Mingles with Jingles Episode 208

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Normal service has now been resumed. Again. Due to problems with todays episode, I had to edit and re-upload, so for those of you who are seeing this for the first time, sorry it's late!

Then again, this is completely in-character. “Normal service” for me usually involves a cock-up of some description!


  1. Jingles, could u please upload Mingles as podcasts

  2. So how many of these TV celebrities said “Oh my god, it’s Jingles!”


  4. Pringles with Jingles

  5. A game you might enjoy jingles is Orwell

  6. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Anyone got the previous link? I love my internet uncensored. Thank you!

  7. Ah, Jingles you forgot that Dallas was in the Narcissus listening to music when Kane regained consciousness. I love that cap.

  8. re: DS9
    Andrew Robinson, Marc Alaimo, and Armin Shimmerman. Great stuff.

  9. Luv u Jingles- don’t ever change………….hope u enjoy your Gosport summer and I am here with Jive Turkey looking forward to the rest of 2017 with the GNOME……..

  10. Was hoping for your thoughts about the Dunkirk film!

  11. binitto rodriguez

    Looookig good jingles ! You look well in your photos at the beginning

  12. More storytime with Jingles!

  13. Hey Jingles! The new game by Gaijin, Crossout, is now in Open Beta. Maybe give it a try? Also, another game I strongly recommend, even though it’s not normally your type, is Subnautica, a single player, alien-underwater survival horror game. Being stalked by a Reaper Leviathan reminds me of being hunted by the Alien. It can also be played in VR, and is stunningly pretty.

  14. Derrick Dinwiddie

    I can’t find the clip you were talking about in Alien Jingles….. how do I look it up?

  15. Two easy steps to making your gnomish facade look 10 years younger:

    1. Stop Smoking
    2. Hair/beard Dye

  16. Babylon 5 ruined Star Trek Deep Space 9 for me, I couldn’t help but compare them.

  17. man cave updatye

  18. Not only did Alan Tudyk voice act K-2SO, but he also physically acted its part, wearing a mocap suit and standing on stilts.

  19. I was just watching How I Met Your Mother before watching this video and Alyson Hannigan looks so different now!!! Has her face gotten rounder :D???

  20. John widey Kirkham

    Ahhh fag packet engineering… I love it…..from such activities things like Colossus where made…Britain at its best….and shame on you if you don’t know what Colossus is……

  21. How did Germany lose?
    They broke the golden rule of ground warfare: NEVER INVADE RUSSIA DURING THE WINTER.

  22. Jingles! Guild Wars 2 is announcing its next expansion tomorrow!

  23. Jingles…i have NEVER been so outrageously jealous of you after meeting those actors from some of my favorite (of all time) shows. …give me a few minutes to get my emotions under control and i’ll properly express my feelings 😛

  24. Very cool looking game. Cheap is good too.
    Yeah I can see the children in the comments section not getting it but ok….I do anyway

  25. Quit downing yourself Jingles saying you look old Just do a photo with Rita and you will have the envy of hundreds of thousands of Dissidents especially if you have her dress up in a leather Baroness outfit from GI JOE

  26. Wasn’t Ian Flemming also a part of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare? I remember them being featured in a article on either Badass of the Week or Cracked.

    And since there are probably people who don’t know who that is, Ian Flemming is the guy that wrote the original James Bond novels based on his own experiences.

  27. yay new video!!!!!!!!

  28. story time with uncle jingles

  29. Jingles, if you like this game, play Portal 2. It’s much longer, has puzzles (starts off easy then gets pretty hard), and has pretty much the best voice acting ever in a video game. It’s fairly peaceful, you can die, but you just respawn in the same chamber. The atmosphere is fantastic.

  30. Welcome back jingles glad you had a good week off also where can I find that book sound like an interesting read

  31. I haven’t watched any of your videos in the last week or so and it just so happened I was on vacation while you were on break. So woohoo! Nothing changed for me.

  32. You know, Jingles, You could easily land a job acting as a British Navy-man. You’ve got the knowledge and technique. And you look like a captain-y character.

  33. Jingles, you should do a hearts of Iron gameplay

  34. read the book months ago its great

  35. Honest question: What’s the point of inviting you to a special press event to see a new game and then not allowing you to talk about it? Doesn’t that completely defeat the object?

  36. Emily Kinney is so cute!

  37. Rita’s really bulking up

  38. i think i shall get that book

  39. Browncoats Unite!

  40. 3:30 Jingles, where is your left hand’s resting location?!?

  41. i knew it. hes losing his mind with old age.

  42. Sergio Montserrat

    We missed you, Jingles!
    Good to know you had fun on your week off. Thank you for not forgetting about us ^_^

  43. Whos that long haired boy with the black jac.. nvm thats rita

  44. Jingles could you be my personal reader squire? Now I am not asking for something fancy, I just want you to read books to me.

  45. Dukes The Lan Guy

    No hoverhand jingles… nice!

  46. 18:15 for story time with jingles. Yay

  47. You meet with Garak! you lucky S.O.B lol

  48. i have to put my little bunny friend down today mr jingles im devastated. Your videos brighten my mood a bit and keep my mind off it till it happens in a few hours thanks.


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