Mingles with Jingles Episode 211

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This weeks’ Mingles is a bit rushed since I’m recording it on Saturday rather than the usual Sunday. Why’s that, Jingles? Well watch the video and see!



  1. fucking shit 17 minutes ahhhhh neeed more. its alright I hope you keep doing these episodes though better than nothing..


  3. It’s that bloody shorter than average episode again

  4. gunnut9810 gaming

    I hope you upload the replays of your streams

  5. I know how much you enjoy the sound of a Merlin Engine. Jay Leno’s Channel, his latest video he has one running with out the Spitfire, never the less it is a, as he put it, a “Demonstrator.”

  6. JunckMAn video channel

    what is that ‘baby’ sound @4:36?

  7. Jingles – Everything works in VR. You need to stop thinking about it as purely a first person game experience. The games with god/my toys view are superb, try them. I’d buy sexy b in heartbeat if it was VR.

  8. here’s eve gives a like

  9. Jolly good, Jingles.

  10. Hey Jingles, I actually grew up in Düsseldorf!
    Please make sure to check out the Altstadt, it is gorgeous!

  11. I was sorry to hear about Your dog, altho his snoring sounded totally cute! Hope the lil guy gets better quick!

  12. One of Dany’s dragons die

  13. the vid running on the back (wows) wth, 75% of team dead and u were near 100% with below 50k dmg…

  14. @The Mighty Jingles you should try “Subnautica”, its a really beautyfull Game that can be played either normally (Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor” or with a VR Set. The Game is nearly finished and the Devs are cleaning up the Code for Permance etc. Checkout the Lets-Play Series from “Valcry” for a a look into the Game

  15. Its ya boiii naked molerat

    Buy and play “The long dark” you won’t be disappointed

  16. Caleb Warrior1000

    So Jingles, is England your city?

  17. aint u gamescoming?

  18. Firewatch is my favourite game I’ve played, unfortunate I’ll never get to experience it over again.

  19. damn i… last week was just togood to be true… and now an under 20 minutes mingles with jingles video 🙁
    WE WANT MORE JINGLES!!! ^^ *liftingmysaltminepickaxe*

  20. I started to play Alien: Isolation by myself and I just can’t / want to play it xD
    It’s sooo good, I can understand your decision not to finish it.

  21. Jingles! I’m glad you’re enjoying firewatch, but I found the last bit of gameplay/story to be rather disappointing, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on that when you finish the game

  22. The Mighty Man God returns. All bow, all scrape and moan in fear. The Supreme Being is back!

  23. Be careful in germany jingles I don’t want to hear of u having been caught up in some very bad things

  24. I want to watch this over coffee and breakfast, but Jingles released it about 45 minutes too early for that… watch it now or wait 45 excruciating minutes? Damn you jingles!

  25. been up for 45 minutes and already 2900 views……

  26. Rocketmaster 2016

    Jingles cologne and dusseldorf are next to one another they even share their airport.
    I’ll go back to mines now.

  27. I hope Boo feels better soon, poor lil pup 🙁

  28. Hello Jingles!

    First off I’ve enjoyed you Mingles with Jingles series for quite a while. Around 2 years if my memory serves me correctly.
    Having played EVE: Valkyrie myself with PSVR, I would like to say a word of warning: EVE: Valkyrie can be a bit… vomit inducing is probably the best description, because that there is no up or down direction and is fast paced.
    Don’t get me wrong it’s certainly a really good game and completly recommend it but be prepared to get a little dizzy.

  29. Yay, day off from the Salt mines 🙂

  30. watch Jingles fail to ht a DM Donskoi lol

  31. “blind playthroughs” is an most exellent idea for twitch

  32. Aww get better little Boo <3 and thank you our Mighty Overlord for the day off tomorrow . hope you have a brilliant time in Germany...... what shell we do ....... a day off ... its unheard of .........

  33. when that balitmore does more damage with Ap than a BB lol

  34. Jingles you should watch the Dev Diaries on Hellblade. It shows how they made the game on a shoestring budget, it is something to see and pretty good

  35. Does Antichamber support VR? I guess it’s too old for that, but I would love to Jingles getting confused as hell 😀

  36. All those games you mentioned for playing on Twitch sounded super interesting, but I don’t use twitch – I don’t really enjoy live streams because they feel like an entertainment gamble, if that makes sense? Like, YouTube videos are edited, tailored to be entertaining. Twitch is, well… “Live” so I don’t generally follow anyone because I’d rather watch the edited down highlight version of something.

    But, lets plays are different, and I would want to watch you play those games.

    But with me never going to Twitch, I’m never going to know when the videos are up or when to tune in and watch.

    I’m not on twitter either, so I don’t suppose you could upload the videos to YouTube as well?

    Or even just let us know in Mingles with Jingles that you’ve played the game and the catch up videos are on Twitch or something?

    ‘Cos otherwise I’ll miss it and that would suck 🙁

  37. Oh my god boo is so cute lmao

  38. imbetterthanyouis

    im going to spoil fire watch because its not worth it , you spend the time going on pointless excersises while the shela on the radio annoys you and even pick teases you and after a bunch of nothing ,,,, yeah the guy following you ends up being nothing then you get evacuated from the tower the shela occupies and its the you find she fucked off hours before you and by that point you only want to see what she looks like and you never do and thats it ,,,,, like i said it aint worth it

  39. Don’t buy firewatch it’s shit.

  40. Wait you free Xp’d through Nagato? What did you find wrong with, it remember the stock hull being a bit shit, but loved her later on, though i will say that during Nagato and Amagi was when i really started improving in the game, i used most of my free Xp for the last 100K of Izumo, and i now have Yamato.

    Anyone else hyped for Kii? (Which if you dont know i an Amagi-Class premium IJN BB, with N’Lina AA and Mutsus Torpedos….

  41. Get better Boo.

  42. Jingles, im going to ask again just for safe measure 😉 but where is Random Acts of Violence? We havent seen one for 9 months 🙁
    Or has it been waiting for a baby?

  43. Jingles, you should totally record the streams and put them up on YouTube

  44. Jingles, play Warframe!

  45. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    what are you guys going to do with the day off from the saltmines? 🙂

  46. You can hear Boo growling in the background. When did you last feed him Jingles?

  47. Darn no cold waters ??


  49. What is the mod pack you’re using?

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