Mingles with Jingles Episode 216

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Another week, another half hour of senile rambling from an increasingly out of touch gnome overlord. Same old, same old. 😉


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    all russians are the best pilots using skerect documents to kill nazi germans )))))))))))))

  2. Wait, War thunder is a thing agian?

  3. Their was a Ford plane plant in Michigan making a bomber an hour.

  4. WG has been making up tanks for 6 years now, why in the last few months has it become a point of interest that WG is “making tanks up”? Its a game, they have limited tanks to choose from after the first couple hundred candidates. After they make up the first tank and put it into the game, you know what your getting from WG.

  5. wtf are those flaps on the side?!?!?!

  6. Jingles YouTube gaming page……learn something new every day.

  7. When you next play XCom, can you see if you can skulljack a Chosen?

  8. apparently people want to forget history so they can repeat it and not be criticized for not learning the lesson the first time

  9. So, as per the usual, WG is throwing regular players under the bus in favor of their big-name clan players. Glad I don’t play their games anymore.

  10. really enjoy the history bits and the change in perspective and presentation of history … thank you Jingles.

  11. I had no idea that Youtube Gaming existed until now.

  12. Hey Jingles I want the The warthog for A rank 6 Jets for america

  13. Please dear God name the FV217 “the honey badger” ^_^

    Oh, and please keep in mind that WW2 era synthetic oil and fuel alternatives were indeed primitive, however MODERN synthetic oil is actually SUPERIOR to many natural oil products (not universally, but in many cases).

  14. If I heard well, I read Heinz Knoke´s book when I was a kid

  15. Napoléon Bonaparte

    So…uh, just a question is Armored warfare just kinda dead? Also what about whats his face, Sabaton did a song about him, Walther Wenck, he was a hero. or the Battle of Castle Itter, Id love to hear you talk about Itter.

  16. 13:25 Youtube must be run by schizophrenics

  17. Jingles another great episode. You were talking about Liberty ships, there is an operational one, S.S. John Brown, in Baltimore Maryland. When you get back to the States, I highly recommend taking the cruise. It’s an all-day cruise around the Chesapeake Bay with a simulated air attack and flyby (B-25J & TBF Avenger). You can even tour the engine room while the ship is underway. It’s quite impressive. http://www.ssjohnwbrown.org/

  18. HESH/HEP has ENORMOUS concussion effects: A 105mm HEP (US Army terminology) round hit the front upper hull of an armored car (not sure which one). The turret was no longer in the AFTER picture. The entire front of the hull was reduced to various chunks spread around the area. The only part still in one piece was the engine compartment at the rear and its front end looked like a metal child’s toy that had a large fire-cracker exploded inside it. Against thick armor, however, any spaced material between the shell and the armor stopped the shockwave so the thick armor itself would not be penetrated in that case, though the blast could still knock the armored item completely off of the target (turrets, especially). So HESH/HEP has a rather complex, but VERY large, set of effects on targets. British and US tanks no longer use the old nose-fuzed HE shells, but HESH/HEP or some shaped-charge warhead instead (HEAT can be used as a regular, if somewhat low-power, HE shell).

  19. So to summarize: History is history, learn it and Hitler was a dumbass and should’ve anschluss’ed Britain when they had the chance.

  20. To be fair to Germany’s food issues: Pigs are not a massively inefficient food source because pigs will, in fact, eat grasses. They eat almost everything. Germans were not really wasting food making food because the primary feed of pigs could be most anything and German farmers used everything from apple peels to brewers yeast; just like Fanta soda!

    The Nazis’ bigger goof was never seriously investing in modernizing Germany’s picturesque farms with silly things like motorized tractors. They opted instead to exploit French agriculture and draft German farm-boys to conquer Soviet farmland for the next generation of simple German farmers with their rustic ways. Nazis did love their simple farmers.

  21. I watch it from normal page i knew it was there on my channel cause i clicked it by mistake Lol

  22. Hmm, unfortunately, I can’t sponsor the Jingles channel as I’m from wrong country (czech).

  23. Vice had tried covering some german soldier renactors and sent out a super biased shit, he got in trouble for calling them the friendliest nazis he’s ever met

  24. To many damn Snowflakes out there.  I like last weeks story I thought it was cool. this week just as good.  The History Channel in the US had a show called “WW2 from Space” it explains all of the data for the war.  Thank You  Matt C

  25. Wait wait… when was youtube ‘gaming’ a thing?

  26. I have few comments to story of H. J. Marseille. First minor comment. Marseille is credited with 158 victories, although some of them are disputed. Second, you mentioned that Marseille was fighting against RAF pilot in Spitfires. That is partially true. Yes he fought against Spitfires also, but most of his victories were against Hurricanes and P-40s. But as you said Jingles, these victories were against well trained RAF pilots, but flying planes that were worse (Hurricane, P-40) than Bf-109F. Anyway Marseille was great fighter pilot. Last but not least, there were more than one two-engine aircraft shot down by Marseille. Namely Bristol Blenheim, Martin Maryland and two Douglas Boston.
    Fun fact: Marseille served in JG52 under Johannes Steinhoff, but he asked his transfer, because as Steinhoff said, Marseille was gifted pilot, but was unreliable and dangerous to his fellow pilots

  27. So since the Super Conqueror uses the hull of a Conqueror, but a paper turret, is it half real?

  28. “You can’t currently sponsor The Mighty Jingles from Uzbekistan” Sad Lyfe

  29. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    Look up model WWII German airplane kits for sale now. See how many have a shaded diamond on the tail in place of an historically accurate icon.

  30. Gotta be honest with ya jingles, i’ve never heard of this youtube gaming page till you’ve put it in the spotlight.

    Side note however, props for wargaming for again, ruining the player base’s dreams by putting in a Range Target isntead of the long awaited Chieftain.

  31. Weren’t WarGaming always making things up? Half the tanks in game either are prototypes, never saw service, or mass production, or were just blueprints.

  32. cheers jingles great vid

  33. “The Germans were all bastards”. Good on you Jingles for responding to this. Shows how much people need to hate entire groups of people. Their minds are so simplistic. And this is coming from a proud American, the Germans had plenty of good hearted soldiers at that time. Reminds me of the blind hatred that popularly spews from liberal holes calling you every name in the book for having a different opinion. Reality would break their minds. The Google and Youtube propaganda machine in motion folks.

  34. In 1940, the BF 109 was OP. Hearing the complaints of the community, developers tweaked the design by making it less agile and adding an RNG roll to determine if the engine would catch fire for no reason, resulting in a detonation. The community questioned this decision, to which developers replied “fun and engaging”.

  35. Wheres lone echo!!

  36. I actually prefer Youtube Gaming to Twitch… Things always have to buffer for me on Twitch but I never have that problem with Youtube Gaming.

  37. I swear, I can listen to Jingles talk about WWII all day.

  38. Very interesting war story about the German pilots which I really enjoyed, I read Heinz knokes (can’t remember the proper spelling of the name) book and then read it again because of how interesting it was to hear a story from the ‘other side’

  39. “The Badger…”

    Have you ever seen a badger? Those things are psycho!

  40. hey jingles feature a Pz i c video

  41. Please update us on Rita and Boo!

  42. Allmächtiger Büchsenschuh

    YouTube Gaming whaaat……

  43. YouTube is just finding ways to justify their abuse of power.

  44. Why would anyone dislike a Jingles video?

  45. Jingles can u pls try playing dreadnought it is my favorite game alongside world of tanks it is very fun

  46. I noticed YT Gaming literally a few days ago, when someone linked me a video on it. Don’t use it though 🙂

  47. whats with the funny fans off the treads?? weird

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