Mingles with Jingles Episode 202

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Source: The Mighty

Monday already? Ugh… I really need to write these video descriptions before I go to bed on Sunday night…



  1. Not having the Hurricane in the British tech tree is a crime.

  2. Cool camo . Hope u see david that will be real cool.

  3. Jingles its 105°F in cali with no wind Dx

  4. João Pedro Santana

    Have you ever heard of World In Conflict, Jingles, it´s a very good RTS set in the cold war era, that sees the cold war actually starting and Russia invading the US, i believe you might enjoy it given the RTS gameplay on the background

  5. wish i could go to tank fest but the college has robbed me blind and given me homework to complete before it comes back for more

  6. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Nobody knows ‘Cold ‘Waters’ + “Jingles-factor (99% of view reasons anyways)” = 139k views 😀

  7. Have you played Jane’s Fleet command? It’s old, but it’s really good.


  9. To ICONS together at Tank Fest lol . Jingles and David Fletcher.

  10. new Jingles product Jingle Bombs, sound familar.

  11. Used to play Harpoon desk top game in the 1980’s Harpoon GDW https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/The_Harpoon_Series?

  12. Loved Harpoon…could we do a video series on that?

  13. Jingles, what is the difference between a frigate and a destroyer?

  14. The Mighty Jingles
    Bath Bombs – Soda & Soap = mini Jacuzzi in a small package

  15. Jingles, the modern successor to Harpoon is Command: Air Naval Operations. Wider range of units, broader depth, more accurate and realistic. More or less the same graphics though.

  16. more Cold Water and Atlantic Fleet please.

  17. I can’t believe you also watch Jike Turkey.

  18. Just wondering if you would relook at WoWp with the 2.0 appearing and addition of bombers? No real agenda but if you look at it is saves me doing it 😉

  19. I think I got food poisoning because I just vomited. I am now going to lie down and watch another episode of mingles with Jingles so that his angelic voice can ease my suffering.

  20. Jingles loved the cold waters video. Bummed it wasn’t a mobile game. Loving Atlantic Fleet as well. Keep up the good work ya’ dirty squid.

  21. The Archaic Scroll

    Jingles, you’ve been complaining about the temperature lately. I use Fahrenheit, but best i can tell it’s 70-80f where you are. Well, over here it’s 95, and guess what the humidity is? ONE HUNDRED BLOODY PERCENT.

  22. Harpoon was a great game. I used to love the scenario around Iceland, denying the Atlantic to a Soviet fleet.

  23. nearly 20 years ago? its almost 30 years ago …. ohhh forgot, its Jingles video 😉

  24. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Hey jingles. You need to play crossout. You get to build your own combat vehicles

  25. Hi Jingles,
    I understand your fondness for Harpoon. I’ve owned all of the versions myself. As for a more recent version of that type of game, have you checked out Command, Modern Air / Naval Operations from Matrix Games?

  26. OMG  Harpoon!!  I loved that game.  and your story, you won’t believe me but I was in a P3 Orion squadron at the time and a LT of one of the crews pretty much said that same thing to me about the P3 and its radar and weapons capabilities.

  27. Hey Jingles you know how you were complaining about the heat earlier? What did you say 21 celsius? Yeah its 107 fahrenheit here today. and tomorrow. That’s about 42 degrees celsius. Oh Jingles you wouldn’t survive a winter here lol

  28. If you want to play more Total War, learn how not to shoot your own guys in the back. :—)

  29. My first pc was an Atari ST i had Harpoon and Red Storm Rising… I had not thought about that for years…nice flash back…

  30. you’re fucking idiot, Jingles, for letting her talk to you like this.

  31. Сергей Ассиковский

    Men – We don’t know what we did

  32. For us SEA scrubs, can you please protest most vigorously the inclusion of the Nameless and the Edelweiss to Wargaming folk at tankfest. Much disappointment. Love your vids Jingles, looking forward to the next one.

  33. Thx. Be well,

  34. Yeeesss Jive Turkey is now my go-to YouTube sleeping pill thanks Jingles!

  35. God dammit Jingles. You got me completely and utterly addicted to “Cold Waters”. Spent my paycheck on that thing the same day.

  36. does Mr uncle jingles baise is fiscal years around tank fest? :b

  37. Rome 2 total war jingles… come on… you know u want to….

  38. What are you on about Jingles? I thought the Spitfire was pretty good at fighting Germans 😛

  39. the spitfire was great at fighting Germans jingles.

  40. Do me a huge favor old friend?? This year, can you please do a separate video or multiple video’s, of all the arena activities? I’m from Canada, and i don’t think i’m ever going to have the pleasure of going…But if i could experience say an hour or even 2…It so make my year…Plus today I turned 17 😉 (17 years ago) lol….And i know i’m not alone, there has to be many many of us, that would love to see Jingles longest vid ever!! So please gnome overlord, please??

  41. Even you failing at cold waters WAS very entertaining


  43. aren’t jingles and Rita divorced?

  44. you dont need bath when you have sauna Greetings from Finland

  45. Jingles, are we going to be seeing a video about what’s happening on the SEA WoT’s server?

    They’v just released possibly the most overpowered tank since the Panzer II J. Just watch Quickybaby’s video on the Nameless and prepare to have your jaw hit the floor at what WG’s balance department cracked out

  46. Jingles could you do a total war campaign series.

    if you agree like this so that it gets up voted and he sees it.
    As I think it would be a fun thing to watch (napoleon and Rome 2 are my preference)

  47. Jingles we can go a week without mingles with jingles since it’s tank fest, as you said your going there not just to meet fans but to make a video for the many thousands of us who unfortunately can’t go for whatever reason, you got an amazing community of people, and I’m pretty sure most of us will understand if next week we get a video on the tank museum instead of Mingles with Jingles, but regardless of what your choice regarding next week’s mingles video, I certainly hope you have a metric arse ton of ton being around all those metal beasts.

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