Mingles with Jingles Episode 209

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I get all excited about incoming British battleships in World of Warships, and then I see the provisional stats of the higher tier ones and read what it is that makes them “special” and start get a little worried. I’ve stockpiled hundreds of thousands of xp for these thing, don’t let them be shit!

Actually you may be able help me with that. And then I speculate on what happens when a starts running out of things it can do make new units different…


  1. I miss stealth fire so much

  2. and then “he jizzed special effects”. I literally laughed out loud. You rock Jingles.

  3. Artisto81 AKA Meong Garong

    This should be titled ‘Mingles with Jingles in World of Warships”. Anyway, a few of the ‘dog ships’ as you would like to call them have been buffed if not recently as far as I remember. Izumo now is a tough beast to face (at least if the captain know what he is doing) when she is pointing her bow into you. The Iowa (and also the Missouri), and the Montana have had their citadel lowered in recent patch. The high tier USN cruisers have also been buffed recently (I don’t remember what buff, but I believe someone else could point it). My suggestion is use the free XP only to fully upgrade the RN BBs, grind your way up to tier 7 to taste the ‘flavour’ of each ships. Then wait until WG buff them (or not, but it will most likely buffed if not in the distance future because so much protests would occur if they make high tier RN BBs armour weak)

  4. I know it’s only tier 3 but the SC is pretty good IMO compared to its counterparts when i do play mine every now and then i do quite will ha

  5. OK Jingles, I’ll give my opinion on the various ships you mentioned. WARNING WALL OF TEXT… But I will divide them up

    Starting with the BBs
    -New Mex is a great ship… Good guns, good armor, slow (but doesn’t matter at tier 6) but you have Arizona which has BAD AA, but GREAT Guns. As much as I love New Mex… I’d pass for the next ship.
    -Colorado: HARD hitting Guns with good accuracy, good AA, Good Citadel Protection… REALLY slow (especially when compared to other BBs at tier 7) But can dodge torpedoes like a CHAMP and has the BEST Heal in the game (tier for tier).
    -North Carolina: I see you have an Alabama… NC is like that with a few changes… NC has /slightly/ better dispersion than Alabama (IF I recall correctly sigma of NC is 1.8 Bama get 1.7) worse torpedo protection and worse maneuverability. “Bama is the better brawler, NC is better at range.
    -Iowa: Fast, Hard Hitting, Great AA, Takes citadels from many angles, but turns well. (bit of a bow camper though… not my thing) But Flanks with the Best of them.
    -Montana: AMAZING AA, good armor, great guns (can OHKO a Yamato if you hit it right) pretty good speed and turning, Good All-Around BB and good mid range brawler.

    -Amagi IS AMAZING. I love mine. But it has mediocre AA and weak citadel armor but angles well and has good Gun angles.
    -Izumo: Not as bad as it used to be… But DEFINITELY free xp the B hull (the A hull is garbage) and maybe the Range mod. After that, it’s not bad… it’s just not great (that’s really what makes it painful) the tactics you use on other IJN BBs are not as effective on the Izumo.
    -Yamato: Uchuusenkan YAA-MAA-TOOOOOOOOO 🙂

    +Germany… I’m only up to Gneisenau so…. at this point they are fun… I wouldn’t choose them as Free XP pinatas. The whole line so far is fun and playable.

    OK Now on to Cruisers (This one will be short since I really only have US CAs)
    -Baltimore is a GREAT ship… the OK AA on New Orleans becomes “HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THOSE PLANEs DIE!!!!” and the guns are great for supporting cap pushes and killing DDs and CAs (even BBs at mid range take big damage from US AP)… the armor is workable (if you angle well) and you get a Heal and Radar.
    -Des Moines…. Don’t have yet… And I’m liking Baltimore too much to free xp it 🙂

    ALL US DDS ARE GREAT… I have them all… I still play all of them past tier 6. The guns stay good and the torpedoes become AMAZING. (I may be biased…. oh well)

    -Akizuki: I LOVE this ship… but she can be terribly frustrating to play…. she is slow… she has a HUGE turning circle (but a fast rudder) she only gets one torp launcher (but reload booster) and pretty good AA (better than some CAs… if they aren’t using Defensive Fire)… But she is one of the BEST firestarters IN THE GAME and she MURDERS other DDs and even some CAs with her AP… I have gone against many Khabarovsks in mine and wrecked them… thier tears salt my breakfast meat 🙂
    -the other IJN DDs are sadly too Torpedo reliant… which makes them either GREAT… or crap… Personally, I prefer gun boats. More consistent and better carry ability (unless you are very good or very lucky).

    -Khabarovsk: I would not advise Free xp’ing the Khaba UNLESS you are familiar with AND LIKE the play style of the Kiev and up Russian DDs… she is a good ship… but unlike almost all other DDs. (Including the alternative Russian DD line) She is far more like a tiny, really fast, CL without a citadel.

    Hope this helps… sorry about the TEXT-WALL 🙂

  6. Jingles keep your free XP for French BBs and make penance for Mers-el-Kebir.

  7. KGV with weak armour? What am I watching?

  8. Go up to tier 7. Try both the 6 and 7 out. If the 7 sucks, you can safely render a judgement of crap upon them.

  9. No wonder Jingles audience is down 30%. (EDIT: SLOWING 30%, big difference! Thanks for correction) The dude is losing it. Asking for Warships help in a Mingles video? That tells us he doesn’t give a shit about the title or what it should be. He just wants his question answered and to hell with the audience.

    I regret to say that Jingles is probably a lost cause. He was warned that Rita was a dangerous influence who was psychologically unstable, and now it appears he is just as bad as her when it comes to respecting other people.

  10. So Mingle’s with Jingles is just WoW now?

  11. Yugamo with detection of 5.4 and 12km can still find straight sailing battleships.

  12. Ibuki has great, no awesome range.

  13. Baltimore is a short range pig. Unless you did great in New Orleans, then you will like Baltimore. I can’t handle her 14 km range.

  14. Us battleships tier 5 to 7 strong armor, great guns and slow.

  15. Bayern is a beast.

  16. York is great.
    Long range he spam.
    Mid range AP monster

  17. Skip Schores, it sucks vs tier 8 and 9.

  18. Tier 9 sounds like the world of tanks tier 4

  19. Free exp to Kiev, she is like old BETA Kiev. Prior 2 play so different you will be disappointed.
    Trashcan has been buffed twice, so it’s no longer trash.

  20. Khaba? They just disappear in 10secs against my Minotaur. Not sure why people love them.

  21. I have waited for 2 years for RN BBs.  I was so excited when I heard they were coming but with KGV degraded to Tier 7. This Monach thing at Tier 8.  I am losing interest fast not in just the RN BBs but WOWs.   I say save your EXP play the low teir RN BBs then decide at Tier 7 what to do.

  22. Iowa amour is very good now that they lowered the citadel

  23. Jingles do what I do, since I own every tier X I build up big pools of XP, unlock up to tier Xs and then play 10-20 battles at each tier to evaluate the ship.


  24. Mingles with Warships.

  25. Get yamato

  26. German cruiser player here. York is not worth your time. Skip it.

  27. don’t they play-test this shitty boat game ?

  28. Jingles are you like not familiar with the stealth North Carolina build? That’s basically what the high-tier British battleships will be like. And I’m pretty sure nobody will say a stealth NC is a terrible ship. I don’t personally run a stealth build on her, but she is one of my favorite ships in the game to the point I still haven’t passed her to get an Iowa.

  29. As much as I’ve criticized Jingles, let me suggest something to him that causes him no work at all, and he might even enjoy. When he started Twitch, he used to stream himself playing World of Warcraft. A lot of us LOVED it. Why? Because he was just himself while playing, commenting on gaming, WoW, various questions chat asked, etc. He wasn’t acting like he was on stage or the focus. See, I think someone got to him (maybe Rita, the origin of all ideas that are poor, lol) and said that Twitch streamers MUST interact with chat. Correction, MOST Twitch streamers. NOT JINGLES! People love Jingles because of his personality and comments, not because he says their fucking name. I can hear the pain in Paul’s voice when he says “Welcome to the channel, Sir Fuckstick McGhee!”, like “why the fuck am I doing this?” Don’t do it Jingles, just chill out and talk to us.

  30. The izumo is a great ship its just that all the potatos cant play her

  31. m3lee = big fat ugly dog

  32. The Khabarovsk reminds me of the T50-2 in WoT (So overpowered they had to remove it)

  33. Just save the free xp on the Missouri.

  34. Here’s the advice jingles…first you free xp your way the ZAO, and then before you buy it, delete this awfull God damn game and continue playing games like WoT that are actually fun 🙂

  35. Russah bitch

  36. Most disappointing episode ever. It was just a WoWs episode with MWJ in the title 🙁

  37. What is the book about tanks which jingles talked about ages ago? or which mingles of jingles was it?

  38. Stealth is life at high tiers Jingles. You couldn’t be more wrong about its usage. I’ve been abusing the fact that my North Carolina can stealth up between shots to reposition and sneak in cheeky things

  39. I’ll just quote another YouTuber during His streams, “Wargaming wins”. Also of you don’t like the hightiers you can Always play the ships with the other playstyle.

  40. Free XP the needed modules. Grind ship and remaining modules. Free XP pass ships that are no longer fun. Rinse, repeat.

    Also, I start each line at Tier 5 which costs about 40k free XP.

  41. I skipped Izumo so go for Yamato with free xp, and german BB’s 🙂 us bb’s are good as well 🙂 I have Iowa, N carolina, Montana, Yamato, Frederik der grosse, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Grosser kurfurst and they are all a lot of fun to play 🙂
    almost all without using free xp (exception is Yamato/izumo case), roon and hindenburg are great and I can’t play cruisrs 🙂

  42. As far as high tier American battleships it’s all about speed 27 – 30 knots makes you quick enough to keep up with the cruisers. With the large broadsides this gives you firepower and speed.

  43. Honestly if you’re that close to the Yamato, don’t even both going down the American BB line until you’re done.

    New Mexico = Bad
    Colorado = Bad, just not as bad as the New Mexico
    North Carolina = Much better than Colorado in every way, stay away from Yamatos.
    Iowa = Beast-mode AA, better shell dispersion (compared to the NC), fastest BB in the game. Use speed to stay away from Yamatos.
    Montana = ? Haven’t unlocked it yet, I keep getting dunked by Yamatos 🙁

    “The only thing that can wreck a Yamato, is another Yamato.”


  44. Arne Pietruszewski

    Jingles the british BB will appear on thursday 23 August 2017, that’s Gamescom thursday if you dont know.
    But that has been obvious for 3 months now.
    The best TX cruiser at the moment is the Hindenburg.

  45. whats bad about the New Mexico is its pretty much identical to the NY(a knot or two faster) but loses range on the guns..you have to upgrade the firecontrol just to get back to the NY’s BASE range
    and remember i said it was faster..so are the opponents you fight..so it can be really hard to get into range unless you YOLO
    “tempted to free xp right down the line to the Bismark”
    you didn’t do the mission marathon to get a Bismark for free?

  46. ToughAncientSpark

    I personally like the American battleships. The problem with the New Mexico is that it’s easily set afire by HE.

  47. how could he earn 215k free xp in 2 days doing operations?

  48. Jingles, the best of the French cruisers tier for tier, is the La Galissioniere, good guns, AA, manouverability, all in all a good ship and very fun, plus it’s right in the sweet spot for all of the special missions

  49. ToughAncientSpark

    Also, I’ve played the Bismarck on test server and let me tell you those secondaries are like having a second ship with you. You can shoot at a crusier or battleship while the secondaries take out a destroyer trying to torp you without even having to pay attention to the destroyer.

  50. both the ibuki and izumo are not bad ships
    But they are doth easy to hit [ high sides of the ship ]
    and with the izumo i think it is mostly people do not learn to play it like an izumo but more like just another bb on the way to the big yamato

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