Mingles with Jingles Episode 218 – Adpocalypse Survival Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Mingles with Jingles Epsiode 218, or How I Survived The Adpocalypse. Damn you Google! Also a story of me being more spectacularly crap than usual. by my standards is pretty impressive.

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Winners will be contacted by email after midday GMT on /10/2017

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 , nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Last time i was this early to anything my GF got frustrated!!

  2. Have a good day Jingles.

  3. 0 comments, wow hello

  4. Woohoo, first time i have ever been this early to anyone’s videos

  5. Greetings from Poland , Jingles !!!!

  6. Kasperio Silverlaine

    This video is ramblier than the usual rambling videos you give us! Woo! Hope everything works out, though 😀

  7. I woke up bright and early just to watch this! Have a good day Jingles.

  8. The time is ripe for a youtube competitor.

  9. I just came here and i see this wew im lucky

  10. NEVER have i been here this early xD
    52 views ATM

  11. Last time I was this early I…

    Never actually been this early

  12. does this mean you will actually have to go out and actually have to work for a living Jingles? 🙂

  13. I’m a simple man, I see Jingles, I click.

  14. Damn thought I could be first

  15. Was watching porn but aint anything more important than our Lord

  16. Hi Jingles oh mighty Gnome overlord! More cold waters please!

  17. Wut Game is this?

  18. Hey jingles I have noticed an increase of adverts on your channel recently

  19. 10 mins ago wow I am early 🙂

  20. Hey Jingles. what do you think of Star Trek Discovery? Thought i’d get this question in since the comment count is loooooowwww.

  21. Cris Racing and Gaming

    you tube sucks…twitch is the future 🙂

  22. Seems like it’s more of a pressuring people into Youtube Red or Sponsorships, than what they claim.

  23. Honestly, Youtube is *sooo* *lucky* that they were first because if they weren’t we would of all left already… No one wants to take this bullshit from Youtube anymore but nobody else has a community like Youtube and unless someone leaves to another website like pewdiepie this will never end

  24. I still think the answer is the top Youtube stars who make millions to make their own version of Youtube that has the spirit of how Youtube used to be.

    If the party is dying – then you move the party.

  25. just started watching this. how can it have 75 likes when the video was only uploaded 15 mins ago?! that’s not enough to time to watch the whole video.

    maybe Jingles is amazing in the first few mins but what if the last half of the video is terrible?

  26. This demonetisation nonsense reminds me of Basil Fawlty. DON’T MENTION THE WAR!

  27. WoT theshadow9929


  28. Hey lets tell a joke: Googles Ad Bot.

  29. I feel your pain Jingles, so many small creators like myself get $0 from YouTube now – I think YouTube is basically killing itself with this crap.

  30. Rakuza Redbar_Hax


  31. You know what that’s mean boyz, double shifts in the salt mines! Also, don’t watch the video right when you see it uploaded, see it 3 days later. I know it’s tempting, but just need to stay 3 days without jingles and then you can enjoy jingles in the subsequence days.

  32. Mr. jingels, you suck hard at selling yourself out.
    Ever heard of compromising your values for money? No?

    What do you mean with fefenue from salt? What do i need a shovel for? Oh……

  33. Man I wish Jingles didn’t upload at 5 in the morning, now I gotta watch this.

  34. Oh diddums, poor Jingles. Life is so harsh these days.

  35. i have a feeling u r barking up the wrong tree
    there are more factors beside google

  36. Do I hear…Jingles Merch? 😮 Soon as I have some spare cash, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Hmm..a new coffee cup may be in order here!

  37. Google could have honestly done the bot better by either not letting it straight up de-monetize stuff or fed it videos beforehand to train it a little…

  38. Actually HSBC has been found guilty of a lot more.

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