Mingles with Jingles Episode 220

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Source: The Mighty

In which I get utterly addicted to , and it starts giving me funny ideas about . Also, we need more historical operations in . I can think of a few to get Wargaming started. And finally, T-shirts for sale! Link below.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I mean I know you’re no longer CC but if Wargaming is going to serious expand or help with the Operations experience, I hope you note they need to either include Tier Vs or design new multi-tiered experiences, where you can bring Tiers 4 and 5, then 5 and 6, then later 6 and 7. That would be useful, but at the moment no one is calling attention to that except you.

  2. WoT could reuse that historical gametype in combination with the coop as well, i think some would like that

  3. So, jingles, your suggestion for wargaming is to basically turn WoT into a MOBA like LoL or DOTA?
    I.E. Armoured columns/minions; Bases/towers and links/lanes?

  4. I would personally love those historical missions, and thats why i play dcs world and i like to recreating historical missions hahah

  5. Read Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James D. Hornfischer If you’re interested in the Battle of Samar.

  6. Historic battle were IJN ships <3

  7. come for the mingle stay for the jingle
    catchy eh?

  8. the escort carriers launched around 450 planes, mostly old stuff, like Wildcats and Avenger TBFs, no matter what they currently had equipped, like depth charges, and because there was no air cover, the planes pretty much had their way harassing and attacking the Japanese. it was a shame to see so many brave souls jump into firing and laying down smoke to protect those escort carriers

  9. That was the US Army, the Sixth and the Eighth armies, in the Philippines , not the US Marines, Jingles

  10. This game will be shit if it was implemented with wot they have no idea how to make a game with any aircraft it will be better with war thunder as they have done it before and it was good

  11. i would honestly consider picking up co op battles or large world war scaled battlefields if it was vs AI.
    its seems like a lot of fun.
    i know that wargaming has nothing left to do other than cull the weak and shit players or kill the game, some vs AI seems like fun

  12. The mighty jingles please no dont give those monkeys at WG ideas to screw up in games this only works in Heliborne and it should stay as heliborne’s idea cause they would just screw it up in map design and everyone would just pick TDs and heavys cause good luck getting from base to base in a light tank

  13. if heliborne was like WOT your troops would get bad RNG and shoot themselves in the penis while the rest of your helis fly around in circles licking windows and eating their own boogers

  14. I would re-install for that. The only reason I play most games is to just do what I want without much worry so I avoid pvp modes like the plague, players have a funny way of not letting you do whatever you want. AI are at least consistent and are purposefully jerks.

  15. on a nother note World of warships op battle of iron bottem sound please

  16. Jingles, have you seen the advert by WoT for the new servers in Oceania? A dam entertaining thing to watch, youll probably get a laugh

  17. Jingles, I love ya, but Wargaming have completely fucked WoT. No Co-op mode will ever bring me back to that game. It is dull and boring and complete rubbish now.

  18. G’day Jingles. Yes I concur what you are proposing would work very well in WoT and I think it would be very popular. WoWs seems to have all the innovators compared to WoT.

  19. I’d love to have that Salt miner Skull and pickaxe on a shirt xD

  20. The Mighty Jingles skin should be an achievement award for crash landing your chopper…

  21. Jingles did u move to australia? Cause the quality of the vid is crap just like the internet in australia! Lol i know its because of utube being a dick.

  22. go USS Johnston!!

  23. Your not going to get any of that tank/helo thing in world of tanks. You might get it in war thunder.

  24. Jingles, you WILL call me a filthy console peasant once again, but on World of Tanks Console there are pve scenarios called War Stories. Four four Mission Stories where you get a Tank specially for that Missions

  25. I’d play that co-op

  26. Make it for blitz

  27. I really liked your bomber crew vids I hope your going to do some more.

  28. Funny you started talking new operations in WOWS and Taffy 3 came to my mind right away.

  29. I would say, if you need a t-shirt size bigger than 3XL, then you rely need to look at your self and maybe try and loose some of those extra X’s.

  30. Holy 360p batman

  31. The idea of Operations like Co-Op scenarios in WoT sounds great, but it would not get me to reinstall the game. WoT’s community is just too toxic.

  32. I’d love to try playing a Battle of Samar, but lets face it, it’s suicide. Of course, that’s what the entire battle is all about, dying honourably, while driving off a far superior force. Though, we simply MUST include the glorious Golden BB shot by White Plains. It had 1 gun, a 5 inch gun, similar to what the Fletcher’s have far more of. Yet it managed to connect with Choukai’s Torpedo’s and blow them. Does that count as a super Citadel?

  33. That art work is amazing <3 they look the best.. wow
    Ordered a tee Awesome and easy 🙂
    Just one tiny little thing ...... could you do a low neck lady's version so us girlies can have a selection . Please <3

  34. As long as its jingles idc what the quality is

  35. My in-game name in WoWS (NA) is Ernest_E_Evans….I want this operation

  36. VTOL tanks?! Aye, count me in 😀

  37. If WOT did this pve or pvp i would come bk and play it

  38. Hell yeah to historic operations

  39. Jingles look up a game called Iron Harvest, thank me later

  40. I wouldn’t return to WoT for a coop mode. I left because of the people, not the game. And the people’d not suddenly become any less toxic and hostile to their own team mates if it were coop.

  41. Now you need to be watching “Fire Birds”

  42. Yup sign me in for a wot pve

  43. Played tanks for a long time got fed up with the constant changing meta. Me and my friend then started to platoon arty casually and then we stopped playing the game completely when that option was removed from us completely. PVE mode would be great but only if they allowed us to platoon together in arty.

  44. never again will i play wot

  45. Reinstall the players in World of Tanks with aliens from a civilized world and I might think of downloading it again.

  46. I do like to see how co-op battles would look like in WoT.
    I’m just being tilted enough with the WN8-dick measuring pricks.
    WoT servers are currently the saltyest places in the entire solar system.

  47. I do almost all Co-Op in WOWS so that mode in WOT would bring me back

  48. Documentary on that Taffy 3 Sea Battle


  49. awesome Jingles, i would love to use the infentry to take bases in WOT

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