Mingles with Jingles Episode 223

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I crack out an of Mingles as quickly as I possibly can because Rita's home from Portugal and the house is a bomb site. Some might say I'm well and truly “Under the thumb”, but I *choose* to clean up, it's not that I'm scared of what'll happen if I don't. No !

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. She doesn’t know what cock is but she wants it. LMFAO

  2. Jingles the protest/boycott is not only limited to the campaign it covers all the crap wargaming have been pulling over the past year, read the PDF listed on some of the clans pages!

  3. Jangles, this is why we have our cats shit outside the house.

  4. I dont even bother watching wot or wow here. Everything else I like much, and that’s quality content I came for unlike wot or wow.

  5. Moar x com pls I could never play a strategy game but I love your commentary keep on derping through it!

  6. Cats are easy. Feed ’em, scoop ’em, leave ’em. The smell, I’ll grant you is terrible but it’s manageable.

  7. Actually Jingles, if you’ve already pre-ordered Battlefront 2 it will go live to play the full version on 12AM (midnight) Nov 14 EST

  8. Jingles…. World at War was a good game… Call of Duty WW2 is the shit one that just released. World at War was their previous WW2 game, that was around the time of Modern Warfare. You know, the good years.

  9. why can’t you choose your server like how you can in warthunder??

  10. I’m not a much creator. I do tiny ass streams that might sometimes get 5 viewers.

    But, the biggest question is. Do you like it? Do you want to play a game? Do you like recording it?
    Then do it. If it gets half the view count, I’m sorry, but if you enjoy it, fuck the people who don’t.

  11. your nearly gagging from the litter? imagine how your cat feels! he/she is probly thinking “that fat ass didn’t clean it AGAIN, what the fuck is he doing!”

  12. One reason Cold Waters vids do so well is that you narrate the action sooooo brilliantly. One can tell how much you enjoy the game and its infectious. I dont even have Cold Waters nor do I plan on getting it, not now anyway, but I religiously watch your vids on it. It’s pure entertainment!

  13. You can train cats to go into the toilet bowl (the human one), or to go outside as well…

  14. i miss lone echo

  15. I just want you to finish off the games you’ve started – I’m halfway through watching some of them, and then you haven’t finished them!

  16. Dave Strikes Again: From giving people the wrong idea of what to do in World of Warships on the Two Brothers map to giving out false tank designs to Wargaming officials for use in their games.

  17. Spay your cats, lol

  18. Jingles, the reason for the views being so different is because of game circles. Obviously world of tanks and warships are your bread and butter for views, so Cold Waters would do well. It’s close enough to world of warships, so your audience will probably enjoy that just as much. However, a first person shooter is not very similar to any wargaming title, people don’t come here for that content, just too far outside of the circle. Either way your content is great

  19. don’t care about lone echo!!!!!! how could they!

  20. That UK argument game!!!! lolol

  21. I personally love Lone Echo and XCOM2 content; as in it always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

  22. More war thunder plz. I don’t play any of wargayming dirty cat sand games

  23. NA if only I had tier 7


  25. Rita is so having an affair 🙂


  27. Hope you like those micro transactions like in that one game you neglect to play.

  28. So, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is so bad and so anti-consumer that a developer has begun receiving death threats, and an EA spokesperson has not only received the highest downvoted comment in reddit history, but broke the record by an order of magnitude.

    ALSO, EA has a patent on matchmaking, microtransactions, and their interoperation. So it goes:

    Match you against people who bought better gear than you > You get stomped so you want to buy stuff to make you better > After you buy stuff, intentionally match you against people who are worse than you so you feel good about your purchases > a set time later, start matching you with better people again in hopes that you’ll pitch in more money > The cycle repeats.

    EA may literally be the worst company to ever exist.

  29. XCOM2 videos are good. Keep them coming. I like them.

  30. Well, That’s cat litter for ya. You have to stop feeding the cat Haggis.

  31. I absolutly love your xcom videos. The reason I haven’t watched the latest videos is because I haven’t finished war of the chosen myself.

  32. Actually jingles it’s cod ww2 not world at war love ur vids greetings from canada

  33. Wow Jingles. With cats remove solid waste daily, fresher the better. Change litter weekly. Simples.

  34. As one of the mere 50k who religiously watch your XCOM2, Lone Echo, and Ghost Recon please keep showing them. If you ever continued Alien Isolation that would be the best. Your version of A:I is so much better than anyone elses imo and I have watch it at least 10 times right through now. You do its so well.

  35. Use dog poo bags to take the poo out and do this for three or four times and then you will need to re place the litter grains

  36. What fucking shill is still excited about Battlefront 2?

  37. Hi jingles man must take you ages to read all these. It had taken 5 years of playing Wot and I now run a premium account. I started watching you 2011 and learnt allot from you. I now have the op obj140 and fv215b which is awesome. Please can you do more tank reviews and a no bullshit look at world of tanks content. Please i like your realism. Loved living in Devon when over there. Now back in N Z. Cheers bro

  38. Jingles, its called bi-weekly scoop. Signed, a cat owner.

  39. Your face was you! Suck on it

  40. I tell you a secret about cat toilets and how to clean em. Take them out on as windy day as possible. So you know…significant smell reduction in your direction.
    Then take a big plastic bag. And I mean big, like 80 liters or more. Let the wind spread it, show litterbox in it, empty it, and hurray, you are almost done. Then tie knot on that bag of sh t, wash box with gardenhose and broom. Congratulations you are done 🙂

  41. Deano The Sigillite

    I love cold water and line echo to!

  42. For the Cat box, I use an automatic one. helps a lot.

  43. Be me
    >wake up
    >be hungry
    >make breakfast
    >oh cool, jingles uploaded a New vid
    >Start watching during breakfast happy.jpg
    >jingles starts talking about cat poop ohshit.jpg

  44. Jingles, you forgot to add a image of the Tank into your video…. & Cats clean up after themselves, dogs well just leave landmines all over your lawn, not fun if you either step on it or run it over with the Lawnmover!

  45. So he has to go pick-up the old ball and chain LOL your starting to ramble on and on J

  46. I love your Cold Waters Videos and look forward to the Next adventure of Rear Admiral Jingles McJingleberry. Hope it comes soon. (Was on the edge of my seat as you reversed off the bottom to pump out the flooding in that one episode, never been so engaged in a video)

  47. Cat owner here, I use military grade gas mask when cleaning the litter

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