Mingles with Jingles Episode 228

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This week we talk about that Armored Warfare video, botting in , advice for joining the Royal Air Force (don’t, try joining the military instead) and when we almost all died in 1992.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. It’s bot accts like that that has actually made me turn to AW more and I do think its a decent game. No where near as good as other games where you can platoon/division/team up with friends. But its at least its something you can play for a handful of hours.

    And TBH if Jingles said that we are all a pack of a**holes and that he will ban us all. I would still like the Video and any decent subscriber should as well 🙂

  2. Well not one to comment on things but, I always liked to play Armored Warfare. Problem is in the US at least it has been difficult. I did try again a few months ago but I did the reset option and even playing a lot could not recover the tanks that I had unlocked prier to reset. Ran out of credits to purchase the tanks by tier 6, I had a number of tier 7 unlocked pier to the reset. I did try to play anyway but most of the time match making was bad and long waits made me lose interest again. Anyway I always watch what ever you but up to me it is entertainment. I do believe you to be a honest reviewer, the thing people don’t seem to understand is not everyone likes the same things. As a side note Air Force always has the best food.

  3. Alexander Stoyanov

    Wg is shit no matter if we talk about NA EU Russian or Asian server – for example the 263 changes situation: 99% negative comments and what did wg monkeys do ofc LIED they “listened” to their playerbase and still decided to completely fuck up one of the most unique lines…

  4. Don’t take the dislike so much to heart. Just because you like a game doesn’t mean all your viewers will. I didn’t even watch your VR vids after the first one. It’s not a personal matter. It just wasn’t my thing.

  5. In my experience WG Asia have no interest in doing anything about Bots at all. I do the same as Afrika Korp and blacklist bots. Repeatedly see them again and again. WG position on naming and shaming is rubbish. Nobody has access to player details so no person is named and shamed. Although, should they not be shamed, not that are ashamed as cheats rarely are.

  6. It’s not about trust for me. I just don’t like the game.

  7. WG isn’t taking action because they are making lots of money off of people like that.

    At high tiers, the “proper” players love having XP pinatas to shoot at. So for the other 15 people he’s not making a “shitty experience”. And WG makes all that sweet sweet money from allowing people to skip the grind and sell them a power-fantasy.

    Sidenote: in most F2P titles, the top 1% – 0.5% are the majority sources of revenue. Consdering the amount of money spent on all those T8 premiums and all that gold they must have used up to convert the experience into free XP, they are a solid part of that.

    WG games are about progression and acquiring power. Not just getting better at the game, but unlocking substantial power in the game itself. They lock this ever greater power behind ever greater pay-walls to monetize people into skipping a mind-numbing grind and get to rofl-stomp those that haven’t given up on the grind yet.

    That is why RNG is featured so heavily in their games, because progressing allows players to skew RNG in their favor and takes away power from a lower-progress player.

    The botting player is paying them a fortune to be able to afford his power-fantasy fulfillment against other people.

  8. Just because someone is subscribed, doesn’t mean theu have to trust everything you say…

  9. Jingles I have a question involving world of war craft did you play it during the corrupted blood plague and were you affected by it and if not how did you get around not been poisoned. I think it would make a neat video if you could tell the story about it Because it’s a neat part of game in history

  10. Honestly anyone complaining about sponsored videos, particularly ones you do, doesn’t understand how this whole thing works, how you make money, what you decide to post or not post. I honestly saw nothing wrong with it and maybe some people were being vocal about it but I think it mainly stems from ignorance so hopefully this video will enlighten them.

  11. Don’t bother, I’ve reported many accounts that were sold (where you could *clearly* see a huge drop in performance which can only be explained either by the player suffering major brain damage *or* more logically the account being sold.

    Unless you can give them the actual conversation/add/transaction of the sale, they won’t do a thing even if it’s clear that it’s illegal.

    Wargaming support staff are as useful as tits on a fish.

  12. Haha… You see jingles you have forgotten the rule. The one rule that rules the world. And that rule is that 0.5% of anybody that you meet, know, talk too, interact with in any conceiveable way are complete COCKS. You have 584000 subscribers yes? so 0.5% of that is 2920. Thats pretty close to your dislikes. Coincindence? I think not. This principle works in so may situations that its terrifying. But there is a counter, its subtle, its sneaky, its a ninja, its “f##k em” Mate you do a great job, you make me laugh, if your doing that i dont begrudge you a penny. Even if you were navy………

  13. Jingles, I’m not convinced that a dislike can be translated into a “we don’t trust you” button. A dislike could be for loads of reasons. Just as a like can be.

  14. I’ma Yank you’re a Brit, what makes you think I trust you in the first place? *GRIN* Now onto that Asian account. Could it not be possible that is one of their “in house” accounts? No one ever said the people “running” a game have to be good at it. We have all seen it before. And not just in WG games.

  15. People are idiots. Let me repeat PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS…you see I did that in caps so I must be right.

  16. People are fickle, fuck em. By the way I stopped playing WoT due to botting and cheating. (and arty)

  17. I haven’t even gotten around to watch the AW videos yet it’s been a busy week. Well now I really do have to see these.

  18. Henrik Frederiksen

    Jingles.. i think ptoinks hit the nail … it might be ppl simply dislikes the game as a whole and therefore pr definition will dislike it on the spot…. .. i personally don’t like the game, but i love the videos you on AW….and i trust you on the matter about what you say in the videos you make… and let’s be clear.. a few errors here and there beacuse … You are crap 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work, and plz keep being who you are, the is for me atleast 80% of the reason why im here in the first place

    In regards to Wargaming… it is the same problem asia,EU,Na.. stop supporting that shitty company.. play the game BUT stop buying gold, stop guying premium FFS, that is the only way and the only language the greedy bastards understand… This is not rocket science for christs sake

    It seems a string of that thing escaped and now sits in the whitehouse…

  19. Come on, you have 600k subs and you assume that 3k of them doesn’t believe you when it comes to the sponsored content. When you think of it, it is rather impressing not depressing. Secondly, you know that MWJ is regularly watched only by a part of your subs, the rest comes here for the action – gunfire and explosions. For me the biggest part of the “trust earning” was done in MWJ – in this series you were talking about the proposals that you get, how big they were, how many are you rejecting on daily basis, what are your standards etc. I bet that from this 3k people that disliked AW video none is watching MWJ. There might be some exceptions, people that thought that you can’t do “something like this” – you know it’s Mark Chapman’s personality type.

  20. Fucking Europeans creating world ending viruses and shit haha

  21. Regarding the AW video:

    Several reasons.

    Frankly, I found it to be thoroughly unenjoyable. It didn’t sound like a Jingles video. It sounded like a terribly bland advert that they had hired you to narrate. That doesn’t mean that you were dishonest, or that what you said wasn’t reflective of what you thought. It simply means that I did not have a good time watching that video, and at the end I honestly wished I hadn’t watched it at all.

    Second, the video left out some bits that I think are important to cover, especially when you are returning to a game you previously left on a very sour note.
    I am referring to 2 things in particular:

    The Premium tank balance issues/concerns regarding the Merkava in PvP.

    The ATGM spam that happens in PvE nowadays (at higher tiers anyways).

    Both of these are things that contribute to making the respective experiences thoroughly unenjoyable, and it seemed to me like the video you made was done without you spending enough time with the game to encounter these concerns. This is no unlike that review Jim Sterling from the Jimquisition did on Destiny 2. On launch, he gave it an 8/10. But as he spent more time with the game, and saw the abusive practices of Bungie/Activision-Blizzard, he went back and changed his score.

    I quite simply felt that the video wasted time retreading very old ground that didn’t necessarily needed to be retreaded, and didn’t cover either of the aforementioned concerns I myself had and continue to have regarding the game.

    My faith in your integrity was never shaken, and your extreme concern regarding it only goes to reinforce it.

    Best wishes,


  22. Jingles. Trust? Really? You got paid to produce content about a product you have not covered for a year. Whatever the reason. Dezgames gets paid for releasing an AW video a day after you released yours. Both of you do not really cover AW. How trust winning appears this to be to you? I gave your AW video a dislike for 2 reasons. One, I don’t like the way AW looks like. Two, you whining about trust.

  23. I would have liked to see a review of Farm Simulator 5. It is a weird manly thing XD Kind of like Truck Simulators and some racing games like Forza Horizon 3. But I get your point 🙂

  24. I had the same thing on a NA server. Reported the same bot multiple times (for example tickets 1037432 or 1013194) and surprisingly not a single f**k was given by WG. I quit playing WoT after that.

  25. 22:39 Lol. In the grim darkness of the 21st century, it ain’t killer robots of a specific GERMAN breed (you know who) that comes after a nuclear holocaust that gets us, or even that wizard K planti coli bacteria that will kill us…NOPE…MANKIND’S GREATEST DOOM are bots in world of tenks :D….oh…and Serb….tttttoootttallly Serb too 😛

  26. Why would they offer to pay you in Euro and not English Pound?

  27. ji Jingles. i dont comment much(probably my first on your channel). always like ur videos and really need to say something today….1 if you do a payed or non-payed video…they are all good and funny….2 you got me hooked on warships again and going go try armored warfare….3 wargaming is really bad when it comes to banning and taking actions against cheaters…keep up the excellent work

  28. Generally i trust your opinions Jingles, but there is some games like War of Warships where i have played it quite religiously and found it did feel like you needed to pay to win,or War Thunder, while i understand your frustration with the developer and the strange issues you had with them, i rather like it. However to dislike a video takes nerve from a subscriber as it can actually allow you to understand your subscriptions base beyond just your normal videos…

    yes you don’t do a lot of paid advertising is something a lot of us don’t generally expect on your channel. I think a lot of people became annoyed due to the last videos on this particular game were “opinionated” regarding the saga between my.com and Obsidian, and the last one was effectively here is the great things (but i haven’t mentioned the issues with the game) which we expect to find in your Paid Advertising games, which allow people to make that decision to buy it or download it. I think what was particularly problematic was you had a lot of free Premium Content Codes Advertised but the fact it would disappear almost instantly also was a factor in the number of dislikes…. i wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the dislikes were subscribers who were unable to get any of the premium content…

    Don’t worry about the amount of dislikes Jingles, as it shows you not pandering to your subscriber base and you can generally form a different opinion of the game after you have cooled down and played the game after a period of time, but it shows your that you are being heard and while some don’t agree with your opinions, they not unsubscribing either, which indicates a loyal fan base… They just didn’t like the Video… So No Harm No Fowl!

  29. The few times I press “dislike” mean that I dislike the content, it’s simply not my cup of tea. It has nothing to do with your integrity 🙂

  30. I am completely indifferent to Armoured Warfare. I don’t even own a computer. But I do believe that games can be changed from a dog to a winner. World of Airplanes us an excellent example. As for you, Jingles? You’re OK by me.

  31. Jingles old boy, I have and always will trust your integrity and honesty. O7
    I really liked armoured warfare before, and will play again as soon as I have a computer that can run it.

    So this bot since it has been reported has contributed to bad game experiences for 50,736 other players. Hell let’s be kind and say 50,500 game experience ruined by bot and not by human error with tier 10 tanks. Shockingly bad customer base neglect by world of tanks letting that one slip through.

  32. Am i the only one who wonders why the hell the choppers dont retract the gear?

  33. Jingles, while the RAF may be inferior to the Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm in every way, Atleast it isn’t the…. _…Army Air Corps._

  34. I have found the younger demographic these days seems to only see things in black or white, no grey or in between. There is no room for nuance or logic only one aspect or it’s opposite. In your example, many of this group seems to feel that they have some personal connection to “content” and haven’t experienced how the world works as yet. Yes a sponsored video is sponsored but just because there is money involved it automatically means you are lying and therefore you cannot be trusted. The older amongst us understand you should take in all aspects of a situation and analyse as a whole.
    I don’t think you are going to get anywhere with this aspect or demographic.

  35. I trust you Jingles ;-; you were the person who got me into computer games in the first place. Been a subscriber for years (accidentally unsubbed at one point in time but immediately resubbed). Also, are you planning on doing another video for tankfest this year? Was planning on going and to see you but air fare decided to change that for me. Cheers!

  36. As a very longstanding subscriber since before this was called mingles with jingles and still called jingle tells I do not normally leave a comment on the videos but I have found I have to comment on why I disliked the armoured war fair video. I appreciate the point that you announced at the start that it was a sponsored video but I found it dull and you didn’t have your usual spark and it seemed like you were going through the motions also
    Armoured warfare is not a game I enjoy watching so hence why I gave it a dislike

  37. dont put excuse just do it

  38. Jingles! Recruiters ARE bad people. To this day, 36 years later, if I run into SSGT Shilcoe, I will punch him in the face…..after I kick him in the balls.

  39. It’s not that we dont believe you bur armored warfare is bullshit we want WOT!!!!!

    yep u came to the smae conc

  40. Erm… Wikipedia says: ‘Public testimony of Ingham and others claims of “worldwide plant death” attracted attention from the scientific community. They were unable to find any evidence that Dr Ingham had submitted her assertions about threats to terrestrial plant life to scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal, and no evidence was found to indicate the U.S. EPA or U.S. Dept. of Agriculture had reviewed or approved any trials for SDF20. Additionally, the SDF20 was found to have produce 20 micrograms per milliliter of alcohol in the soil which is several hundred times lower than that required to affect plant growth. [28]

    Elaine Ingham has issued a public apology for submitting false claims about ecological impact of GMOs. [29]

    The Green Party[which?] has issued a public apology for misleading statements and acknowledging that a cited research was never published. [30]’

  41. You have always been upfront and honest with your opinions and reviews Jingles, stating openly when something is a paid for promotion (and i have counted three occasions, but i have not been with you from the start). Don’t worry too much as haters gonna hate, they cannot help themselves, but on the flipside, lovers gonna love, and i think you have more of them.

  42. Jingles, you’ll never get rid of cheating hakes on the SEA server considering some of the moderators use them! I’ll get in trouble for that one, you watch. While these cheats exist I have no confidence that the game will improve for the average player how doesn’t use them, I will not be putting another cent into the game until all mode are band AND it is enforced (not fragen likely). Armoured Warfare is great, it’s much better than World of Cheats, whoops, I mean Tanks. I will be spending my hard earned cash on that for now. As for the foooool wanting to join the air flops………..well……. a PIG…………. as a former Royal Marine, I’m still laughing……. When I went to the recruiting office in Southampton I walked past your fellow Gray Funnel Line (I know you’re ganna say “yeah you pongo”) friends to the Bootie at the end of the hall and the rest is history.

  43. similiar happened in europe in 60s with DDT everything safe, only you will have little more tumors and it will stay in ground for more like 100 years

  44. For me, to press the dislike button on one of YOUR videos, something really bad must have occurred.
    Normally, if it’s something that I only disliked, I only don’t press “like” or “dislike” button. I stay neutral, because in average you have really nice videos (just as a feedback, I consider you as the must trustful youtuber that I follow – and I SAY that for people).
    I’m not saying that you play like a unicum. I’m saying that you play well, but it’s the WORD that matters to me. Your opinion matters to me.
    Regarding Armored Warfare, consider that WoT have an “optimized” engine, that can run on lower performance PCs… That’s not the case of AW. I can’t run AW on my PC (for example). Yeah, I know… “Buy a better PC”. Maybe I don’t live in Europe… Maybe I don’t live in North America, or Japan, or China, or Australia… Maybe I live on a Third World country, with a low monthly income. ?


  46. That’s why you Jingles and Quicky are 2 of my favorite Youtubers! keep it up!

  47. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    Any Air Force Police Officer = Gate Guard.

  48. I wish WG would ban by account – oh wait, I don’t play the game anymore, – I’m not going to play a WG ever again because they are fucktards

  49. Its nice to hear that recruiter shenanigans is just the same across the pond.

    On a side note, because of you I have gotten back into AW and im loving it. I just wish the player base was bigger.

  50. The up/down vote system is clumsy and random, like a blaster.

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