Mingles with Jingles Episode 212 – Emergency Mingles!

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This episode of Mingles with Jingles sponsored and approved by Highly Competent Upload Minion Eddie, the artist formerly known as Incompetent Camera Minion Eddie.


System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Yay for Eddie! Any internet café about? Free connection at local library, or school? 😉

  2. Would turning off your engines act as a countermeasure for Heat seeking missiles?

  3. Give Warthunder 2-3 years and they will introduce Gundams

  4. the quality of the graphics of this video seems to be better than normal
    We all know WarGaming sucks

  5. Why not tether your phone to your PC? It’d work in a pinch and grant you some internet on the PC, not enough to game but should be enough to sort out your emails and shit.

  6. Getting tired of all these CC that make money thanks to these companies and thye think they have the right to say whatever they want and get away with it, and they sure don’t know the word diplomacy. It’s ok to get rid of these idiots that are becoming more and more toxic, that little number right next to subscribe button are going to their heads and they think they are untouchables. You screw it in any company and you are out, simple as that.

  7. well actually jingles that German aircraft carrier it was on sale on NA server too.

  8. You have an incontinent ISP?

  9. You don’t have a Mc Donalds nearby? Free wifi.

  10. Warthunder? Balance?

    I don’t think balance has ever been a huge concern for Gaijin.

  11. Can’t wait for the cold waters video 🙂

  12. Make a personal wifi hotspot with your phone and log in with your pc to that.

  13. Eddie you glorious glorious man. Many thanks for your heroic services! My children and their children and their childrens children will be named in your honor! You should be knighted good sir!

  14. Jose Paulo Almeida Vicoso

    Jingles shutup about WT, they are going to be the big game in the nearest future, cause they work, they try, they also fail, after all they are humans.
    And for your info, now, is only Grounde Forces………….. before speake, listen.

    But i understand you prefer copies of copies, like Pudel, like Chinese tanks (WG)……….. and not so far, say also good by to AW.

    One subscriber less…………

  15. War gaming saw what happen in Charlottesville and someone said “let’s fuck the Nazis!” And thus the Graf Zeppelin was given to us in its current form.

  16. the next tank to be added to war thunder: the M808 Scorpion

  17. 11:00 Id be willing to bet everyone still grinding the t54 to get to all the t10 mediums is dragging down the win rate.

  18. Jingles, its typical Russian” better than everybody else” complex.  Goes in hand with the insane buffs to Russian hardware in all their games.  Everyone,,,,you get what you pay for.   That is all..

  19. So Eddie is a spy!! That is his job!

  20. I saw the title, and knowing the drama stirring from what happened to iChase, assumed this was going to be another “Not Mingles With Jingles” type video.

  21. Thank You Eddie!!!!  Jingles it is what the fuck it is!  Looking forward to when your ISP gets their  head and Ass wired together!  Matt C.

  22. I genuinely dislike Wargaming as a company at this point, to the point where I have stopped playing their games, and actively discourage people from playing their games as well.

  23. Jingles you can tether you phone to your PC and use it for an internet connection

  24. The T54 just needed better AP pen and leave the rest the same, wouldn’t have to resort to HEAT

  25. I think WT should, eventually, maybe not at the start, separate the trees. You have T1-5 planes and tanks, and then you have T6+ planes and tanks. (also maybe let people start at the T6 like they did at T1?)

  26. Jingles, you can set up your phone as a hotspot and share the internet off to your PC, so you can use the mobile data to check emails and youtube stuff off your PC.

  27. why you heff to be mad at service providers

  28. I did actually think about getting the Graf Zeppelin, because my channel hit 1000 views this weekend (that is a big number for me) and I wanted to celebrate. I decided against it because, although I find the historical might-have-been-ness of it interesting, I don’t actually like aircraft carriers that much and got the Atlanta instead.

    That ship is hilarious. I’ve yet to win a single game but I’ve never seen a ship output so much damage so quickly. You just get into range and switch on the hosepipe. Of course, getting into range without dying is a bit of a struggle….

  29. every cloud has a silver lining! More Cold Waters! Great!

  30. >be first world UK
    >every year netproblems
    >be thirdworld shit Hungary
    >not a single day since 15 years without internet
    really activates my almonds

  31. Jingles you can use your phone as a mobile router for your PC. USB tether and your connection should be pretty solid.

  32. Everyone write complaint letters to Virgin Media and pressure them to fix Jingle’s Internet!

  33. Just plug your phone into your pc and connect to the Internet with your phone and use pc as normal just don’t play online games or mobile data will disappear rapidly

  34. Dear Jingles… a slight technical error re F-4 gun pod…they mounted one center line (bellY LOL) SUU-23 NOT under the wings. They were slightly better than no gun at all. It was basically the sawed off shotgun version of a gattling gun and spray and pray beyond close n personal distances IF they worked. Held a whopping 300 rds if memory served..squirt , squirt ammo gone!
    lt was just a very poor stopgap till a internal gun could be incorporated in the F-4E model. Cheers

  35. Cold War Holdover

    Jingles, do you have a vid.me account? Since youtube is shooting itself in the foot, I’d like to have all my favorite creators all in one place instead of switching inbetween each.

  36. i did not found anything about the t-54 in the patch notes!

  37. Head out to a library or a university campus to use their wifi

  38. WG is being the typical Russian company again and scamming everybody, especially us stupid cash cows the AKA known as Europeans.

    How they handled iChase is maybe in their right but also completely out of line.

  39. WT will still be a grind fest, taking years for the casual player to reach tier 4-5, i play on occasion and am just now researching the bulldog and jumbo with the long barrel

  40. Jingles, you should consider mobile phone tethering, happy to give a walk through. Essentially you use your mobile as a wifi spot, so then you can link up your PC to it. Ok, it uses your mobile data, but shouldn’t use much to upload the odd video or do a bit of web browsing etc, even downloading small replay files. When I get the odd hiccough I use it, even played WoT via my mobile just fine!

  41. Hey Jingles. As a network technician I can tell you that there’s no real reason that you should have a recurring problem like this every year. Unless your ISP is doing unscheduled maintenance every year this time (which isn’t supposed to disable the network for nearly a week). Please consider changing to a different ISP as I believe your current one is incompetent. Also, since you are running your business on your internet line, maybe consider renting a backup internet solution for redundancy in case something like this happens in the future, preferably your backup line should run through different channels than your primary line (one fiber and one a wireless link for example). Also, if you aren’t already doing so, consider renting a business internet package instead of a home package, the business packages usually take priority when it comes to solving issues and also has better contention ratios (better speeds during peak times). Hope you see this.

  42. the radar guided Sparrow was not fire and forget you had to keep your nose pointed at the target, let’s not forget the lightning and the crusader both had missiles and guns and the Dassault marriages.

  43. Hello Incompetent minion Eddy. Thank you for this video

  44. Horray for Eddie!

  45. yeah idk jingles im in australia and my internet just cut out for a few days

  46. I know a lot of people are gonna disagree with me, but I always prefer a bit of imbalance in a game like warthunder and other war games like heroes and generals. It forces players who have the disadvantage to get creative and co-operate to get stuff done, I’m well aware that most of the time that won’t happen and players just bitch about it being unfair, but it IS a WAR game, it was never meant to be fair. I’m just a realism nerd I guess.

  47. Jingles, since you don’t have an internet connection you might not be aware of this, but WG has gone above and beyond, issuing a full apology, taking the Graf off the shops until further notice, providing a FULL REFUND to whoever asks for one regarding the graf zeppling, regardless of how many games they played in it.

    furthermore, the Graf Zeppling is going in for a long overhaul (or so they claim) and the new release date of the ship is unknown at the moment.

  48. YEA Eddie! Hero of the salt mines!!!

  49. hm, vietnam era jets? bombing open top vehicles with napalm? hell yeah!

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