Mingles with Jingles Episode 214

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On your marks, get set…. MINGLE!


  1. Canada did have a Sergeant at Arms in Parliament who had to defend the government from a terrorist. Kevin Vickers, when there was an attack, had to go to his office and get his handgun, then return to shoot the terrorist. The terrorist gunman had already killed a soldier who was serving as ceremonial guard at a memorial nearby.

  2. I think the argument for changing smoke is using it for teammates as a DEFENSIVE ability – smoking the BB that’s being focusfired – is fine, and still works 100%. The BB then using that smokescreen as an OFFENSIVE ability – sitting in the smoke and camping while firing citadels with impunity is the problem, and will no longer work. BB can hide, but can’t strike while kemping bush.

  3. So does this mean we can ask Jingles for a handshake while he is taking a leak? He only said not to bother him while he is having lunch.

  4. Having only 10 days actual combat experience, Maj. Currie did not know tthe mission he as given was impossible. So he accomplished it anyway.

  5. Jingles do a story from the rats of Tobruk. First to stop Rommel in his tracks!

  6. Woah… a BB nerf? In WoWs? Excuse me?

  7. I live on General Currie St.

  8. Sir, that is fucking cool they’re going to help look in to the shooting down of the planes.  Your last story of Major Currie was truly Excellent.   Thank You for another great Mingles with Jingles.    Matt C

  9. Fuck yeah, Canada!

  10. Jingles, I’m sure a lot of us minions in the salt mines would love if you made your Heroes storytime a semi-regular thing on Mingles with Jingles. Your stories never fail to disappoint and although I consider myself to be a bit of a history buff (Even with the terrible Wi-Fi we get in the mines), most of the time I’d never even heard of these exploits.
    Maybe call it: “Jingles Hall of Ultimate Badasses”.
    Just a pitiful request from a humble servant.

  11. It’s like Arty’s in Tanks.

  12. #neverforget

  13. Totally outgunned, outnumbered and under-powered? Just attack first! True badass Canadian 🙂

  14. wg talks about balancing tanks in wot, if tanks are balanced, how can they flip!!!

  15. Hi, Canadian here, I would just like to point out that the Canadian forces in Normandy were bolstered by free Polish forces operating under the command of the Canadian Army. During Canada’s efforts to aid other allied forces in the sealing of the pocket these Poles were among the most reliable soldiers the Canadian army could field and they were heavily relied upon to perform under difficult circumstances. The Polish units paid dearly for their role in closing the gap and I think it’s only fair that if the Canadians are getting praise that they do as well.

  16. Admittedly I think the way they could make the smokescreens a little more… “fair” would be to make it so that when you fire from within one, you momentarily pop up inside the smokescreen, then vanish again. This would mean that high DPS ships would have to stagger their fire-rate in order to keep from just being lit-up 24/7, and KEEP MOVING inside the smokescreen, and bigger ships like battleships couldn’t just sit in smokescreens since they fire once, they’re gonna get spotted and will be harder to move themselves back and forth like a destroyer or light cruiser can do.

    I HATE fighting ships that have smokescreens since all they do is just hide in the damn thing and use their DPS to hammer me down without me being able to do a thing about it. Would be nice if it wasn’t an “I win” button and actually required a bit of forethought to use properly.

  17. I love story time with Jingles, he has a way with words that makes u not want him to shut up, I could listen to him talk for days

  18. Are you going to use a drone at Tiger Day?

  19. Love the nod to the Canadians jingles, so much badassery on our side of the pond!

  20. Sadly, Lt. Col. Currie’s Victoria Cross is the only among the 16 awarded to Canadians for WWII to have never been on museum display.

  21. Jingles, will you try Total War Arena Beta?

  22. does he even know that Rita cheated on him?

  23. Story time with uncle jingles is the best!

  24. the Canadian story in confirmed fake news

  25. Maus or e-100 parking in front ? What the hell man this is random battles not clan wars LuL

  26. These changes sound like they will make British cruisers more garbage than they already are.

  27. Cool war story – thanks Jingles!

  28. Surely hiding behind, but not in a smokescreen wouldn’t really change anything. I don’t expect people are going to notice a huge difference unless they try to be that guy who only plays Yamato in smoke. And fuck that guy anyway.

  29. Jingles I think it’s more a case of there not being an effective counter to smoke firing besides consumables which requires certain lines of ships to play, setting a smoke opposite and blind firing, or radar firing or suicide charging is the only real counter, tho I guess this only apply to competitive

  30. Jingles should definitely do a Storytime Sunday or War Story Wednesday every other week that would be awesome!

  31. The kings of the sea tournament (and most competitive games) are just two groups of cry babies shooting at each other from smoke, not particularly exciting. They should make it bbs only, that would at least be fun to watch.
    This change is really gonna hurt british cruisers though. Just have a dd get within 6km of their smoke and detect them, then the bbs can instantly destroy them…

  32. Speaking of rockstar WoT teammate, I once had a game in my T29 on Murovanka. We swiftly won the west flank, however we lost a lot of tanks in the process. The enemy team steamrolled the east flank, and as the last tanks there were dying, I rolled into the cap circle (north)… which had no cover nor usable terrain for hull down save for one breakable house that pretty much could only protect me from the middle. Still, we were heavily outnumbered. I had to try and win it by cap.

    As the cap went up above 80%, enemy tanks started rolling into view along the K line. The enemy IS-3 popped out, aimed for me. I got all the cap points. If he did so much as tracked me, we’d be surely toast.

    Then out of nowhere, this one-shot friendly O-Ni rolled in and put himself between myself and the IS-3. He died for it. I suddenly had a hard cover I can use in the form of our dead O-Ni corpse.

    I was baffled, but I said thanks.

    He said “np.”

    He knew what he was doing.

    We won that one by cap. Thanks rockstar O-Ni, and the rest of the team who did phenomenal job in slowing the enemy down.

  33. Jingles let me paint a picture for you:
    A three men/women division of a minotaur, yamato and des moins/moskva, sitting 5km away from the enemy front lines, almost completely immune to damage (mino hydro des moins/moskva radar and yamato float plane for visibility, and insane AA power), doing absolute massive amounts of damage with impunity.

    Granted, wonderful teamplay, but is it really fun or engaging or fair (because this is after all somthing to be considered for both teams), or even skill based? apperantly WG thinks not, and frankly, in that circumstance, i agree (and i know because i was both on the recieving AND on the dishing out side of such a division).

  34. Loved the story about David Vivian Currie.

  35. Thus the saying “crazy canucks”

  36. Hey Jingles! Your Jingling as of late is completely OP. Whoever mingled this last Jingles realy Jingled it this time and should be fired (trom a TOG2)

  37. It’s simple, they wanted to remove BBs firing from smoke, but they nerfed heavy cruisers in the process, which, by all means, aren’t any more durable than high tier light cruisers (except RN, but those have the super-heal). The main reason for this was the smoke camping meta in competitive, as you won’t see any BBs get smoked up in randoms unless it’s an OMNI/WGP2W/AAO/etc division

  38. Here is the full citation for Curries VC including a couple of things Jingles missed out.

    In Normandy on 18th August, 1944, Major Currie was in command of a small mixed force of Canadian tanks, self-propelled anti-tank guns and infantry which was ordered to cut one of the main escape routes from the Falaise pocket.

    This force was held up by strong enemy resistance in the village of St. Lambert sur Dives and two tanks were knocked out by 88 mm guns. Major Currie immediately entered the village alone on foot at last light through the enemy outposts to reconnoitre the German defences and to extricate the crews of the disabled tanks, which he succeeded in doing in spite of heavy mortar fire.
    Early the following morning, without any previous artillery bombardment, Major Currie personally led an attack on the village in the face of fierce opposition from enemy tanks, guns and infantry and by noon had succeeded in seizing and consolidating a position half-way inside the village.

    During the next 36 hours the Germans hurled one counter-attack after another against the Canadian force but so skilfully had Major Currie organised his defensive position that these attacks were repulsed with severe casualties to the enemy after heavy fighting.

    At dusk on 20th August the Germans attempted to mount a final assault on the Canadian positions, but the attacking force was routed before it could even be deployed. Seven enemy tanks, twelve 88 mm. guns and forty vehicles were destroyed, 300 Germans were killed, 500 wounded and 2,100 captured. Major Currie then promptly ordered an attack and completed the capture of the village, thus denying the Chambois-Trun escape route to the remnants of two German armies cut off in the Falaise pocket.

    Throughout three days and nights of fierce fighting, Major Currie’s gallant conduct and contempt for danger set a magnificent example to all ranks of the force under his command.
    On one occasion he personally directed the fire of his command tank on to a Tiger tank which had been harassing his position and succeeded in knocking it out. During another attack, while the guns of his command tank were taking on other targets of longer ranges, he used a rifle from the turret to deal with individual snipers who had infiltrated to within fifty yards of his headquarters.

    The only time reinforcements were able to get through to his force, he himself led the forty men forward into their positions and explained the importance of their task as a part of the defence. When, during the next attack, these new reinforcements withdrew under the intense fire brought down by the enemy, he personally collected them and led them forward into position again, where, inspired by his leadership they held for the remainder of the battle.
    His employment of the artillery support, which became available after his original attack went in, was typical of his cool calculation of the risks involved in every situation. At one time, despite the fact that short rounds were falling within fifteen yards of his own tank, he ordered fire from medium artillery to continue because of its devastating effect upon the attacking enemy in his immediate area.

    Throughout the operation the casualties to Major Currie’s force were heavy. However, he never considered the possibility of failure or allowed it to enter the minds of his men. In the words of one of his non-commissioned officers, ‘We knew at one stage that it was going to be a fight to a finish but he was so cool about it, it was impossible for us to get excited’.

    Since all the officers under his command were either killed or wounded during the action, Major Currie had virtually no respite from his duties and in fact obtained only one hour’s sleep during the entire period. Nevertheless he did not permit his fatigue to become apparent to his troops and throughout the action took every opportunity to visit weapon pits and other defensive posts to talk to his men, to advise them as to the best use of their weapons and to cheer them with words of encouragement. When his force was finally relieved and he was satisfied that the turnover was complete he fell asleep on his feet and collapsed.

    There can be no doubt that the success of the attack on and stand against the enemy at St. Lambert sur Dives can largely be attributed to this officer’s coolness, inspired leadership and skilful use of the limited weapons at his disposal.

    The courage and devotion to duty shown by Major Currie during a prolonged period of heavy fighting were outstanding and had a far-reaching effect on the successful outcome of the battle.

  39. Why does the TOG II have 14kmh top speed again? I can’t see any balance reason for it to have that low of a speed limit and have no armor unlike the T95 which can actually protect itself.

  40. I’ve wasted the smoke to many times for ships, especially BBs, who didn’t took the advantage of it that I gave up using it for the sake of others. From my point of view, the smoke change is a really good change, teamplay is far more than smoking your mates, also improves skill in the detriment of camping ( see Belfast& Kutuzov, op ships for a reason).

  41. “It’s open season on Jingles.”

    I await the follow up video adding toilets to the “exclusion” zone. . .

  42. “Actually Jingles”, at Falaise pocket there was also 1st Polish Armoured Division, part of the First Canadian Army, which held Mt. Ormel. I mean there were not only American, British and Canadian forces present during this battle.

  43. Jingles ,you internet-less caveman ,you haven’t heard of Bethesda’s paid mods great success ?!

  44. What if the Wargaming implements buff and de-buff mechanics when doing or not doing teamwork?

    So ship formations fx made of 3 ships or more. Bigger or smaller team combinations with different strengths and weaknesses. Fx a tripple battleship salvo on a single target buff or a effective armor buff to a proper tactic formation creating a wall to the weaker ships on your team witch means that DD are needed to get that down properly or 3 cruisers against aircraft range buff when having broadside to the planes simultaneously or quicker gunfire or something. Maybe destroyers torp speedbuff when stealth launches at a specific range or smoke armor buff because angeling is effected of bad visibillity against the DD. Then perhaps blurred shadows and bloomeffects when firing indside the smoke and the bigger the ship the more visible the silhouette and blurred shadow witch disappear between gunfire so you see a blink not several frames of movement meaning you cant see the direction they are sailing if they only fire once. Aircrafts could be harder to spot and shoot when coming from behind and anti-airguns will be less effective at rear and stern but gets destroyed at the broadside of the ship.

    Every buff shall have an advantage and a disadvantage so there is a obvious counter to it or getting a buff means you get a debuff too perhaps until formation is broken. Fx stronger against armor piercing shells but gets weaker against HE or wise versa. Things like this so teamwork is rewarded in the match and counter play is possible for experienced players. With these buffs and debuffs the team efforts get more attractive including team effort in counterplay as well. This is just some ideas to make things a bit more interesting and if they could make it realistic too would be awesome. Pls tell me what you think and have a nice day.

  45. Jingles, you meant Pz.IV not Tigers, am I right? On whole western front there were maybe 20 Tigers operational (both I and II after air strikes of Allies) or less! Most of Allied commanders couldn’t tell difference of Pz.IV from Pz.VI or VII! All Pz.IV were called Tigers in all Allied encounters!
    In Normandy most of Tigers were in 503 Heavy Tank Battalion which had 45 Tigers, but after bombing raids on 18-19 July 1944 they had lost 44 of 45 Tigers… So, where that bullshit is coming from? 2nd Panzer Division (Wermaht) had only Pz.V (Panthers), but 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” was in South of France and was recalled to north part, reaching Paris in end of July 1944. “Das Reich” lost majority of tanks in 4 August in 1944 due to air strikes and allied anti-tank gun fire at start of Operation Lüttich.
    How the heck “Das Reich” could be encircled by Allies at the end of July? “Das Reich” was there as late as 7 to 17 August 1944!

    This story is… bogus! Or at least overrated! If that was not 2nd SS Panzer Division, then he faced 2nd Wermaht Panzer Division which had no Tigers, but Panthers! But war stories are exaggerated!

  46. you should play PvP in WoW,its fun and profitable .

  47. Oh boy.

    Mangles wit Jangles.

  48. Considering that you can only see approx 6km around you in a ship due to the curvature of the earth, it strikes me as strange that they didn’t cap it there, but hey, reality wtf is that. Also Currie is a fucking legend!

  49. Have no worries Jingles, Notser will be next to go off

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