Mingles with Jingles Episode 224

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You’d think by now I might have learned not to keep giving money to Electronic Arts because it only encourages them to keep churning out mediocrity. Well Wars Battlefront II is the straw that finally broke the camels’ back.


  1. The banker is saying sell the stock without saying that.

    The equation for gaming is as follows A>B>C eventually = A=B=C

    Where C buys early to get the advantage B and A eventually chase or catch up. Eventually the system becomes balanced as all do. It’s simple math and statistics. This is exactly why World Of ….. find themselves in such a situation. They have to keep raising the bar for C or all income would dry up. The eventuality is it will come anyway because people get tired of it. But it is just 9th grade algebra.

  2. Having low stocks is indeed very dangerous, that’s how your business can be bought out by a bigger company who probably knows they can sell it at a higher price once they’ve raised the stock value of what once was your company thus allowing said larger company to make a crap ton of money whether they keep your former company or sell it once they think your stocks can’t be higher. So the lowering of stock value at EA could finally raise some alarm bells in their thick skulls. Of course, I’m no economics major, but I suspect that’s how it works and I’ll accept if I’m wrong but that’s what I picked up while watching Hunter Harrison try to take over Norfolk Southern Railroad’s stock while he was head of Canadian Pacific Railroad at the time (now that son of a bitch is running CSX into the ground because he’s a pissy sort who wanted a megamerger and didn’t get it)

  3. It sounds like the exact same multiplayer experience. I have fun in Starfighter assault especially, but when I’m killed by a player whose got rank 3/4 stuff across the board, showing me each of those upgrades. it tells me those players just threw money at the screen to get a massive advantage, hence Pay to Win.

    I’m gobsmacked everytime i see that because I’ve barely got rank 2 upgrades just from the campaign, and im just grinding so i can unlock the heroes and get that bullshit out the way. Considering they show you what upgrades and ranks of their cards they have, I’m guessing it’s a way to get the uneducated and easily frustrated players to throw money at the game as well in hopes to compete with the assholes who threw money at the screen themselves the moment they put the disc in. It’s fucking sickening.

  4. Well……sex education with jingles

  5. As I recall EA Motive studios did the campaign and not DICE

  6. MADDOG the PC Gamer

    @Jingles, I think the stuttering your having is cause of the windows fall update. I got a new PC “was built in the spring”, MSI Z270 mobo i7 7700k proc, GTX 1080 gpu. And i play a lot of games, and within the last week or 2 ive gotten stuttering, fps drops and crashes.

  7. the stuttering is probably a driver issue happens often with new games.

  8. This is why I never pre-order games. I just don’t understand why so many people have this need to rush out and buy a product before they have any idea what it’s going to contain or how good it’s going to be. Why would you not wait a little bit after release and see what people have to say about a game before you make your decision on whether it’s something you want to spend money on? Are those extra couple of weeks really that important?

    My sole personal exception to that rule is World of Warcraft expansions. And that’s only because past experience gives me a lot of confidence that I’ll enjoy them, there is a significant drawback to waiting a few weeks, and I KNOW I’m going to play them.

  9. 20:30 all i’m thinking is surprise butt sex is the best kind of butt sex xD

  10. I steer away from most AAA games now. CD Project Red games though, is the only company in that league I will buy. PUBG is hugely popular for an Indy game still in development. It’s the game play that makes it. Most triple AAA just keep rehashing linear story lines and tight multiplayer maps with limited demands on strategy and tactical cognition. Support Indy, its where the fresh ideas happen.

  11. Happy Tanksgiving Jingles!

  12. The campaign feels like it is just an extensive tutorial for the multiplayer.

  13. 19:54 – 20:37 what in the fuck…..

  14. Get those CEO sodomites Jungles! You go brother!

  15. Yeah saw this coming with EA. Its pay to win. Wasn’t going to play Battlefront 2 and I am certainly not doing it now. Im a-ok getting killed by a player who is better than me, not so much if he just has more money than me. Its bullshit. And if we as consumers let them get away with it this game, then Battlefront 3 will undoubtedly be even worse. DO NOT give them your money so they do this shit again.

  16. Jingles, please, get back to making cat videos.

  17. EllendigeTullip Jägermeister

    …Act…….Actually Jingles! Star Wars Battlefront is rated on Reddit as one of the most….J..Jingles? Jingles, no. What are you doing with that MG-42…Put it down!

    *** 3 days later ***
    Today we stand with you all, with the death of EllendigeTullip Jägermeister. May he rest in pieces.

  18. Origin is the reason I stopped playing any ea games which hurts because dice made my 2 favorite games ever bf2 and the best bf2142.

  19. Jingles you noob EA didnt make the story line Lucas films did

  20. George Lucas himself said that it’s pronounced ATAT, not aytee aytee. Just a fun fact Jingles. Love your videos.

  21. Your stuttering is probably from your AVG or similar program running in the background. I have the same issue with Wildlands and when turn it off the game runs amazingly well. Worth a shot anyway. Thanks for the vids btw, always enjoy them.

  22. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    What killed it for me with EA was the sweatshops they put their workers through and the fact that they killed the mercenaries franchise.

  23. Jingles I don’t remember Activision getting money from Blizzard’s crates…

  24. Actually didn’t Disney or something give EA a tongue lashing with the micro transactions so they disabled it recently?

  25. Pretty much Mass Effect Andromeda and Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was set up the same way characters where locked unless you played enough to get the credits to buy crates to get the characters out of one can get somewhere by just playing the game from what I have seen with Battlefront 2 is that you can get somewhere may take longer than throwing money at the game but some players have more of a sense of accomplishment from getting things through playing the game. Some say that Armored Warfare wants you to throw money at the game but the thing is you can get somewhere by playing the game the premium vehicles you can get if you do events and save up enough gold from doing events and login in every day and on the 7th day get 100gold actually get 100 gold not some challenge thing where you might win 100 gold if your lucky and yes I am looking at War Thunder for that one. Also Jingles are you going to take a look at Armored Warfare now a new update is out and the game has been released on steam? I have played Armored Warfare since it was released into open Beta and have got premium vehicles a good deal of them without throwing a dime at the game just by playing during events that reward gold and sometimes won premium vehicles in a event or a gift. No matter what developers do someone will complain some will say getting things in a game take too long and want a way to get those things by just waving their wallet at the developer other like me feel more accomplished by getting those things by playing the game without spending money, its like those people that buy a high tier tank or ship and they haven’t even played a single game yet they may have those shinny things but don’t know how to use it effectively yet someone that has worked hard to get those things through gameplay will have a better idea of how to use them.

  26. Thing is just because its there you don’t have to buy it. People getting mad about DLC for games and micro transactions is like fat people suing fast food because the food made them fat. Pre ordering is shady business because you haven’t even seen the game and you have already purchased it without even knowing what the game is going to be the last game I pre-ordered was Mass Effect Andromeda and I only did so after I see what the game was going to be and yes before people throw the that game sucked comment in I did enjoy the game once they fixed the mishaps with it and I only pre-ordered the game a few days before it launched not months or even a year before the game was even released like some people have the habit of doing.

  27. Please consider adjusting your language. Just a tiny bit.

  28. The amount of ANAL-ogies in this episode is ASS-tounding 🙂

  29. I disagree with you that just because a company is evil it’s okay because so long as the game is good we’ll buy it. Why? That’s really bad morals to have if you’re willing to put up with a company that’s continuing to downgrade video games since you’re basically too much of a faux nerd video game junkie to have maturity to just not buy a game from a bad company. Video Games were making decent profit just fine prior to Microtransactions being a norm, the issue lies in that complacency that made people apathetic to the problems and that’s a really dangerous place to be for a culture.

    If EA is gonna do this sort of stuff and we make demands that “no this is not okay”. But then we forgive them when a game is suddenly “good” that’s just solving nothing, look at EA’s track record, every game company they have ever bought has shut down and EA has heavily boasted a vast repertoire of game companies now gone simply because of their meddling. But it’s fine, we’re part of the faux video game nerd culture and we buy video games because Jingles and every other E Celeb says so and we’re gonna act like junkies about it while video gaming tanks and we ignore all the problems with the video game industry simply because “I paid 100 dollars so I can get princess Leia battle bikini”.

    Then again why am I surprised? Jingles has already spent thousands of dollars on Star Citizen and that game STILL isn’t out yet and won’t ever EVER meet the heavy hype it has been trying to spew for years. Until we admit and try to solve the problem head on by NOT tolerating this nonsense EA and many other companies will never learn and people like you Jingles have a responsibility. On that note EA didn’t get rid of microtransactions because of some mean ol reddit downvoting, they got rid of it because Belgium the country is doing an investigation on video game microtransactions as a tool of gambling for kids and there is a big Legal Push right now to make game companies responsible for the gambling cultures EA and other game companies are heavily promoting to Kids…So please Jingles quit promoting Junkie Video Game Faux nerd culture. it’s making us look bad now.

  30. Want a game company that usually won’t fuck you? Try Ubisoft or Bethesda. Sure Ubisoft fucks up their franchises but they fix them. Bethesda might take a while but at least you get an ass spanking good game that will be so revered by gamers that it gets so many remasters and rereleases that people start to hate on it for being good.

  31. I can only feel sorry for the poor bastards that threw hundreds of $$ at the game just to get that immediate advantage. Those are the dogs EA throws bones at. But some of us will smell it first, and figure that bone came right out someone’s greedy ass. How can someone ignore the smell of shit?

  32. Jingles i am a huge fan of yours and i have been following you for nearly 5 years. In almost every single case i have always had the same opinion as yours, but this is not the case. I think Star Wars Battlefront II is a huge improvement over the last game, it really shows that there has been way more work put into the making of this game. The fact that the campaign is not amazing(i did really enjoy it, except as you said the Luke mission) should not make the game average, because you only play it once or twice. The multiplayer is the main thing here. I think it is really great, and i don’t think that the star cards are that important. After watching your video yesterday I played the game for a few hours without any star cards and only standard class rifles, and i still managed to finish MVP 70% of the time. This means that if you are skilled you can still do very well! And yes there are still things that can and need to be improved, like a better squad sistem, soldier customization and so on.
    To sum up, I really like and will enjoy this game even if still needs some work to it, I just think it is not for everyone(Jingles i am looking at you 🙂 ).

  33. I know I might be scolded for this but i had a small idea for atleast fixing Star-Cards without a full removal of them. So what if for every advantage there was a disadvantage?
    1st example: Advanced Torpedoes: Increases torpedo damage, but increases the reload time.
    2nd example: Darth Maul Ranged Throw: He throws his Saber farther but he takes more damage while doing it.
    I am not supporting the greediness of EA with their micro-transaction BS, i want that removed completely. My idea is only for the Star-Cards that are in game now. Upgrading them with what you gain from MP matches and daily loot crates and credits you earn ingame, not anything you can pay for with real money. This is only my little idea for one of the many things wrong with this game. If you have an opinion then feel free to share.

  34. pounded Rita on a micro transaction

  35. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    The Empire should look into who makes Han’s shirts and get them to make their Stormtrooper armor.

  36. Sadly it’s been confirmed that EA only removed the micro transactions because Disney put there foot down and told EA to fix their shit or lose the exclusive contract for star wars games. EA didn’t give a shit at how pissed off we were are. The only gave a shit when Disney threatened them.

  37. 22:35 “Aha. Another scumbag. Have some blaster…. Hmm, he’s not going down easy. Come on, die! … I wonder if he’s a boss?”
    Game: “Help Chewbacca”
    “Uh… That was Chewie?”

    (To be fair, I would’ve shot at Chewie too, the black stormtroopers in the earlier Battlefront series were nasty mofos with shotguns, and my vision sucks.)

  38. Disney is bringing the smackdown on EA for screwing up Battlefront 2

  39. TL;DW Fuck EA for fucking us dry

  40. Dayumn, Jingles…
    After listening to your oration of this one episode?…

    I need a cigarette! (and an ice-pack to sit on, to soothe my well-ridden-arse!)


  41. hahhaah , i ditch EA after last starwars and I couldn’t careless for theyr game anymore … they are dead to me

  42. Well thats two games you have had me cross off the list. Come up with a good game for us for Christmas

  43. AAAAnd if the micro transactions make that much difference then the game should be free!

  44. Saw 4 minutes of this episode and man Jingles proves he doesn’t know what he is talking about DICE had 0 involvement in the single player part of the game. Nuff said…the story is pretty predictible…but what did you expect? Disney will never let them make some drastic story lines etc.
    I have to say the game is all about the graphics and feeling…so if you want anything more, dont buy battlefront 2… it is that easy.

  45. Can’t believe you bought this crap…

  46. wouldnt even pirate it

  47. Ever since the dumbass SJWs conquered the gaming industry, games have been getting worse and worse

  48. I enjoyed bf3 and bf4 campaigns

  49. Oh Jingles you loveable old fart.

  50. To anybody that actually listens to people on whether to buy a game or not, just don’t, if you wanna try it then buy it keep the receipt and if you don’t like it take it back, easy, I’m honestly getting tired of hearing how games are terrible for the dumbest reasons, if a game is bad simply for small things like being unable to pick up a gun for literally 2 minutes just stop playing games

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