Mingles with Jingles Episode 205

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Source: The Mighty

In an effort to raise morale on Mondays, your Supreme Gnomish has decided to institute a comprehensive program of beatings in the salt until morale improves.

You’re welcome.


System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay, consider using a hosting service like https://replayswows.com/

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I have played randoms….5 stars on all.
    Youtubers have helped me to figure it out

  2. Please bring back wanker of the week. PLEASE jingles!

  3. I just want to say, about the panzer 2 j, I got mine for free

  4. I play WOT Blitz on iMac, and its really fun. You should also turn off the “movement direction indicators”

  5. Im real pleased to see you getting into Blitz!

  6. The Defender,

  7. I actually did complete the new port with five stars in a full random team lol
    I dunno, maybe it’s easier in the SEA server.

  8. JUST_A_YOUTUBER ______

    I LUV U JINGLES do more world of tanks blitz please 😀

  9. What a marvellous AMAZING way of improving the moral(HOLY HELL SOMEONE HELP US). Absolutely Genius. I’m not taking too far am I?

  10. Ahm, Actually Jingles….Back when you did your first video on Defense of Naval “get rekt kids, you aren’t getting five stars” Port, I thought that looked really cool, so I hopped into my Molotov (or Gremy, cant really remember), and the very first game I played, we got 5 stars. Ever since then, I have maybe won twice, but it doesn’t matter because I got 5 stars with a squad of VERY competent randies.

  11. Derrick Dinwiddie

    Hey Jingles!! Thanks for the video!! May I ask when you are going to finish Ghost Recon? It’s been a while…

  12. I was hooked watching your channel because your a Britt. that says “Howdy folks!” 🙂

  13. I got th3 pz. ll j 4 free on xbox

  14. Marshall Allshouse

    Honestly if jingles is happier out of the comunity contributor program, good on him yknow
    WG has been so inconsiderate for everyone ad everything around them (including WoT) that its not hard to see why the CC program is kinda meh

  15. If you think premium TD’s view range is op, remember that Premium Tank Destroyers don’t lose their camo rating while firing from behind a bush.
    Yep, they’re that fookin op.

  16. I know you won’t believe it, but I was fortunate enough to get 5 stars on Newport News with 6 random players.

    On the subject of Armored Warfare, I apologize if you have covered this elsewhere, but do you accept friend requests from folks? I do play on the EU server even though I live in the Eastern US, due to time of day (night) I play.

  17. Jingles, will you ever do an Elite Dangerous video again? I love that game and would like to hear about your adventures in the black. I myself have set off for Colonia with a whole 21 ly jump range (don’t try it). I can’t wait to buy that Asp Explorer when I sell all of my exploration data!

  18. Did he quit wt again

  19. FCM Pak 36 can’t see Mittengard tier two max on that map.

    I played Blitz for two years before I played Wot PC so I’m all behind it and yeah you can carry easily. If your good…. You don’t need a team

  20. Nice to see that destroyers are used for what they were designed for and where they get their name/ Destroying torpedo boats

  21. I got A Panzer II J for Free!!!

  22. Years ago I bought a premium KV220 tier 5 after hearing you like it so much because it has such great armor….and loved it, had hillarious games, the gun is rightfully dogshit as you pointed out……then wargaming buffed the frontal armor from 100-120mm!!..
    …sounds great but I get penned more often than not now (power creep?) and feels like I’m driving a medium its weird, not only that but the kv1 turret and gun still suck and are weak spots to rival the KV2 stalinator, my T40 tank destroyer lost 17.5% of its eyesight over night which means its now an under armored slow medium with no turret so i keep that in the garage posthumously as with the other 40 tanks I’ve got.
    I don’t play WOT now it’s dead to me, Having nothing but bot teams every-single-game or worse… after you’ve earned yourself 6 kills (top gun), high calibre accounting 1/3rd of the enemy hitpoints….then the idiots still manage to lose the battle when they outnumbered the enemy 6 v 3 just sucks too much.
    The consoles used to have all the window lickers but I think “Y U haf to be mad” shows some migration has happened, used to be such a good game early on.

  23. Well actually Jingles destroyers aren’t entirely useless. I did New Port with 5 stars in a Fubuki having a full random team.

  24. the panzer II J? 100 Euro? what the hell console players get it for free when they started the game! it has pmm so no T5. but thats crazy…

  25. Mitchel Jonckheere

    Hey jingels, Howdie Folks comes from a viewer who suggested it in the comments. I believe it was a world of tanks video with the very old WOT garage….hope you see this and remember it.

    Yours sincerely,

    A trusty salt mine gnome.

  26. jklahsd32 laksd13

    World of Tanks Blitz does not have artillery in it that’s why it is so much better than the regular game.

  27. ElementalGamer07

    Might give Blitz a go, quit playing WoT a few months ago due to too much stress, rage at team, disappointment in myself, and the ping. Always the ping…800-999 ping almost every game…ON AN ASUS GAMING LAPTOP! But still, might give blitz a go.

  28. Actually Jingles, they did nerf the Super Pershing once or twice as well 😉

  29. We know all about “Howdy folks!”
    Is “take care, and I’ll catch you next time” a common British phrase?
    Merciless….your fans are absolutely merciless.

  30. so we getting a a ghost recon Wednesday?

  31. Graham Montgomey

    Wow seriously noone? Ok I’ll say it. Actually jingles, the pz 2 J has preferential match making so it can never see tier 5 tanks like the kv-1. Are you telling me you fail platooned into a tier 5 match with 46mm pen on gold rounds?

  32. if you read the name Dunkirk I would have imedetlly put anit sit specs in my caption

  33. I’m a pretty big noob in World of Warships and I wanted to do the operations but I didn’t think I would be able to complete any of them since I only had tier 5. One of these days I found out about the “I want to join a division” button left of the battle button and I got invited to a division of random people wanting to do the operations. So we started with Newport an I was really nervous since I saw your videos about it being hard and so on and this was basically a division of random people I was playing with. So I prepared my anus for the worst, but this team kicked ass. We 5 starred it in one try. I was amazed how well it went and I think I got extremely lucky. Should I just buy gold to get the captains you get from the operations in some of my ships? Because otherwise you need to grind 200k xp or something crazy, I think by the time I have grinded 200k xp I will be at tier 7/8.

  34. that boat game

  35. He says the type 59 is the only premium who’s stats got nerfed at some point.

    What about the super Pershing, when it lost its second spaced armour plate back in patches past. They actually let you sell it back to them the nerf was so hard.

  36. join us in the blitz jingles join us

  37. Dingles with Shingles

  38. They literally gave the Pz.IIJ away for everyone on Xbox around a year ago

  39. I hate the whole view range BS. War Thunder has it right….

  40. why don’t you play world if tanks console and don’t call us console pesents

  41. a bottle o' bleach !

    I totally got 5000 stars by hacking the game and sailing a boat with ‘Chuck Norris’ written on the side

  42. you must watch dingles with shingles..great parody of you.

  43. i wonder what server jingles will be on world of tanks blitz. jk i know its the european server

  44. lowe kv5 got buffs

  45. 24:42 tiranosawr123040 War Hero!

  46. Mustrum Ridcully

    Will “Howdy folks” be going on your gravestone? 🙂

  47. I have gotten 4 stars with a random team. I can prove it if you need it.

  48. Jingles, Tank Rewards are also giving the pz2j away…mind you it’s rare to get 1…but it is in the reward crates…

  49. blitz is awesome! I’m Joe average at wot pc lol but I’m good at blitz 😀 highly addictive!

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