Mingles with Jingles Episode 215

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In this weeks episode I go to Tiger Day, talk about obvious xp sinks in free-to-play games, cover what’s new in World of Tanks, laugh at the hopeless incompetence of the German WWII Intelligence services and celebrate a German War Hero.

This weeks War Stories courtesy of “The War in The West” byJames Holland.


  1. I rather like my 3001P… like it isn’t good but I am enjoying playing in it. I’m shocked you didn’t mention the AMX 40 when talking about EXP sinks…

  2. Jingles You should read Tigers in The mud. About Otto craus.

  3. This is why I will always prefer War Thunder to WOT any day. At least in war thunder you can use a tank or plane you actually enjoy playing, and one that’s good to unlock a tank or plane in another part of the tech-tree, and not have to follow down the same line of tanks to unlock the next one in that line. I’ve always hated that about WOT and World of Warships.

  4. It was actually relatively common for the Germans to recruit saboteurs from the Russians in concentration camps and POW camps. They weren’t trusted, and didn’t give them much in the way of material, but keeping them, feeding them, and guarding them was a drain, and if some of them actually committed any acts of sabotage it would be a plus for them. They were recruited by a man named Bronislav Karminski, a disaffected former Soviet who felt betrayed by the Soviet Union and felt the only way for his homeland to get better was for the government to fall.

  5. Re 11:40 Furutaka says hello.

  6. For some reason, in my memory, I really enjoyed playing the Lee.

  7. The Yellow Pages A to K

    If I put my hand on my wallet to convert XP in WOT or WOWS my wife would kill me, but life is short 🙂

  8. Excellent work, Jingles. Please keep it up . All the best.

  9. Speaking of bad tanks – what is the point of AT-7?????

  10. I just have to say,….watching the beginning of this video…..it is great to see that all the tanks have GROUND GUIDES…..as we used to call them when I was in the US military. Safety first!

  11. I’m done with Wargaming. Reinstalled WoWS to try to play through the British battleships. Had it installed for one week, usually earned about 3 kills per match, never won a single game. Not one. I’m done. It’s just not worth the frustration.

  12. Too bad console isn’t gonna see this update for 2-3 years, my Type 59 will always suck.

  13. I was the opposite, I bought a year premium for WoWs the week it went Live. I worked my way thru the American BB line until I got to the Colorado. I lasted about 3 days trying to play the Colorado and then quit playing the game completely. In other news, I really enjoy listening to your vids while I’m suppose to be working…

  14. I was iffy on the Lee in WoT. Had a few acceptable games, but I didn’t need anyone to tell me that it was a bad tank. On the other hand, it’s great in War Thunder when you learn how to use it. BTW, I’m also a fan of the M6 Heavy.

  15. These war stories are so great and sad.they could male a movie about every story jigles pickes

  16. Despite people loving the ship, I cannot win a game, let alone survive one in the North Carolina, but still enjoy the Colorado. Maybe i’m spoilt, but the sheer slowness of the American BB’s just cripples them for me.

  17. Amazing story.

  18. NO the Pen still sucks

  19. You forget to mention that Marseille had at first refused to fly the new 109-G. He knew it had been rushed, and was therefore mechnically unreliable, and he knew that it did not have all the equipment needed for combat in the desert. He was right and at the first flight the engine failed, just as you described. The reason he was forced to fly it was of course propaganda, they could not let the german press see him leaving in his old plane when a brand new and marvelous machine had been delivered especially for him to fly. Another pointless death on the altar of vanity..

  20. Pen and emerald, but not going to pay to get past as its lead me to feel amer cruisers suck and the brits as well so don’t play them at all or just one game to reaffirm the fact they suck.

  21. I love the stories 🙂 Have a nice day Sir 🙂

  22. The stock Archer.

  23. What add-on are you using on you world of warships? Or what setting are you using to be able to see the stats for the ship in the lower left corner?

  24. The stories are surreal. And unsurprisingly emotional.

  25. Good thing I got the bl-10 before it was removed. So I don’t gotta do nufin to get it on the 704.

  26. “I don’t remember anything in WoWS being such an xp sink”… Cough cough Yorck cough cough cough

  27. 1 word: Izumo…

  28. My first time grinding through the m3 lee I absolutely hated it. I was not very knowledgeable and struggled to do well. My second time around trying to play it after I already got the sherman with some more experience, I learned it made a great t4 td. Sure, the pen kinda sucked, but it did a good job. And it wasn’t hard to do better than most the people that played it, because you know what your doing down the road.

  29. Ship in WOW is the Nurenburg… I just can’t seem to get a win in it… guns aren’t great, though the range is good, but you have to sit back and not do what cruisers are supposed to do cuz you will die by getting focused. So far, I haven’t found a tank in WOT that I can’t make work.

  30. Martijn Huis in t veld

    The new york god i hate that ship its absolutly awfull

  31. or maybe they were just nazis that didn’t want to get killed and said they were in concentration camps

  32. TheBetterManInBlack

    The Lee is a tank that you have to revisit once you’ve gotten to know the game better. It’s a completely different tank that can be fun to play and will win games.

    What ISN’T a tank to go back to is the Grant. Think of the Lee, but with a crap gun.

  33. Never bought experience, but yes you mentioned the bad ones, also the german “glass” tds are bad til you get to the t8 rhm, jap heavies till t5~6, then t9 sucks. Thing is you are almost getting to quitting the game in disgust with some of these.

  34. wow … how much respect can an enemy claim … absolutely impressive … thank you for your lovely war-stories Jingles

  35. For some reason the Amagi and Bayern just don’t work for me.

    The Amagi has lots of good guns but it’s very long and big and has absolutely no armor for it contemporaries at tier 8.
    The Bayerns guns are so inaccurate you couldn’t hit the inside of a barn with them.

  36. The only tank I couldn’t make to work was Douchewagon (D.W. 2, Durchbruchswagen 2). I might not have liked Lee, but I did well in it, gun is good, and if you give me a good gun I can make it work…

  37. T 34-1 and the T 34-2 are completely shit to grind and awful if they are top equipped

  38. “because they were Nazis”… Well, that isn’t such a clear cut thing as most people might think.
    First of all, we never concern ourselves with the political and social believes and opinions of Western war heroes, do we? Chances are, many of them might have been antisemites and racists too, as was common back then. The USA and Great Britain didn’t fight the war to save the Jews or to stop “evil”. In the end, after you strip the propaganda and the historical whitewashing, empires and tribes fought for world domination and for control over resources and trade routes, as usual.

    Also Germans weren’t the only ones back then who believed what their governments and the press told them. It is pretty hypocritical for people who live in the time of the internet and still waged war on false pretenses, to look down on people who lived almost 100 years ago and feel all superior over those “evil assholes”.

    My grandfather was a Nazi. Not just a guy living in Nazi controlled Germany and not just a a-political Wehrmacht soldier who gets called a Nazi because he wears a certain uniform, but he was a genuine party member and he was part of the SA Brown Shirt goons, streetfighting Communists and all that.
    And guess what, he also was a nice guy. Not in a “seems nice until he starts taking about the Jews”-way, but in a genuine way people wouldn’t expect from a Nazi.

    After the war he worked as a globetrotting engineer, installing and running roasting machines for coffee and cocoa beans in Africa, Asia and South America. His wife was always pissed at him, not only because he almost never was home, but also because he spent a good chunk of the money he made to help the people he befriended in the third world and he took months-long unpaid vacations to help build schools and dig wells in African villages and so on.
    His mother, who was a rich land owner in Germany, disowned him and out of spite sold all her land to relatives for almost nothing, while he was away smuggling medicine into Haiti. When one of his African friends died, he tried to adopt his children and bring them to Germany, but the French authorities wouldn’t allow it. He still sent money to those kids pretty much until he died.

    He wasn’t a Nazi because he was evil, or because he was a racist, he just didn’t like how foreign powers were pushing Germany around after WW1 and he didn’t want the Communists and Anarchists take over.

    Maybe you understand why this “they don’t count because they were Nazis”-thing seems very ignorant to me, but not just because of my personal experiences.

    In any case, considering that the UK committed their last (certainly not the first) genocide in the mid- to late 50s, one and a half decade after Hitler’s death and the Nurnbverg war crime tribunals, when the Beatles were just getting started, when they slaughtered the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya, this holier than though sanctimonious finger pointing at the evil Germans coming from British people, who conveniently forgot about most of the last 300 years of their history, is hard to take seriously. It would be amusing if I wouldn’t know that most Brits actually don’t know this stuff and genuinely believe they have been “the good guys” who just brought civilization and order to the savages.

  39. Interesting – did you mean the Colorado – you were talking about it then talked about getting the New Mexico at tier VII – they’re the other way round, did you mean grinding through the New Mexico to get to the Colorado or did you mean getting to tier VIII? Some of the British Cruisers weren’t particularly great, but actually had some really good games in Emerald which people seem not to like, and actually quite like the Weymouth and the Chester – if you got he guns to hit they were great! Not looking forward to the tier IX Japanese Ships. Not used free experience for anything yet. Perhaps I’m a masochist.

  40. The ARL V39 when completely stock is a joke, you can’t mount the powerful guns unless you unlock the suspensions first. You can’t penetrate anything with that stock gun in a tier 6-8 matchup. Izumo is alright but horrible rudder shift makes her easy meat for Destroyers.

  41. at least there are three chieftains in Armored Warfare >.>

  42. I think it is wrong to assume people would pay through something just because it is unpleasent, from my point of perspective i think they will try acouple of times and then either grind through is because they like the game but don’t want to spent money on stupid stuff (like me), or do something else in the game, or just outright leave the game.

  43. I am going through the VK 30.01 P right now. I have the second engine, stock turret, and the 88 short gun. I’m going for the upgraded turret next (to get a slightly better reload on the 88 short) and then I’ll grind out the 12k xp for the top engine. All this to say that yes, the stock VK 30.01 P is HORRIBLE… But the second engine does make a quite noticeable difference in the acceleration.

    The tank that made me reach the breaking point was the Type 95 “Heavy”. Now, I say that it made me reach my breaking point, but I don’t mean that I eventually spent real money on it (I don’t have the budget to do that). No, instead, I just reached a point where I would completely stop trying to take myself or the game seriously anymore when I was driving the Type 95. I seriously DID. NOT. CARE.

    Any other person I met in a Type 95 in battle, I’d immediately invite into a platoon to form a fail/troll Type 95 plat and just goof off in the battle and make stupid jokes in chat (I mean, we’d still try to do what we could to help our team win, but we didn’t go all tryhard rage mode when we inevitably died).

    To be honest, I owe the Type 95 a lot. I learned to play the game for FUN rather than just for results. I stopped taking defeats and deaths so seriously and learned to laugh it off. When I finally unlocked the O-I Exp, I didn’t even buy it, I just sold my Type 95 and moved on to a different line. Maybe someday I’ll finally buy the O-I Exp and start curbstomping poor little tier 3’s, but it will probably be a while before I start doing that.

  44. For me, it was the M3 Lee, Archer, and, the Challenger.

  45. when he started going more and more into detail into a day and showed picture i just knew something bad was going to happen arghhhhh

  46. Now, I haven’t played wot in a long time, but A-44 was horrible. No gun depression. Amor works only at long range and only if you’re facing the enemy head on. Fully upgraded, it gets the T-150’s gun which is horribly inaccurate especially at long range (russian accuracy does not apply to it). Good luck hitting anything with that thing. Armor stat is a scam – just look at the damage model. If it gets hit from the front – it’s an engine fire, if it gets hit in the rear – it’s an ammo rack. However, a long time ago I somehow managed to get 10 kills…after months of hard grinding. So I send the replay to Jingles and he does not show it. Damn you, Jingles!

  47. H. J. Marseille, he should have been retired, he was done. A hero should have been allowed to go home.

  48. All T9 grinds are xp sinks.

  49. Tier 3 German Cruiser (can’t remember the name) but it was just so terrible. I know German HE is bad, but this did no damage, and the AP couldn’t penetrate anything.
    A literally unplayable ship that I skipped with free xp

  50. Nice to see..

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