this do it, DO IT NAO!

  50. best episode of mingles to date, much appreciated.

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