Mingles with Jingles Episode 210

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It’s Jingles. He Mingles.


  1. Plz Jingles. Plz do Lone Echo. Also, could you start doing a series on Star Trek Online?

  2. Anything you like jingles give it a go put up a test vid for better response

  3. Yes, I would love to see you do a play through of this game, I like watching story mode games, and from the description you gave, it sounds great.

  4. if anyone is wondering what the song at 5:26 in why you have to be mad 2 is trainwreck by martin carlberg

  5. Jingles get off your ass. “Just do it!” – philosopher Leboeuf
    We DGAF

  6. Please stop doing VR Videos. I cannot watch them, them movement makes me violently ill.

  7. Yeah, I’d watch if you’d do a playthrough of that VR game you showed

  8. So now you know why WT is an arcade game and not a realistic game as all those mouse players says

  9. Jingles, could you possible show us your VR loadout?

  10. I’d watch it

  11. Yaknow, I approve of someone playing Batman by Telltale, but… could you maybe not have it playing in the background of something like this? Some people don’t like spoilers, and because I don’t, I literally can’t watch the video. :

  12. Jingles, if you’re into horror games, try dreadhalls in VR.

  13. I get that my gaming rig would need to calculate twice the amount of graphics, but my pc can take it. So is there a way to play with an occulus rift in full resolution or would I be stuck with half of it per eye?

  14. Pls would someone tell me if Jingles announced wether he is going to gamescom next week or not?

  15. I ownly play ab and rb with joystick food pannals and the vive it is awesome

  16. Jingles, I think it would be interesting if you could put up a webcam capture of yourself in the VR gear so we can see how you’re moving around for the room scale titles. Helps for our own immersion to piece together gameplay movement and player positioning in both mediums.

  17. I wouldn’t mind I think the fun part about these games is seeing the youtuber moving about trying to find all the stuff going on around them in whatever game they’re playing and ofc watching what it is they’re doing in that game is equally entertaining

  18. I would definatly watch.
    Also a horror game like alien or soma. Super hot vr might be good too.

  19. Well, I watch basicly everything that you upload Jingles so…

  20. Константин Дарков


  21. Not too interested in Lone Echo video series, it would be like watching paint dry. You floating around touching dialog boxes. Maybe if you just show the highlights from Lone Echo instead. I would like to see a video of you with Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, I understand it would not be something you would do a video series on but I want to see you do one or two videos on it once in a while.

  22. I would like to watch you suffer floating in zero g playing this game lol ??

  23. @1:10 That 18V battery operated grinder is bulky and gutless. Smart murderous thieves pack an acetylene torch for occasions like this. Maybe DeWalt just badly needed the marketing.

  24. Yes, I like the zero-g game – I’d certainly watch episodes of it!

  25. @4:45 “Our gas masks are useless!” This is why we only buy name brand henching gear, people.

  26. @5:09 Fly a p61 or b25. All you have to do is defensive fly. Let the gunners do the shooting 😛

  27. Do a play through also you could try Superhot VR or Rick and Morty VR

  28. Ola Jingles! I’m doing a hail mary here if ever there would be a chance you’d see this comment but this comment has been bugging me everytime I watch Mingles with Jingles.

    I kinda miss the old tidbits of history you put in the end of Mingles, and idk how many of your other fans feel the same way, but I was wondering if it would be a nice idea to do your war story tidbits but this time expounding on the epic medals we get when we all play World of Tanks, like the Kolobanov, Pascucci, and the like. Just throwing out ideas. 🙂

    An avid fan from the far east, been loving your work, even the new, non-WG content. Cheers, sir!

  29. I would watch Jingles play basically anything….he’s just that kind of youtuber 😀

  30. Benjamin Nigel Semmler

    so whens the alien isolation vr video coming out?

  31. I just got an Oculus two weeks ago myself. I would love seeing War Thunder or Elite Dangerous anytime!

  32. Jingles can you do a video of the Queen elizabeth coming into Portsmouth. I’m too far away to come watch

  33. I watch that

  34. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was getting dizzy with the jerky movements and stuttering while he was floating around. I think even 20 more minutes of that and I’d have to stop watching.

  35. holy fucksticks, youtube’s automatic closed captions have improved by leaps and bounds

  36. If you are pressed for space, the HTC vive is much better at making use of all the space in the play area, and has a superior tracking system.

  37. Hey Jingles what about including some more of that star wars 360 stuff in future episodes? Its really awsome. Keep up the good work 😀

  38. would be cool but imo id rather see more cold waters

  39. I would watch a playthrough of this game.

  40. I would love to see you Play Lone Echo. But please, don’t just throw away your mancave stuff to make enough space to be able to play it 😛

  41. If you played that game, I would watch it even in 2D. Are you planning on doing any Elite Dangerous videos? How far have you got in Elite Dangerous? I am at end game ships so needless to say I know quite a lot. Hope you enjoy Elite as much as me

  42. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching you play War Thunder again at all, 3D or not.

  43. Definitely better to watch than Cold Waters. I’m jealous, but enjoy Lone Echo.

  44. Please please please do a series on Lone echoe.

  45. Stephen Shaun Kelly


  46. I’d watch the living hell out of a Lone Echo series. It looks like absolute fun and I’m really wanting to see a series of this at some point.

  47. I don’t think it really matters what you play, your follows will watch you play anything.

  48. Knowing that your an elite dangerous player, are you heading to the Frontier Exp in October?

  49. You gotta try VTOL VR!

  50. In terms of Redecorating you might want ot pay your local British heart Funiture shop for some more display cases/ cubords.

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