Mingles with Jingles Episode 225

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The Net Neutrality Edition, and why you’re completely screwed if you live in the and still moderately screwed even if you live elsewhere.

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  1. On the Xbox

  2. Wow I didn’t know Phil Collins was ever going to tour again I thought he said about Five years ago….I quit

  3. It's not what you think

    WG doesn’t try to pretend they give a shit about the game either though. THey’re worse than the Chinese because at least the Chinese own up to it.

  4. Well, I AM an American, and there just isn’t enough lube in the world to make this feel okay…
    And, that means I’m going to have to buy up all the lube in the world, so I can at least try. So, sorry rest-of-the-world, you’ll just have to do without. 😉

  5. holy shit jingles said word “war thunder” last minutes, does that mean one more WT vid in next year ? maybe chief mk 10 vid ? or mk5 or mk3 ?

  6. It’s thanks to our “Great leader” Trumputin, oops I mean Trump for wanting a centralized net

  7. Isn’t net neutrality basically having EA become your internet provider?

  8. No, ISPs in the US are NOT utilities. The government is trying to use the Telecom laws from the 1930s to regulate the internet. The same FCC that delayed FM radio because AM radio used the government to keep FM out of the market for 25 years. The same FCC that didn’t license cellular spectrum until the 80s when it was invented in the 40s.

    Net neutrality isn’t net neutrality. They’d like to use that name, but the reality is that’s no what letting the government regulate it is. The monopolies we have exist because the government is creating them. State and local regulations keep competition from forming.

    I am a fan but I really wish you were more educated on the subject. Net neutrality isn’t enshrined in American law. It’s only been policy for a few years, yet some how the internet grew and formed without the government sticking it’s dick in the middle of it.

  9. As someone who votes Republican, I emailed my rep, senator, and the office of the President. I voiced my concerns and asked them to make the US better than that. We will see if my voice is heard.

  10. Jingles, great video, relevant topic and this whole issue pisses me off to know end. BUT, while I hate being THAT guy ‘Verizon’ is pronounced like ‘Horizon’. Long ‘I’. The more you said it the more I… Jingles?

    *click click*

    Right. Back to the mines then?


  11. Where is Theodore Roosevelt when you need him…

  12. Jingles, as an American, TRUST ME, MANY of us are tired of the BS federal programs too……

  13. Their cheap on the Chinese server because the money is different….. the type 59 would cost someone in China around 120 yuan and the type 59 g would be around 600 yuan… which is an insane amount of money to any Chinese resident… I mean a skewer would cost you 1 yuan or around 20 cents….. you can’t get anything for just 20 cents here in the us or 20 pence in England…. hope this kinda helps the economy question @TheMightyJingles and everyone else

    • Oh fun fact 1300 euros for the chieftain would transfer to about 8000 yuan which would be about two months pay for the average Chinese person

  14. Can you stop spewing net neutrality BS? In the USA, ISP’s operate on the oversubsciption model. The USA has large rural areas that are very expensive to serve with guaranteed broadband. Someone who uploads HD youtube videos everyday uses up most of the available bandwidth and limits what others can access. Shouldn’t they pay more for utilizing more of the infrastructure. The same model is used for all other utility distribution in the US. Your example of water distribution: quality isn’t an issue, but flow rate is. If you are an industrial site that needs to consume 1000 m3/hr of water, you have to pay to support the big 450mm pipe required to deliver that. Why should normal residential people pay more for water just to support the high user?

    There is a lack of competition is the US in uraban areas due to local government licensing issues. Less government interference is better.

    The net nuetrality laws that you say are going to expire in December were only implemented in 2016. Was the internet that bad in the USA before that?

  15. Sadly, you forgot the most dangerous part of getting rid of net neutrality: it s the democracy issue….companies are owned by ppl, those ppl have friends, those friends have political preferences and interests…what do you think will happen to internet sites or groups arguing against THOSE ppl s interests…..

  16. Actually I think the Chieftan would really wreck the game. it is bad enough now with trying to play T8 against IS-7’s, Type 5’s and T62’s. Can you imagine fighting against the Chieftan in your Tiger 2 or Ferdi?? How would that be a fair game. Watch DezGames and see what it does. It would make the game a friggen joke which it already is at in T8

  17. This so true they carved up Tucson with Cox and Quest, they charge a fortune. I went from paying 25 to 90 a month just for internet with no other choice.

  18. Yeah, well you don’t have to live here. All the regulations that kept our air relatively breathable, our water mostly contaminant free and our financial institutions from screwing us as hard as they want are being repealed, one by one. The fox isn’t guarding the hen house, it’s having it’s way with the hens, killing them, then setting the hen house on fire.

    As to bitching out our representatives, if they were offered demands to straighten up and fly right by constituents, or offered an unlimited amount of “campaign contributions” from corporations who, thanks to our highest court, are now classified as people for the purposes of donations, which do you think they’ll listen to?

  19. The Chieftain Mk 10 is great in War Thunder Jingles. You should really try to get some replays.

  20. The internet is going back to the same regulatory environment as in 2006 – its not undoing something that was always in place. Now the market is not competing properly. but you cant over simplify this.

  21. Fuck the US I’m moving to Canada

  22. I don’t own a tier 8 premium but if they were priced like the ones on the Chinese server I’ll tell ya what I’d have several.

  23. Moral of the story: If net neutrality goes away…. Go to a StarBuck.

  24. went from 60 dollars in Australia to 120 dollars plus 14 dollars rent a month as well i believe , i don`t have pay tv any more. 5.08 no where else in the world has as bad internet or IT service than Australia , i am 20 meters from a optical fiber node and cannot connect , yet the telco company ceo sent me letter telling me his company,( been with them for over 4 years and telephone for over 30 odd years with them) has noticed we have NBN available in my area but haven`t heard from me.I had just spent 6 weeks trying to get reconnected , phone as well .i had to spend every day of the week and weekends fighting this company called telstra just to get my constitutional and consumer rights re instated.
    My rights where re-instated until i got a lawyer then shit happened pretty quickly.

  25. My sympathies Jingles is off to see the man credited with ruining the last Led Zep tour!

  26. Jingles: Americans get shitty service
    Also Jingles: Looks like my routine summer internet outage is back.

  27. When is Comcast and Spectrum shitty service, shit where I live you cannot even get either of them because they want to charge you to put the line up even though more than likely that your neighbors will get the service too, our only choice of internet service is phone provider DSL in Vermont its Fair point unless you live in a town that has its own phone service provider but Fair Point’s goddam service is beyond shit places in the poorest areas of Africa probably get better service most of the lines are so beyond the state of disrepair that the only thing holding it together is probably duct tape at my home if you want to download a game a applications or a update to a game or application hell even a update to your IPhone you have to click update and hope that the internet doesn’t suddenly disconnect which it does frequently that it can do it anywhere from every 5 or 10 minutes or every few hours and that is because our line has been struck by lightening we have told them this and they have done nothing that lightening struck happened in 2012 and I know that as a fact because before that time the internet was slow but never suffered disconnection only under extreme conditions you could download a game in maybe a few hours a day at most like ice storms and trees falling on it but after the strike it only stays on if you download nothing not even a windows update and if someone is using the internet to watch Netflix or someone is downloading something no one else can use it and a game can take several days to download. The line is so bad in fact that if the wind blows hard enough and it does where I live the line will go completely dead no internet or phone they like to blame the internet problems on windows 10 now even though this has been going on since 2012 not only for my family but for the entire community where I live they all have the same problems and it happened way before windows 10 was even around. SO in my eyes those that can get things like Comcast or Spectrum are not getting nearly as screwed as us country folks do when it comes to internet and Tv service. Also the United States does have laws against monopolization but it usually kicks in on a national level not local even though a law should be their for large local areas being monopolized the county where I live most gas stations are owned by only 3 companies and they keep the gas prices jacked by claiming the price of trucking is high but its because they deliberately make it so by making outrageous hauls with fuel they take fuel from Burlington Vermont and supply stations in Franklin County Vermont where I live and only two miles from the Canadian border and then grab a truckload of fuel from Montreal and bring it to stations in Burlington which is not necessary as they should be supplying stations in Burlington with fuel brought into Burlington by boat or rail not by the truckload from another country and supply stations near Canada with the fuel gathered at Montreal, and here is the kicker I can travel to Orleans County the next county to the East and the independent stations sell fuel for sometimes 20 or 25 cents less per gallon and the fuel is supplied from Portland Maine allot longer haul with a truck than Montreal or Burlington that the big moguls claim is expensive.

  28. Why big western games are not run by their developers in China? Because if they cannot control it they cannot censor the ever loving shit out of it to cover up other ideals that are not their ideals but that is true of any Communist or totalitarian regime anywhere mostly.

  29. There’s a subtlety here. The Obama Administration, who set up regulating the internet as a utility, was also very big on a concept called “Fairness Doctrine”. Originally it was aimed at radio and TV station editorials where expressing an opinion on one side of a partisan issue obligated the station to find someone to express the opposing view as well. It’s a way of diluting a minority viewpoint. The Obama Administration wanted to resurrect Fairness Doctrine and apply it to strongholds of opposition viewpoint such as talk radio and the internet. But to apply Fairness Doctrine to the internet, one first has to establish regulatory control.

    Enter the choice to regulate as a utility.

    I agree with net neutrality, but the sort of neutrality that says “leave us alone”, not the sort that allows government to step in and assert control.

    Every data packet is equal regardless for where it came from or where it is headed. That is net neutrality. There are other better ways to do this than hand power to government, which will as surely be abused by bureaucrats as by corporations.

  30. Hey Jingles, guess what World of Tanks Blitz is getting next year… THE CHIEFTAIN MK. 6! Hehehe PC is gonna get it last. Well, except the Chinese server because they get everything

  31. I’d like to point out, that emailing a US congressman doesn’t show where you’re from if you still write in english and have @gmail like 90% of americans. If non-US want to email it’d be just as effective.

  32. If our media (American, sorry) was doing its job, and wasn’t so agenda focused for the two political shit storms we call a government, Americans might actually understand whats going on. Unfortunately, we are so at each others throats and divided that the government, big corporations, and the media, are getting away with anything they want. We only have ourselves to blame. We have allowed the media and government to divide us, and as an non-United America, we have failed to ensure the government works for us.

  33. The fall of net neutrality is just another step the USA is making towards becoming a corrupt 3rd world country. It is not a matter of if, but how fast it wil happen.

  34. Freedom? Sure, and you have property in the Sinai to sell me?

  35. Thanks Jingles… very informative.

  36. Don’t you need buy 1200 more

  37. This is what capitalism and free marketing ultimately brings to you my friend, enterprises monopolizing every aspects of your life, feudalism in a modern day form.

  38. Mr. who is that guy?

    Is it just me…Or did anyone else get really nausious of todays podcast? (not jingles fault tho)

  39. New addition to the national anthem. AMERICA!, The Land of the free!, if you can afford it!, And the Home of the brave!, As long as you do as your told and comply!. Hahaha. RIP America.

  40. From a friend of mine The Mighty Jingles…


    The idea is internet providers would charge more or limit access to certain uses, such as video streaming, online gaming, P2P, etc. This is obviously unfair that a person should either be restricted or charged more for various internet uses over another, and therefore requires government to enforce Net Neutrality, preventing ISP’s from restricting or charging more for access.

    In the name of consistency I propose Cable Neutrality. Why should cable providers charge more for, say, Cinemax, or HBO, or NBC, or CBS? Cable and satellite Television companies restrict access to some networks without additional charges, impacting lower income families most. I demand #TVNeutrality where Television providers must stop the discrimination and provide all service at the same cost.

    Also, #AutoNeutrality. Why should someone be required to pay more for “features” on a vehicle? Auto dealers should provide at one price the “fully loaded” model instead of discriminating by charging more for things like power windows, integrated GPS, or extra cup holders.

    End the discrimination, and call your representatives for #AllNeutrality. Nobody should be allowed to offer different packages at different prices.

    No matter how much anyone wants to obfuscate the details of net neutrality it boils down to whether or not the Federal Government will force private business to provide unfettered access at a single price.
    Opponents of net neutrality see the danger of adding Federal restrictions to businesses. ACA is a prime example. Quality plummeted, costs for most increased. Why do we expect any different with internet.
    Advocates see businesses that charge or restrict higher uses as an evil requiring Federal correction. Why should someone that owns the infrastructure limit the use of said infrastructure? Netflix alone uses 1/3 of the world’s bandwidth, and any company that would dare limit streaming to alleviate their limited bandwidth should obviously be punished by law.

    A major retail supermarket can function on 5Mbps with more than enough to spare. An auto shop/dealership can function very well on 5Mbps, including uploading pictures to their website. There are datacenter environments that never need 1Gbps. I work just fine on a 600kbps cellular connection. It’s not business that will feel the results of tiered access, it’s the residential customers that feel entitled to the ability to stream 4K Netflix in two rooms while playing Battlefield 4 in 4K online.

    Get through the emotional sob story and understand net neutrality for what it is: Consumers demanding the Federal Government force private businesses to provide full access to their infrastructure at a single price, rather than charging those who use more more.

    As much as I hate to say Jingles, you might want to stick to games…

  41. – Jingles trying to explain internet-as-utility in the same way as water company –
    – Looks over to Flint County, MI. Looks back at Jingles –
    – picks up shovel and walks back to salt mines –

  42. Le Mingle with Le Jingle!!

  43. The Chieftain would be fine as is… its as good as a T-62A give or take… except slower and more reliant on being hull down.

    Why we dont have it? Its because WG wants to make a full line for it. Thats been WGs line recently. They really need to get over it and add it in so that people dont riot. Because people will riot if its anything other than a tech tree tank.

    I want mine so much that I already have a full female crew trained for it, sitting in my 215b.

  44. These streaming TV services if they have any intelligence will set up server centers in Europe etc and then only the USA are fucked.

  45. Yeah Armoured warfare for the Chieftain with no PVP action. Or I can get my old Arma 2 game going and use the mod of the Chieftain including that beautiful sound the engine makes but I have to play bots also. WOT need to  introduce Tier 11 and 12 and start brining in some modern tanks up till the 1980’s then we will be able to have our beloved Chieftain. All they need to do is just make the grind a little easier at tier 7, 8, 9 and 10 and harder for tier 11 and 12 like tier 9 and 10 is now. Introduce Premium 9 and or 10 tanks and then they will make more money. Or just have World of tanks 2 and have just Modern tanks from the 70’s till today. I think I heard Rita talking about that rumour. Yeah they got me with that April fools joke a couple of years ago but seriously its time to make it serious and be cool.

  46. My internet is Pathetic…I pay around $85 for what they call high speed, 300kps….for 10 gigs a month of fixed wireless, with $2 a gig up to 10 extra a month….after 20 gigs, my internet actually speeds up…..but i have to pay $105 before it even gets close to 1mps….

  47. All the dire warnings of what will happen without Net Neutrality never came to pass for the entirety of the time that Net Neutrality was not a thing. Which was all the way up until 2015.

    Before that time, the FCC did not regulate ISPs in this way because they were decidedly NOT utilities in the same way that power and water are.

    The Executive branch of the government, WITHOUT congress, decided to just say that ISPs were utilities so that they could regulate them without passing a law. And they got everyone worked up about “the corporations, man” to get enough public support to do it.

  48. Hehehe jinglesyou should check sk8xtrm channel….we are getting the chieftain in WOT Blitz

  49. Phil Collins, well you know, after a sacrifice like that… men have been known to bargain for rewards: https://www.tvfanatic.com/quotes/just-dont-forget-our-deal-lois-i-sit-through-this-and-later-t/

  50. Comcast eats a dick

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