Mingles with Jingles Episode 229

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Source: The Mighty

This the part where I write something funny or witty or add a link to something I talked about in the video but I just woke up and my brain doesn’t work yet.

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  1. tanks are the best.talk about tanks jingles,to me , for free.cheeeerz

  2. 15 to 20 minutes is the sweet spot for attention span. Most of the Mingles videos go _well_ past that.

  3. Swear is ok if you only do it occasionally

  4. I dont give 2 flying fucks even if they came from the queen of england her self stay who u are and do what u what when u want sincerely a German 14 year old Nik

  5. good thing to think about Rob Pikes letter ;D

  6. Swearing? I’m from Eastern Europe and I must tell you: You don’t swear at all

  7. Please don’t listen to PG advocated suggestions. Kids don’t need gaming anyhow.

  8. Get us a box of grid squares cobba. The army’s favourite is “Go and ask the Q/workshops for a long wait”.

  9. A personal experience with an “easy” in the U.S Navy I was doing some training on an Air Force Base in Texas and we were celebrating the Navys birthday with the Navy Day Ball. We convinced the other branches officers that for the Navy Day Ball we eat live goldfish to celebrate the event. So we got a bowl of Goldfish for each table. I was lucky enough to be selected for this training as I was a measley Seaman at the time. As the lowest ranking person there I was in charge of baiting the higher ranking officers into the ploy. And thus by my valiant action A Marine Corps. Major An Army Lieutenant Colonel and his Sergeant Major, and 2 Airforce Lieutenant Colonels a Colonel and appararently ( though I didnt see it) a 2 star General ate live goldfish. THe Marine Corps. Major chewed it…the military is a helluva place to be lol

  10. Jingles when are you coming to Ohio to the air force show?

  11. Hi Jingles yes you’re right about swearing being a part of life yet you are now more than just a guy chatting on YouTube with so many watching you
    Maybe put a warning on the header if you found swearing in a video needed
    Love your show and keep up the good work

  12. How old were those kids? Because it’s very irresponsible of the reporter-person to just let kids just cruise around internet.
    (Yes sir, I’m sorry I watched the second half today… Ironic)

  13. You’re a sailor…there’s a reason for the phrase “swear like a sailor”.  if you hold it in you might explode.  Oh…and what happened to your internet the we were deprived of a video last week?

  14. Don’t sensor the way you speak. It’s you. Don’t give in to the political correctness. Even the U.S. Marines are now beginning to be Politically Correct. What has the world come to, where you can’t say whatever you want to because some other motherfucker will get offended.

  15. Sent the noob to the storeman to get a ‘Last Post’ once, the storeman sent him back to say he had a ‘reveille’ and a ‘come to the cook house door’ but no last post. The noob had no idea

  16. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    LOL this world Coddles their young too much, letting them hear the language, and engaging in a Rule system with their use of the language would be a better solution. Most children, (My self included) used the WORSE language in Grade School, middle School, and High School, never censoring our selves until our Boss at work had a talk with us. Had I had that talk with my parents, and had rules, and was made to realize how that language makes me look, I think I would have been better off. NOW the language works well with Humor, and I feel you should be you, and if some are willing to place blame on others, and not willing to make changes in their own ways, well then… Fuck em.

  17. I feel like pretty much everyone that watches your videos plays some sort of video game to an extent. We all know how terrible we can all be in less than like 2 or 3 sentences to each other in a game. Plus kids these days are so exposed to social media and that lot that I get curious to when parents say they have a child in like the 12-15 year age range that they don’t allow to hear curse words. Like what the legitimate fuck is up with that? As one of the many people that play console gaming, it’s easy to say that there are some real salty youths out there with a “vibrant” choice of words. Personally speaking, if/when I have kids I’d be hella surprised if they aren’t swearing by their teen years.Moreless not hear cursing growing up, I had a very much “you can hear bad words, just don’t use them” sort of deal when I was growing up (dad loves watching ANY action movie, I grew up watching WW2 movies and anything w/ John Wayne). I just believe swearing is just us being the social things we are and to add the proper emphasis.
    Plus we all need to shout something mean at Lego when we step on them.

  18. Swearing well like you say it can explain more in that 1 word than more flowery words so i can see both sides ..i sweat to much i have only today noticed i may swear to much …so its made me think …oh and yes i watch to the end but sometimes i dont get to watch all the way in 1 sitting as life hets in the way …but always watch it all ….thanks .

  19. Curse on John Dunn. Curse on. 🙂
    Thx Mr Dingles.

  20. Watched all the way to the end!!! I understand the desire to screen what young folks hear, but it isn’t realistic to expect someone in the position that you are in Jingles to censor yourself for language. I had a video come across my Facebook feed that had a little girl (maybe 6) who said…… I sh*tmy pants! The humor of it was lost as it was just a really poor commentary on the parenting. My point, Grandpa is doing as he should in making the decision that it might be best if they don’t watch and pick up the wrong language. As for the stream and videos, they are as they are and I enjoy them just the way it has been. I suppose it could cost you a few views but I think being true to yourself is worth the cost.

  21. I love your world of warships videos, I often rewatch them multiple times

  22. – jingles, everyone who “watch” the video for 5 or 10 secs is included in those stats, its an average of all of us, and there could be 100’s of those people, THEY ARE DRAGGING US DOWN

  23. I think it’s better to humiliate someone without cursing. And you certainly have large enough vocabulary to do it. Well timed curse is also good way to express your mind but isn’t it too easy? I personally don’t care about swearing, but I like to play with words in unusual way. Well except for English which is my third language and I certainly did not mastered it enough 🙂

  24. Jingles, as for the language, be yourself. Don’t censor yourself because you are afraid of someone not watching. People watch you because you are authentic at all times. With you there is no act, so don’t start now 😀

  25. A lot of the Soviet tanks at Bovington are vehicles captured or acquired from Soviet client states.
    Swearing when injured has been shown to reduce the perception of pain, but only if the person swearing considers the language shocking. So don’t over use swear words or they lose the ability to reduce your pain!

  26. Stay Salty my friend.

  27. I’m a retired CND NCO and when i hit civi street it took the better part of a year before i stopped saying “Fucking civilian’s”. Oh and on CBC radio they did a story on Profanity yoga from B.C. ( Jan 22 ). Good for the mind, body and soul i guess. Just be yourself.

  28. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    My favorite alternate curse is “Communists”, and I have a co-worker who uses “Shimikazi”. (Guess who plays a lot of WOWS).

  29. Swearing is fun, leave it in.

  30. Shouldn’t fucking swear though

  31. Look Man.. Swearing is bad only if you can no longer afford to do it.

  32. I feel that the chat in WOT is much more vitriolic and harmful to young minds than the little bit of occasional tasty salt that we enjoy in your videos Jingles. Some of those insults you fling out have me rolling about laughing. I have make sure to shut the chat window when my boy is watching me play WOT as it can just be too much foulness and hate getting spewed out by sore losers and trolls. There’s something about kids and war games though…they seem to love them for some reason.

  33. Ow please Jingles, start speaking like your former drill instructor. However, before you do, I would like to ask you to raise the health insurrance plan for you employees in the salt mines. I think we are going to need it because there will be a distinct possibility that we are going to laugh our asses off.

  34. Foul language is always appropriate and kids can’t start early enough with learning it. It’s important for kids to grow a much thicker skin than the current generation of snowflakes has because things are heading in the wrong direction.

  35. as a former Navy man myself i can vouch that it is hard to control your language

    there is a good reason the expression “swear like a sailor” exists

  36. The less you swear, the more powerfull it is, when you finally do. (Kind regards a drill sergent in the army)

  37. Am I one of the few who liked jingles more salty? like his face reveal he flipped us off!

  38. Easies? Learned a new term today.


    Personally, I absolutely detest them! Yeah, yeah, yeah… Once might be fun, but twice or more? Not so much.

    I once worked for a company that had a limited manufacturing capacity to help produce prototypes and first-run tests. And believe me, they took an absolutely fiendish delight in these “easies”. But here’s the thing: the line between a joke and bullying is quite thin, and what you think is funny, others might consider bullying.

    It eventually got so bad that several of the apprentices threatened to leave and the upper management had to step in and tell the foreman to cut it out and leave them be.

  39. First thing: I wouldn’t say that QB is “family friendly” if his chat is very, very, VERY acid if some arty player start participating. They already did doxing against some arty players, and threaten on real life (yeah. C’mon… This is just a game!).
    But I can, without any doubt, refer to Mighty Jingles channel, because if there’s any swearing, it will not be out of context.

  40. LOL Please start at the letter P in the phone book next, Please!!!

  41. Mail buoy watch is always good.

  42. My kids are 9 and 7 and I stopped watching you in front of them because if they’re not allowed to watch sweary YouTube content then it behooves me to to maintain that standard when they are around.

    It’s a shame as I know they would really enjoy a lot of your content. A prime example being your recent VR shooter video on Superhot which I accidentally left on when they came on. Even the missus enjoyed it, then I was promptly told off by my eldest for not practicing what I preach.

    Can you be as entertaining and salty without flinging the occasional f-bomb? Sure. Will it take away that special something though? I don’t know. I enjoy your content when you lose it, but then I’m ex-army if a similar age. maybe a kid safe warning icon or something for the content isn’t sweary might work? Never hurts to try new things, if nothing else it keeps you on your toes.

  43. OK, just so you know that we are watching till the end….. don’t change Jingles, please. The way you are is the reason (I believe) why most of us are watching you. I enjoy your videos exactly because of that. You don’t hesitate to express your opinion if you dislike something…. your videos are really entertaining without you acting like an i***t – which is what so many youtubers resort to in order to get views – your humour is intelligent, much more sophisticated than most other youtubers and yet hilarious. So please again DON’T CHANGE. I will now repeat what others have said here…. but it is the problem of the parents what they let their kids watch. You’re not an internet babysitter. I think that it is them – not you – who should think about that. Because letting kids that are less than 10 watch someone playing military games is a bit weird IMO.

  44. Well with 26 years in the USN a colorful word or two escape my lips. But In front of my wife or children I do watch it. As for you I don’t see a major problem. It has never been a triad of cussing as some old Chief Boatswain’s mate. in the deck force.

  45. Swear as much as you want. If its a part of who you are then it is. I dont mind at all.

  46. A well placed swearing has its place. Use them too liberally, and they lose their ‘power’. The reason I like your and QB’s content is that you both keep the language quite clean. You do occasionally drop the f-bomb, but not to a degree that I would find disturbing. However, I do understand the granddad’s point of view. The boys will, in time, learn those words, but at 6 and 10 years old is perhaps too soon.

  47. Isn’t there a flag for strong language? That aside you can’t please everyone. I think you’re perfect, Jingles. I hope you don’t change.

  48. One easy that my dad and mom dealt with in the Canadian army medical corps was getting sent to the quartermaster for a can of elbow grease/headlight fluid and 10 ft of fallopian tubing… Then there was short-sheeting each others bunks.

    • My grandfather in the artillery also dealt with someone resetting his alarm clock to go off an hour after he went to sleep, and like a robot he did his morning routine when it went off then waited by his bunk at attention until the sergeant on duty told him to go back to bed as it was only 1 in the morning

  49. I don’t like the idea of Jingles curbing his language, This is not Hello Kitty and Barbie Fun Time Channel. It’s the mighty Jingles channel. If Robert doesn’t want his grandkids to hear swearing, then he should not let his grandkids watch and find some other channels for them to watch. There is already too much self censorship as it is here on youtube, I feel that we do not need more. Just my 2 cents. In other news, here is a quote that I saw recently.

    “The British army should be a projectile to be fired by the British navy.”
    ―Edward Grey

  50. The swearing is mostly why I watch your videos. Also, I watch the whole Mingles with Jingles videos. Usually just before I fall asleep. It’s the most entertaining thing I see whole monday.

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