Mingles with Jingles Episode 206

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Source: The Mighty

This weeks’ episode guaranteed spam-free, and won’t ask for your phone number, email address or demand access to your contact list or location services.

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com



  1. So this is an open invitation to make Jingles feel really uncomfortable in public?


  3. Yeah People In public all on their phones, Bugs most of my family.

  4. Jingles story about the restaurant is judgmental and ignorant on many levels, but most interesting is the peek it gives us into Jingles own psyche. Something many of us have noticed recently is that Jingles uses Mingles to do a lot of humble bragging. This is no different, where he says he and Rita go to a “3-digit” nice restaurant once every few months. For most incomes, I think “3 digit” restaurants are beyond every few months range, and well into special occasion territory. Translation: “Hey guys, I have a lot of money! And a guy at expensive restaurant recognized me!” Next he admires the geek for having the courage to ask the prom queen out. This assumes he did the asking, but we’ll leave it, since its probably more likely. Its the next part that is telling. Jingles ADMIRES the kid at first, calling him the geek that had the guts to ask out the gorgeous girl. Then, he immediately reverses his entire conclusion based only on the fact that the restaurant is expensive. Now, the kid has money and can attract girls. And now, the girl is there because the boy has money. And of course, the story is told with sprinkles of Jingles trademark heavy chuckle, usually deployed when he is mocking someone, or seeing misfortune befall a player. Once you notice when he laughs, you can’t un-notice it.

    We all asked the same question when hearing that, didn’t we? “What about Rita?” Isn’t the relationship between Jingles and Rita precisely the one he mocked? Users in the comments have called this irony or hypocrisy. It has elements of both. What it also has is a breathtaking lack of self-awareness of one’s own life, and how it is perceived. One again, Jingles disrespects his audience in this regard.

  5. i mean i gave my info to the custom boot shop because free repairs and maintenance soo

  6. Completely agree about privacy and not ‘giving it away’. I even shred any correspondence I receive in the mail with my name on it. Too many years in Fraud Squad teaches a good lesson in how easy it is for anyone to obtain your details.

  7. what game are you playing in this video?

  8. Looking at one’s phone instead of paying attention to life is an epidemic. I’ve forbidden my family from being on their phones, at least while we’re at the dinner table, and it’s already improved our dinner table conversations. It’s a start.

  9. Whaaaaaaaaat?!? Jingles wrote something down!?!

  10. Or she is using him because women are bitches that love to take your money

  11. Concerned Citizen

    Most companies don’t use the information to identify one person, but collect it to identify trends from thousands of data points.

  12. Give them a fake number and email address lol

  13. Jingles. The way we millennials get around this problem is to give fake or dummy email addresses/phone numbers.

    Any time I get asked, I give them a specific email account that does nothing but soak up spam.

  14. Thank you Jingles for the update about the release WoWS Blitz. I’m here in the Philippines and I didn’t even know.

  15. xXTheHeroicGamerXx

    Agreement is assured on your statement about location/phone services. It’s astonishing that so many look at their phones more, play mobile games to their hearts content, texting to whoever they meet without deepening their bonds of friendship/love, and be distracted rather than doing important activities in one’s life. When I got my smart phone at age 18, all I want to do with it is to text those who are important to me, play music via YouTube/Pandora/Spotify, and call. Sorry for the bias view of smart phones, but I do hope all of us try those three wants, and see the simplicity of such a useful device.

  16. i posted on the mighty jingles sub reddit because of this vid and dnt wrry jingles all of those people will be sent to the gulag for not nominating you lol

  17. One TOGII* for every person who is like Jingles: Quality and doesn’t agree with much technology nowadays.

  18. i just wanna say jingles you are a brother and although i have never meant you i have meant some of the royal navy in my time in the us navy i did the last two deployments on the uss enterprise and fair winds and following seas to you my good chap!!!

  19. The toy knight – Cromwell crew – sailor story was really heart warming. Thank you for remembering to tell us the story… you old drunk! Hahahah…! not easy holding on AND be responsible to someone’s heirloom… even more so when that ‘someone’ is a total stranger… Good Luck! (well, the toy knight itself brings good luck, so wishing you ‘good luck’ is appropriate i guess…)

    Anyway, take care & good health to you

  20. Marinus kleingeld

    Jingles u sound like my dad ;-;

  21. thatzombieguy 89

    you’re not stunning either Jingles Rita is out of your League in case you didn’t get the memo lol

  22. Jingles…
    About Nier Automata
    If you haven’t finished it.
    You should complete all 5 Main endings(A, B, C, D, and E). I believe you will absolutely love it.

  23. Jingles, come on man show us a picture of the knight!

  24. soooooo wot on console got an update. we can customize our crew just like PC, but there’s a catch. we have “new currency” called crew vouchers we get any were between 10-40 depending on how long we’ve been playing. its one bond per person or 250 freaking gold per person about the cost of a locust im pretty sure… why must they milk us console plebs. thankfully I’ll be on PC soon.

  25. Jingles is again right! God damn privacy issues we have now.

  26. Jingles? I *work* at a grocery store. The store card does actually save you a shit-ton of money, sometimes up to a third of the final cost. I’ve seen people save over half of the final amount on larger orders, if they shop right. Granted, the chain I work at doesn’t require you to connect the store card to anything (although you can if you want), and the checkers will generally use a store card if the customer doesn’t have/want one.

  27. Pieter-jan Nuijens

    I have it on my i pad, it is very easy to get tho and i live in europe

  28. Yeah phones creep me out and I know it’s not much help but I turn location services off or back on when I need it then off again as soon as possible. And if I was on a date with a girl that was face down in an app I’d drop her pretty soon.

  29. I wonder what would jingles like better all the games he could want? (can’t sell) or nothing in is house would ever fuck up?(wifi will never go down)

  30. wish I could believe the story 🙂

  31. Hmm I wonder if players on WoWS blits are less obsessed with hiding in the back to keep from taking any damage than ordinary WoWS players.

  32. I’m guessing Jingles aren’t familiar with Google Adsense.

  33. are you a single jingle ready to mingle?

  34. That’s why I keep a “dummy” e-mail account that I use to sign up for things. It’s constantly filled to the brim with 1000s of emails I’ll never read, XD.

  35. Welcome to the Internet 3.0, where the web and the corporations know more about you than yourself. 🙂

  36. Since the last update of WoT my Mac can’t log. A kind of turn around is to create an user with shared files. That sound like the problem that you talk about this week.

  37. Raul Mercado-Ferrer

    I get spam emails and I think it’s because I’ve applied for jobs a whole bunch. Sooooo yea kinda bothered by that

  38. Speaking of trunk mail
    If your Youtube video have any copyright music,there will be these spam comment “Hi i like your video, check out this page to get free music”
    When you go to the website,they will ask for your email

    If you enter your email, prepare for a shit load of spam email
    I make a new email to test it,and i receive 500 mails in 1 week xD

  39. I am with you all the way in relation to internet intrusion into privacy. Thank you for bringing this up. Sales staff are programmed, like robots, to demand this information and your story about the Ralph Lauren shirt, does not surprise me. The salesman you met must have been suffering a considerable “does not compute” when you failed to submit. I think that this form of resistance is much to be encouraged

    Buying things online is another area in which to be wary. That way doth lie identity theft. I avoid internet shopping like the plague. It is not foolproof, however, as I was once arrested and accused of robbing two old ladies of £18,000 by fraud, as my name and home address were being used, and someone (I wonder what they did for a living?) was intercepting the post addressed to me by the financial institution concerned. After a short spell in a cell and an interview under caution, the matter was dropped. This has made me singularly untrusting of “the system” in many ways.

    One more thing: like Jingles I give regularly to certain charities, through my bank account; but I will not give to collectors with buckets in the street, as they are nearly always paid. Too much of what is given gets soaked away in costs and expenses, so choose your donee carefully.

  40. What I done is have an e mail Adress for all this rubbish so if the want to get my e mail Adress I will give them this.

    Adress is alway a fake one 🙂 like Death Star lvl station 6 room 4

  41. the silver knight story is just awesome

  42. Jingles you can put google play on your kindle. I have do it and it works fine .

  43. Young boy and pretty young girl in an expensive restaurant. Conclusion: Pretty young girl is a whore. Sexist assumptions followed by Luddite rant. Take off your flat cap and braces and join us in the 21st Century.

  44. hey jingles, if you are not disgusted by he location thingy enought, just check the “my activity” page if you have an android smartphone. and enjoy how accurate you are GPS tracked by google. yes google is aware if you have stopped to the bathroom and can tell, by the time you spent, if it was #1 or #2…

  45. Mingles with Jingles 206 – The I go to expensive restaurants and shop at Ralph Lauren edition.

  46. Grandpa Jingles, i’ll be going and seeing the permissions on my phone rightnow

  47. can we see a pic of the airloom plse

  48. Had a conversation with this about my dad a few days ago and got it turned off on his phone. Location services are a pain in the butt.

  49. I mean phones are useful and good time killers but I hate giving away my email and phone number

  50. Jingles, why talk to each other face to face when you can just text each other and send kissing emojis? #Sarcasm

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