Mingles with Jingles Episode 213

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Source: The Mighty

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What? I don’t have time to write witty video descriptions every day. I’m a busy gnome!


  1. Jingles, you’ve missed the point. Go and watch iChase’s video about where he’ll go next. The reason why he declined to rejoin was because he didn’t feel right about being reinstated after the situation with WG. After all, if iChase was reinstated, this will possibly have repercussions on other banned contributors as well such as SirFoch. That is the reason WHY he declined being reinstated.

    Please, don’t misinform people about situations like this as this is getting really old.

  2. i have to thank you jingles. few years ago you videos saved my life. was in a very bad spot and saw a kV2 viedo..lol i love the stories you tell on mingles with jingles. keep up the good work and again thank yuou

  3. Cpt. Jingles McDingelberries

  4. I lost my internet for a few days earlier this year. My parents came to see to me to make sure everything was alright because they hadn’t seen me on facebook. They seem like nice people 🙂

  5. More cold waters. I haven’t played it myself but I actually enjoy watching it. HI JINGLES!

  6. That E5 game was so damn good omgggg am I the only one that was clenching like hell watching that?!

  7. OBS is pretty good Jingles

  8. As always great video, interesting flag for the Dresden, will the centre part appear in WoT

  9. More war stories please !!!! Enjoyed both of them …..

  10. Use OBS Studio to record Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr, its what I use and it works good and is stable.

  11. @ 19:22 that skill spam….. i have no words

  12. very impressive gunnery skills by Mr. Petley

  13. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    Yeah, when I saw a Battleship firing it’s main cannons for the first time after the update I thought the ship was exploding.

  14. Jingles try Action! a friend of mine uses it and it’s yet to crash on a single game.

  15. Jingles: I am with you on Deathwing, it was truly awful!! Tell me, do you suffer a lot of crashes in XCom? – mine is up and down like a brides nightie, it seems to mostly revolve around the bits when you send 2 of your guys off to become better buddies OR wen you send you troops off to do missions for the 3 new factions. It is SERIOUSLY pissing me off. Full game lock up and pc restart required 🙁

  16. Hi Jingles,

    Maybe OBS will work as a recording device, pretty good app

  17. One of the best mingles in a blue moon.

  18. Thinking of War Stories, Jingles, what do you think of us Console Peasants getting a form of Campaign mode in World of Tanks?

  19. TIL SOE’s nickname was the ministry of ungentlemanly warfare.

  20. Jingles try OBS, it works pretty well for recording footage, because you know, thats one of its 2 main functions

  21. There’s a norwegian mini tv-series from 2015 about the heavy water sabotage, “Kampen om tungtvannet”. It’s pretty good.

  22. Hey Jingles have you looked at Raid:  WWII yet?  This appeared on my Steam account as a beta.  Best part so far?  John Cleese as Control for the League of Unextrordanary Gentlemen.

  23. jingles you should try playing warhammer 40k

  24. That e5 replay made me sick. Heat spam…

  25. Hey Jingles CC program or not we are still here, and will be for iChase too. Keep up the good videos all!

  26. Have you played Warhammer Vermintide?

  27. More cold waters plz

  28. I can’t say thankyou enough, Jingles you’re an amazing man and we are honoured you have shared that story for us, and that your audience appreciates it, to see so many comments so quickly yesterday was amazing, so glad Dad got to see and appreciate both the video and the reaction.. I didn’t tell him what was coming, I just played the video from the start of the Norsk Hydro story, and let it play, he woke up fast when he saw the Petley brothers and the pic of the SS Monmouth Coast! Amazing effect to watch. ?
    and Mum said he had a good night last night, which for dementia is a rare thing.
    Please keep telling stories for as long as you can Jingles, everyone will agree they’re a pleasure to hear. ?
    Grandads was a minor chapter in the grand scheme of WW2 but it takes many strokes to paint a picture eh. ?
    Thanks everyone.

  29. That T110E5 replay was disgusting … One of the most op T10 HT spamming prem ammo. It’s painful to watch wot replays nowadays.

  30. Jingles, I have both bandicam & ezvid. ezvid I had 1st & its not to bad. Gives a wide variety of music unless you add your own (which might not be a bad idea)& has a pretty good editor.

  31. Ruben Vancoppenolle

    “The heavy water war” is a short serie about the sabotage of the hydroplant in Norway and it’s really good

  32. 5 days without internet first world problems …….

  33. OBS, MSI Afterburner

  34. It’s been a while since I’ve been on this channel. I’m just wondering if SideStrafe and Jingels is still friends since I’ve noticed that they’ve both have stopped featuring each others channels on their Youtube page?

  35. jingles can you make another tank review?

  36. I can recommend a new serie about the soe, its called: the heavy water war. Norwegian mini series, very good!

  37. if you come to the Dayton airshow i will buy you lunch or something

  38. Use ‘Gameshow’ , that is for Twitch streaming and recording. Works fine!

  39. Jingles im not sure if you are aware or you allready purchased but theres a new game released on last thursday by the name of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock & since you’re a huge fan of the Battlestar Galactica Franchise like i am, i thought i would let you know:)

  40. The german atomic program was literally a hole in the ground.

  41. That maus

  42. Its that last story that hero’s come from. Doing their job to the best of their ability inspite of circumstances and then carrying on. Well done and Thanks to the gentleman for his effort.

  43. Loved the war stories at the end jingles! Thanks

  44. Jingles! You should try OBS. Records great even without streaming and can stream too! I use it myself and the only game it’s crashed with is Wolfenstein.

  45. I am really interested in Inquisitor Martyr, but 50 € for an early access game from a franchise where most recent entries have turned out to be duds?
    Thanks, I learned my lesson in that regard. Maybe if it is more fleshed out at that time, I will get it during the Christmas Sale, but at the moment, I am highly skeptical. So far it seems like Games Workshop did not really have a particulary good hand when they chose who will get access to their license.

  46. I’d love to be a community contributor for WoT Blitz and WoT; however, there doesn’t seem to be any formal process in place to apply. My goal in 4 or 5 years is to be a content creator full time, so the work involved in being a CC would be welcome as it would be a win-win situation. I’ve also heard that WarGaming is going to put in place a Global CC program and that would be great, as well, as I play Blitz on the North American, European, Russian, and Asian servers. Any advice as to how to get WGings attention (positive not negative)? I’ve been to TankFest and Gamescom, but staff are so busy that you can’t even get in to talk to them and even though I am active on their forums I don’t seem to be making any headway. Of course, I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes so I’ll just continue to do what I’m doing in the hopes of gaining their attention and achieving the goal of becoming a GCC.

  47. Nice description jingles, love it

  48. That was much of a joy to watch….

  49. Good on you jingles for that last story, it’s the little bits and pieces you add into mingles that make it special and stand out from the rest, thanks for your content.

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