Mingles with Jingles Episode 204

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In this weeks’ episode I take another look at , wonder how it’s ever going to make money without pissing everyone off and wax nostalgic about the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series while hating myself for almost certainly buying the next one, too.


  1. Herman der German

    Bunch of refresh button spammers!

  2. Isaac Muller-wild

    That intro though, R.I.P Armoured Warfare

  3. Last time I was this early…

    I really don’t get these jokes…

  4. Like before watching

  5. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me more more for nothing you have to ask where the has the money gone?

  6. Hahahaha! Star Citizen? AHAHAHAH! Get a refund.

  7. Jingles I’ve been a subscriber since maybe 900ish and I swear you’ve uploaded quality videos since day one.

    Only thing that’s changed in 4 years is the quality of mic you’ve been using and the intros.

  8. Tired af, but the call to listen to the speech of the Gnome Overlord is overpowering.

  9. Hey Jingles I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. Did you have any nicknames when serving in the navy? and do you have any funny/interesting stories based around peoples military nicknames?

  10. Jingles! Will you ever play Men of War Assault Squad 2?

  11. Get a refund Jingles!

  12. HighGeneral Blitz

    What’s the difference between Adolf Hitler and Michael Phelps

    Phelps was successful in finishing a race

  13. yea i got no interested in spending money for a game that will release in 2025 or whatever. been spending enough € on WG lol

  14. Star Citizen, a game that will either never be released or dissapoint it’s backers. 5 years and god knows how much money from ordinary people and it still isn’t even in closed beta-testing, I would even be so bold and say we don’t really have a real alpha-phase yet. More like a playable tech-demo. Oh sure, you have your little snippets of the game that are somewhat playable but thats all there is to it. Dont get me wrong, I’d like to see this game realesed and be awesome as well, but it will never, not even closely, be as perfect as the hype train suggests and it tries to smash almost every game mode ever created into a single game.

  15. They didn’t just add more and more features, they’ve effectively started from scratch. What Star Citizen is now, has been in development for a bit over 3 years. SC has also been revealed much earlier than an AAA game usually would, it’s just reaching the phase now where EA or UbiSoft would be releasing a teaser trailer.
    A 5 year development cycle isn’t unusual for a large game (I think GTA 5 took 7 years?), and 3 years is even much less so.

  16. while not so many coments, jingles how much would tankfest tickets cost? I am trying to find online but museum site says that they will post it after this last tankfest ends. I wanna know how much would that weekend cost so I can start saving early

  17. Lets all agree that Star Citizen will never becoming anything

  18. Reason I never backed allot of games on crowd funding

  19. well jingles soon tm . they 3.0 alpha should be out with planets and stuff.


    No views, 5 likes and 41 comments….. Oh YouTube, you so silly

  21. sitting here waiting to get mingled

  22. your upload schedule works so well with the time difference i get to wake up and start my monday of with a dose of stale british humor and jingles

  23. Episodes = DLCs that’ll cost you an arm & a leg.

    Welcome to the modern way of making games. Woohoo.

  24. I’ve spent all of the money’s on Elite Dangerous… so I feel your pain!

  25. Alexander Stoyanov

    Idiotic EA ruined the greatest ever series: Red Alert, since then I have never played an EA game again and I have promised to myself to never do it

  26. That moment when Elite Dangerous has more players than every WoT server other than RU

  27. star citizen stuck in development hell

  28. Bloody hell Jingles that bed was obviously the wrong side this morning LOL,,,,,,,,Keep it up

  29. Excellent stuff as ever, Jingles!

  30. Jingles! Call of Duty is Activision, not EA.

  31. Jingles you fool Electronic arts don’t make Call Of Duty, Activision make call of duty and you really shouldn’t expect much for the Campaign it will basically be a Michael may movie but instead it’s a first person shooter

  32. jingles do you real believe this game will only sell 2 mil copys when a bog standard game at ps4 or xbox fails if it only sold 5 mil copys ? ;p

  33. XLegionarre716X

    Jingles…i know you’re old and crap but ummm….Activision is the Publisher for CoD WW2, not EA….

    And back to the Mines with me!

  34. coming in 2142

  35. YES, STAR CITIZEN. Thankyou Jingles for the video goes great with my coffee.

  36. At this rate, Half-Life 3 seems more likely than the full release of Star Citizen.

  37. New mingle with Jingles. Happy day..-))

  38. Both subscriptions and PtW micro-transactions are going to get mandated by their liquidator ?

  39. Havoc Blitzkrieg

    Honestly, I’m not surprised Star Citizen is in Development hell right now. Chris fucking Roberts cannot finish a game on time or in budget to save his life. Freelancer was meant to have everything Star Citizen’s (supposedly) going to have. Ship races, dogfights, first person fighting, a dynamic economy… but he ran over budget, the development time ran over, he had disagreements with Digital Anvil, and then abandoned Freelancer, leaving Digital anvil to just release something.

  40. The best COD mission ever is the one is Big Red One where you are in the bomber and you have to shoot down down of german planes and bomb a bunch of stuff. was EPIC

  41. Morning Jingles!

  42. FruityChocolate

    Jingles, Call of Duty is not made by EA :p it’s made by Activision

  43. Ok EA, (Electronic Arts) makes Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront, Activision (Activision Blizzard) owns the Call of Duty franchise.

  44. I know I love you jingles
    And I have spent about the same as you in star citizen. I’m worried about the game but I bet the game won’t be anything we want at this point. Call of duty is actually giving us a story they already have us. One of the original cod games was called “call of duty big red one” it is the same company you follow in the new game. Would love multiple solo missions in different areas but they won’t give it to us. *activision btw.

  45. if you like space sims you should try the x series by egosoft. it’s great

  46. um jingles its activision  not electronic arts.  electronic arts  make battlefield not cod

  47. I pulled my backing from StarCitizen ages ago when rumours of CIG going after journalists came about.
    Now they’re taking loans , there still isn’t any game. I imagine this to be the last straw for a lot of people.

  48. Why is Jingles calling EA the publisher of CoD WWII?

  49. Jingles Call of Duty is Activision not EA.

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