Mingles with Jingles Episode 222

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A to Britain at War magazine http://www.britainatwar.com/ for the prizes in the this week. Just click the link for your chance to win one copy of either “The Flight” or “Victory 1940.”

Winners will be notified by email after 12:00GMT on Tuesday 07 November

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Left, right, and seltzer. Jingles is losing it

  2. Hey jingles have you seen their version of USS Texas? They seem to think it has 3 turrets of different sizes.

  3. remember these are not the same Devs as the old games. They left along time ago.

  4. “Historical Accurate”

    fuck you

  5. Looking at picking up Total War Warhammer 2 and Cold Waters over Christmas. I realize you already have both of those, but I’ve not gotten a chance to play them yet, and I’m quite excited!

  6. If you want a really good CoD World War II-era game, play the Call of Duty’s from World at War and back.

  7. WTF is a PPSH doing on the beaches of Normandy?

  8. Pretty sure there weren’t russian conscripts on the Beach at omaha during D-Day either… much less on the German side… yet, we have COMRADE PPsH-41 in bunker at 12:47

  9. 2 things: 1) you can’t reload an M1 before the magazines been expended. 2) why do the Germans have PPSH-41s?

  10. Thats why i play battlefield 1 10x better then this pos

  11. Germans carrying Russian smg’s?

  12. Yet another WW2 game copying saving private ryan. -_x if historians go off media in the future they will think WW2 was all done by the Americans and only had about 6 battles.

  13. Could someone explain to me what a PPSh-41 is doing in Normandy? I suppose one of the Germans could’ve served on the Eastern Front and brought a captured weapon to Normandy, but I find that to be a bit of a stretch.

  14. theDisgruntledDM Hoge

    How is your charter realoding a M1 without it being empty?

    • theDisgruntledDM Hoge dude I shot one in real life it dosnt have to be empty trust me I did the same thing they do in the game with a real one

  15. what about world of warships blitz?

  16. The M1 model Thompson which you see them use in the game could not fit the drum magazine seen in the game, as well as the Germans did not use that many Russian weapons on the eastern front and the list of inaccuracy continues

  17. I am glad that I have refunded star citizen… And as of 2017 releases here is one Il2 Sturmovik Battle of Kuban

  18. Question: Why the BLOODY FUCK is there a PPSh-41 in a goddamn bunker on FRIGGIN NORMANDY?!?!?! It’s a SOVIET gun for chrisakes!!!!!!
    Edit: Oh, and now the officer (“yer a long way frum Texas farm boi”) is holding a Chicago Typewriter when he was CLEARLY pictured holding a Grease Gun in the trailer. Absolutely disgusting how lazy they are with this. It’s a multi-multi million dollar game series and they can’t be bothered? Ridiculous.

  19. I’ve heard a popular saying once upon a time (probably less popular now thanks to terrorism) is: “Guy Fawkes. The only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.”

  20. Hans, bring ze flamethrower!

  21. 22:39 “we’re losing famous people left right and salsa”

  22. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    27:50 when he said “I am actually looking for-” I was so sure he was going to say he was looking for the holy grell

  23. About Squadron42, they have all the footage and motion capture done as far as I am aware, and they don’t openly share progress on the game as far as I know, at least not frequently. But you definitely don’t need to worry about the cast dying before the game is done, I’m almost certain the cast has already done their job 🙂
    Also, 3.0 has been put out to community testers now. It’s a thing 😀
    Their latest CitizenCon presentation has some nice footage of some of the content, looks better than expected to me, but they took their sweet time.

  24. A good game, planned to go full release soon: Subnautica. Different to most other games you play but a very good and immersive game. A little scary, but nothing you can’t handle, and it has a submarine.

  25. okay, so the story mode is bad, well not even bad but very inaccurate if we look at it through a real-world lense, but there is so much more than just a story mode. you don’t come to play a call of duty game for the story mode just how you don’t watch transformers for the plot. it is all about the multiplayer and zombies. To me it is worth $60.

  26. It’s Call of Duty, they haven’t made a good game for about 7 years…

  27. It’s ok if they don’t make a good game… as long as it’s full of microtransactions and mediocre endgame pvp… (Irony)

  28. Nioh gets a pc release on the 7, thats going to be pretty good. However, Jingles, 2018 is going to start very good what with Monster Hunter World, please do a video on it!

  29. New Wolfenstein coming out looks goid and the older versions were awesome ww2 first person shooters

  30. Star Citizen is nothing more than a pipe dream.

  31. I know exactly what I think about Star Citizen.

    lost cause, move along, sorry about the money

  32. The campaign in CoD: WWII was surprisingly deep and well crafted… for a Call of Duty, but hey, what can you expect from a game that banks on a rehashed multiplayer system and 12 year olds, who all have apparently slept with my mother?

    • Ron Fisher omg finally some one who knows what a good story is lol all they do is complain about the historical accuracy in it even tho black ops 1 was like one of the best cods and it had a ak74u in the 1960s lol cod hasn’t been accurate in a bit

  33. Thanks for saving my money. Was going to buy Cod WW2

  34. 17:51 What the hell is a PPSh doing in france?

  35. if i had a gaming pc or a console I would say that I’m looking forward to Need For Speed Payback

  36. later in the campaign you gotta kill a german Tiger II with a sherman with the short barrel 75mm. its like. ”OHHHH IM FUCKED”

  37. why do all the germans have ppsh’s xD

  38. In cod ww2 in the first mission there were ppshs in Normandy. The Russians landed in Normandy, not the Americans. Get your facts right jingles.

  39. Far cry 5 comes out at the end of feb. It looks so good and I’m so hyped

  40. Star Citizen is lame and always will …

  41. I am SO GLAD, more experienced Players, share their experiences with these games, for others to see and learn from!
    Games aren’t cheap. Fifty, sixty, seventy, and MORE, dollars, for ONE GAME, is a LOT of money for an aged, grey-haired, been through too much shit in real life to take much guff from anything, type of person.
    One HUGE advantage I’ve had, by NOT playing, ‘Keep-up with the Joneses’, and spending top $$$ for every new console/game that comes out?… I can watch others review said games/consoles, and after enough of this, I can usually make a purchase w/o suffering a huge sense of ‘I just got ar*e-ra*ped’, by spending my meager ‘Free monies’, on a game that totally sucks.

    Thanks so much for your due diligence, Jingles!

  42. I’m one of those OG backers for Star Citizen. Own a lifer insurance SuperHornet, the first time they rolled those out. I’ve been dipping my toes into Star Citizen every other major update, but 3.0 is sadly going to be the fiscal dealbringer, or dealbreaker, for me.

    Cannot afford (financially) to wait on the project to see even more needed development if 3.0 flops. It better be a decent early access thing (as many in CIG and backers imply) or else I simply have to take my business elsewhere.

    Not saying I’m giving up on the project on emotional or logical grounds, but economic. Star Citizen’s the last hoorah of PC gaming for me, and if it proves not to be worth the investiture of a new PC for the next generation of games that Star Citizen is obviously going to be a part of, I might as well close up shop and focus on other more important pursuits.

  43. Lord of the Noobies

    “Outcast”, it might be old, but the graphics are recieving a HUGE overhaul, it seems to have kept it’s “interesting” Sense of humour and it was huge, for the time it had been released. They are relaunching it and I am so much looking forward to play a game from “back in the days”, but renewed.

  44. I don’t know if others noticed aswell with CoD WWII, especially with the infiltration mission.
    The german talk of the NPCs standing around there is suprisingly good, but that damn villain, that Heinrich guy who you kill, he speaks terrible german. Like some non-german speaking german. With that damn budget they could at least hire a german voice actor to speak the fucking german commander. Christoph Waltz isn’t the only german actor who speaks respectable english….

  45. 4:43 the fire works are perfectly timed whit the canoon fire in the backround!

  46. the infamous patrick

    wot auz server is a fucking failer lololol FML!!!!!!

  47. Jingles, it could very much be a case of the casting director of the game having seen the platoon and without realising it got biased to give Matt an subconcious advantage by association.

  48. try playing the long dark is not a bad game

  49. The sherman tanks are modelled after the m4a3 with a 75mm turret and a 76mm gun… furthermore they are using field modifications that werent used until 2 months after d-day

  50. CoD, WW2: Starts 5 years into the war, only focuses on Western Europe.
    Why not call it CoD: D-Day?

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