Mingles with Jingles Episode 221

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Source: The Mighty

In which I order a new PC, begin to recover from my addiction, dabble in a few Halloween event modes, Rita says something dumb and I get upset by Microsoft Edge and confused by my phone.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Lucky for you there is only one day left on the month.

  2. Allard Jan van Marle

    Maybe we can get the Japanese to make a new series ‘Space battleship Warspite’.
    By the way, get Edge out of your startup and it won’t bother you again. Also, where did you find a quad core? I thought they only came in Laptops.

  3. Markus Eisenhammer

    Streaming and gaming at the same time? Ryzen! Intel I7 4-core will be a bit better than your I5, but not a lot. And why on earth do you buy it and dont build it yourself? You can check channels like Tech Deals on how to do that and for hardware choices. Sorry for the critic, its your money and your pc, but you could have gotten a lot more bang for your buck 😉

  4. HOLY FUCKING SHITJingles you better read through this! you’re going through like a pc every year cus you or your builder don’t know what you’re doing.
    mar 2013
    high end desktop (HEDT) 1366
    CPU:i7 950@3.07Ghz 4core with hyperthreading
    RAM: 12GB
    GPU: gtx680
    (6 cores was available also)

    Aug 2015
    high end desktop (HEDT) 2011
    CPU: i7 4820k@3.7Ghz 4core with hyperthreading
    RAM: 16GB
    GPU: gtx970
    (6 core 4930k was 50% more powerful but not much more expensive on same socket, that 4930k was awesome and what most people bought that socket for!)

    jun 2016
    mainstream non HEDT 1151
    CPU: i7 6700k@4Ghz 4core with hyperthreading
    RAM: 16GB
    GPU: gtx970
    (down-graded to mainstream platform which doesnt get 6 cores BUT the 6 core 5820k was the same price on the HEDT as this quadcore).

    till now 2017
    mainstream non HEDT 1151
    CPU: i5 7600k@3.8 4core only
    RAM: 16GB
    GPU: gtx1060
    For fuck sake Jingles stop it!!!
    (down-graded further to essentially the same cpu as last time but with hyperthreading turned off)

    NEW PC 0ct 2017
    HEDT platform, mainstream cpu
    CPU: i7 7740k@4.3ghz the last cpu with an overclock and HT turned back on!
    RAM: 32gb twice as much as could possibly used by this system no matter what
    GPU: gtx1080 twice as powerful, designed for 4k, still running 1080p.

    Holy fucking dogshit Jingles!! thats a mainstream quadcore cpu (7700k) intel put on the high end platform or HEDT which goes upto 18 cores, you can get a 6 core i7-7800k for the same price!!! you can even get the 8700k 6 core on the mainstream now, you got the most expensive platform with the worst cpu available, how do you even do that!??

    Also more ram doesnt always help rendering. editing programs only use so much ram per core so you’re only going to benefit upto 8GB of dedicated ram, maybe 16gb would have been plenty, go watch this /watch?v=ajyzZ-zaq0o.

    Go read reviews of the parts you’re buying first. you’ve got a £600,000 ferrari that you’ve filled with jerry cans(ram) and then put a 1.1l fiat panda engine in it.
    “its his money” is not an excuse for stupidity, you know those arabs leaving thier million dollar supercars to rot in the desert or the guys who drive a veyron into a lake..would you says its okay cus “its their money”.
    I’ll come to southampton (ill pay trainfare) to fix this if needs be. (my £1500 pc from 2 years ago probably outperforms this and costs less).


  6. good luck with the new PC 🙂

  7. Do you have an apple phone?

  8. *Jingles – you could have saved your money.*
    All you needed to do was up the program cache & set up a whole stack of virtual ram.
    Then off every unimportant windows component not needed to run your PC.

  9. 32gb of ram peasant !!!

  10. I’m almost certain that you can uninstall Edge in the Start, Settings, Apps window. I don’t even see it on my web browser apps list, just Google Chrome, and I never get notifications from it.

  11. >Rest of the month

    Jingles, that’s two days from now, you’re gonna be eating beans for two days.

    You can handle it.

  12. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Yay Romanian PUMA! <3

  13. Iconic WW2 Japanese aircraft: Yamato
    They have anime and movies made of it

  14. You got a Chinese crap phone. Who knows what the CCP has on that phone.

  15. Microsoft edge is the only browser for Xbox one. I use it only when a game like wot wants to show a players service record. Edge will open

  16. 6850k jingles, 6core 12thread processor. Ok it’s a good choice on the graphics card however I have a 1080Ti evga 11gb. It’s a good machine hahaha

  17. Imagine a Yamato with an unlimited, fully automatic magazine and that the magazine fired so fast that the ship did barrel rolls across the ocean. No engine required.


  18. Well if the Warspite could fly she would…japanese did it to the Yamato lol:-)

  19. @14:38 Fuck a wolf

  20. Search in windows for Default Browser and set it to chrome.

  21. Damn Jingles ! Do you have any idea how expansive quality beans are?

  22. Setting up a new Tax deduction

  23. Jingles, you’re gonna want to change that CPU (in case you hadn’t already noticed from the deluge of “Jingles you noob!” comments) 😉

  24. Stop with buying unknown Phone companies and maybe there will never be any issues ever again. Might I reccomend the Moto G5 Plus stock clean android and very safe and frequent security updates 😀 I myself own a Oneplus 5

  25. Windows 10 Sux ball and new mobile phones suck dicks ! I turn everything off and every time they upgrade you have to go to settings and turn all that shit off you never use ! For me tech needs to be black and white / on or off ! If I want to use something I turn it ON when I finish I turn it off, it’s not hard you code writing fucktards !

  26. Poor Rita, you give her a lot of shit. I would have told you to fk off lol.

  27. Jingles, you need a 6, 8, or more core CPU for streaming. Quad cores are kind of meh on that front.

  28. My edge doesn’t do that. So it must be your settings. And I believe you have an app to find junk and that reports those junk messages, like CPU is overheating and too many apps are running. This is just bs.

  29. Should have bought an AMD Ryzen octacore CPU for rendering/streaming. Any Ryzen 7 utterly destroys an i7 7700K you just bought for videorendering or streaming tasks…

  30. Use Ecosia browser. They use profits to plant trees all over the world. Their goal right now is 1 billion trees counting 15 mill.

  31. Jingles, have you thought about podcasting your mingles with jingles? I think alot of people will enjoy that. Plus, it’s an extra way to monetize your content which still allows us to get it for free

  32. Most apps have a refresh period. Where they acess mobile data or wifi to check for updates, new data like posts for twitter, facebook YouTube and so forth. Does not matter if your using them or not its alwasy doing that ever 5 to 15+ minutes. Some apps will alow you to edit their refresh times others are locked. Then the phone will also ping the towers in the area to refresh its system to ensure its still connected to a network. One thing I learned from Lenovo they are built with backdoor acess for the chinese government. So they can data mine information at large. Not like any western companies already do that. Lenovo products have been banned from many Government services in the UK and US.

  33. Why not a 1080TI ? Or why not the I7 8700k 6-cores cpu.

  34. I thought that time Warspite flew over and bombarded Berlin with her 15 inch guns was a famous battle. Rita KNOWS. Ask her.

  35. Kristoffer Breivoll

    6 hours a day? Gotta pump those numbers up! Those are rookie number!

  36. It’s okay Bean-Man-Jingles, you’re still the same old hero at heart. Even with new, fancy, shiny parts.

  37. Michał Starzyński

    @Jingles if you would like I can build you custom PC in chassis of http://www.nf6x.net/1999/06/the-german-sem-25-transceiver/ plus tank headphone ping me if you would like some more details

  38. Chinese phone doing something behind your back. Big surprise Jingles.

  39. Jingles can you do a vid on your thoughts about new Star Trek Discovery, or even as a little anecdote in a Mingles with Jingles episode. Big fan of your content and it makes playing WOT console an amusing experience as a joe average. keep it up dude ?

  40. Jingles, just out of curiosity: Have you ever considered doing audiobooks? I guess one of your major assets besides your humour is the sound of your voice. Just thinking out loud 🙂 Greetings from Germany


  42. Jingles you noob. you need an i9, two 1080s in sli and about 64gb of ram for streaming

  43. Actually, Jingles, you can play on that machine and use your older one as the capture + stream box.

  44. Weren’t the Stuka’s tested during the Spanish Civil war?

  45. Jingles you racist. Why should someone born raised and educated in Portugal have an Anglo-American view of recent history? Portugal didn’t get into WW1 or 2, so their culture doesn’t involve the war movie. Shame on you for laughing at someone who lacks culturally specific knowledge.

  46. The - Gaming - Chespin

    Do I use edge, nope, I use chrome, Firefox AND explorer. Yes. EXPLORER is better than edge!

  47. I get addicted to games when I got halo 5 I played it for a year and a half!!

  48. I wouldn’t mind seeying Helibourne on console. Especially cause I have no money to be a decent PC so my ps4 has to do. Ah well, maybe in the future.

  49. I know Rita has seen the JU87 before, because it was in an epp of Star Trek Enterprise… granted it had bin equipped with disruptor cannons. If you show her an image of one I bet she will say so.

  50. How to resolve the issue with the long turns: just wipe all other factions out

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