Mingles with Jingles Episode 219

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In which I take a moment stop and smell the roses. Then douse them with paraquat and set fire to them because I have a reputation to think of. Also I'll be streaming South Park: The Fractured But Whole on on the 16th at 6pm UK time. Wait that's today! AAAAH!

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. The Mighty Jingles

    I’ll be streaming South Park tonight on Twitch at 6pm UK time.

  2. So Jingles, when can we start to send WoWP replays and see them on here? I love it now

  3. I’ll join you in warships!

  4. after the adpocalypse turns youtube content creators away from YT and to another source, where will that leave youtube? dead and broke.

  5. Jingles if you watch the World of tanks HD map review at 1:50 to 1:53 you can see the half sunk battleship.

  6. Hey Jingles, what about Master of Orion……………. I thought I was addicted to Xcom, then I saw several people doing reviews, including yours…..And I haven’t stopped playing….(sigh)….Just one more turn.

  7. In my opinion wargaming ruined world of war planes . I now hate the game. i own tier 9 plane and unlocked tier 10 and own multiple premium planes .. now the game is unplayable.. it just sucks. They tried to clone war thunder ,I don’t like war thunder so I threw my money away thanks WG.

  8. Isn’t it just great machines are now deciding what humans can watch.

  9. great and now do the same with WOWS… 😀 it need some love like WOWP…

  10. Ran over to steam to preorder The Fractured but Whole. Then I saw UBISOFT and requires UPLAY. Never mind, lost interest.

  11. October 16th is me birthday

  12. i turned off my adblock today, to help you and many other creators! c’mon guys, how bad can it be? surely not as bad as removing income of many hard working youtubers, except ryan toys review, keep the adblock on for that… lets do it!

  13. Jingles please encourage more gamers like quickybaby and foch to start using vid me. It’s so much better. We can leave tips and most importantly we can leave the app and it continues to play. This means we can play other games on our phone and still listen to your mingles with jingles.

  14. Jingles I have been following your channel for at least 4 years and way way back you promised a Mechwarrior Online video and we are still waiting patiently………..

  15. I am picking it up an hour and a half!!!! I paid it off a year ago lolXD

  16. WoWP still has shitty FPS for me. I can run WT at 40 fps, vs 10 fps on WoWP.

  17. Would help your bottom line if I delay watching your vids until 4-5 days after it’s posted??

  18. You know you plays too much world of warships when you go to the store to stock up on “consumables” XD, is it premium consumables?

  19. Infinite Possibilities

    Youtube has disgusted me

  20. Actually Jingles! There was shooting in the sexy map tour!

  21. Speaking of World of Warplanes, I tried to download it and when I did it also downloaded the Wargaming Center client, and now that it is on my computer I cannot download World of Warplanes, and I can also not update or play world of warships because the Game Center doesn’t connect and update anything. I have allowed it past the firewall for the center and both of the games. If anyone knows anything. Please help. I want to play my games..

  22. actually Jingles you haven’t loaded up Ghost Recon Wildlands in a while

  23. WoT in HE polish a turd its still a turd sorry WG but this game is still gonna die

  24. Jingles, you know what’s happening? The AI has decided to take over Google.

  25. I think with the HD maps all that needs to be done still is to smooth out the track imprints on the ground and it’ll be perfect

  26. Jingles, the guy on the AVE channel has an idea to deal with Youtube’s AD bot. He is posting videos to his Patreon supporters before releasing them to the public. This allows them to go through the AD bot making sure they will be monetized when thy go public. It is something to consider.

  27. did Jingles found the Schwerer Gustav

  28. Youtube? banning freedom of speech? Demonitizing then randomly re-monetizing? Unlisted? banned instantly without reason? no logic or explanation? weird and unpredictable? impossible to predict?….huh….Who took over the company of youtube to run it in such a way?…wonder if its coincidental. Aaaand here comes the ultimate downfall of a company run by these people. Who would have thought that would happen?

  29. Dye racks….i thought it was a Dr Mario easter egg

  30. you should re-enable subscritions on vidme and encourage peiole to subscribe theire as an alternative to patreon. So vid.me gets support since they have stated they are anit-censor and pro free speech.

  31. I don’t understand how your’s seem to be targeted more than others. I get no less than 3 ads on DezGamez’s channel and it is all WOT, no less than 2 ads on Flamu’s Channel, then I come to yours and get maybe one, sometimes none. Doesn’t make sense. I even get ads on Jim Sterlings’ channel which is supposed be Ad free. *shakes head*

  32. Jingles, I was one of the lucky ones that was given access to the sandbox but did you noticed that when you are just standing there, the engine gives off a heat signature….?

  33. And the Vid.me app for Android support Google Cast now.

  34. Heliborne looks great! They deserve this kind of attention

  35. I started playing World of Warplanes because of Jingles last video and damn, it’s just boring. No, it still doesn’t really feel like flying a plane, it’s full of fantasy planes when they could have used real planes and the types of planes aren’t interacting well. It was somehow fun for five games, then I had the feeling I have seen it all.

  36. Goes looking for easter eggs, misses a battleship – Jingles 2017

  37. jingles you need to continue on with borderlands 2 that game is so amazing

  38. I have found a new way to enjoy the mingles! I wake up on tuesday, which is a schoolfree day for me, and get me a cup of coffee

  39. If I am here I will watch MJ here. But I find that as more and more people are moving to Vid Me I am going there first, and often only there. It is a nice site, no bullshit. As for Supporting Our Jungles, I will become a Patreon Supporter next month.

  40. Fractured butthole? What?

  41. Jingles where is my XCOM 2 play-through? 😛

  42. The new moto of Google: “Don’t do evil, just screw it all up!”

  43. I quit World of Warplanes for the same reason I quit War Thunder: Theres seemingly no method of doing well,You ALWAYS fucking lose because your team has the “flying around shooting at other planes>Mission objectives” mentality,and both games are 100% NOT for keyboard and mouse players instead so massively favoring joysticks and controllers that it becomes pointless to play either game with the keyboard and mouse. Then theres the lack of realism. Attempt to execute a known pilot tactic to get out from the line of fire? Doesn’t matter because the guy behind you just does the same thing while shooting you because that realistic touch of such evasive actions being difficult to react to just ISN’T there in either game. I’m not the GREATEST player ever most games I just suck at but usually I can at least get to the point where I feel like I’m someone you shouldn’t assume won’t put up a fight. But these games no matter what I do. No matter how hard I try. I sooner or later get blown out of the air because the control scheme just doesn’t fit what I’m using and how the games work as soon as you make ONE mistake it’s over. No recovery possible.

  44. lolololololol South Park ftw

  45. huh? The very famous TheRadBrad has uploaded vids of The Fractured but Whole

  46. 20:59 That’s mankind for you… “Oh look how beautiful the beds and rugs are modeled.” *destroys it a couple of seconds later*

  47. Will this be a new series?
    Or periodic vids added to your list of videos to upload?

  48. The succes of the Heliborne video is because people are tired of WG’s sh!t. I will give a try to the game too, but money is money… I’m waiting for my paycheck.

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