Mingles with Jingles Episode 230

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Source: The Mighty

It’s that time of the week again. The video where I talk about random stuff, old age catches up with me and I lose track halfway through the sente… Oh look, a new episode of The Bad Place on Netflix!

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com


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  1. The1Whit3Dragon Reborn

    So you have to be careful with profanity in pg13 movies, eh? Idk about that when nudity of the male’s ass variety is all just fine and dandy. But maybe that’s because I’m in America…

  2. Jingles, there are alot of US veterans like myself, a US Naval Reserve retired SWO officer, who have given up on the NFL for the reasons you have heard concerning the US national anthem protests. So, give me the link to the world of warship twitch stream on February 4th and I will watch that rather than the super bowl. Besides who wants to see Tom Brady win another ring. Also, thanks for remembering Guadalcanal. Not many today understand the significance of this battle campaign and the sacrifices of the US Navy.

  3. To be fair, Jingles, there is a huge slice of us colonists across the pond who don’t give a ruddy shit about the Superbowl.

  4. “Minecraft underwater” JINGLES!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!
    Loved your Subnautica vid, just so you know.

  5. Yes Jingles, we would be outraged!

  6. I’ll watch World of Warships instead. Screw the super bowl!

  7. No worries Jingles. Most gamer nerds who are interested in the WoWS don’t give two fucks about Football here in the US.

  8. When you have homework but you see Mingles with Jingles on your recommended tab

  9. Jingles, I love that you’re lighthearted and funny most of the time, but sometimes you take a pause and surprise me with your somber pride and respect for those who put their lives on the line. Never change.

  10. keep the shots of the previous intro but but a new song in or just put a new song in for the new one

  11. oh my god…jingles, do get a move on…you have made the subtle art of rambling into a tortuous experience only spared by those wonderful dulcet tones…damn your British accent for making me love you

  12. I will be kicking back at an Irish pub with a pint of Guinness in my hand on Superbowl Sunday.

  13. 2:30 It’s like the golden goose. “OK, we can’t slaughter it because then the gold stops. Let’s lock it away in a safe.”

  14. I didn’t mention it in the subnautica video, but I was almost prepared to accept it as a substitute for Lone Echo, but I am glad to see that Lone Echo will be returning as well.


  16. intro is great thank you !!

  17. Industry rule 4080… record company people are shadyyyyyy

  18. I hope more XCOM 2 videos come back soon. I like seeing your team of ultimate badasses fight Advent.

  19. I will not be watching the Super Bowl because… well I haven’t in many many years. I used to say I watched it for the ads and well that wasn’t very true either. I just don’t care. If I remember I’d gladly watch the World of Warships turnement.

  20. Good book by the way.

  21. AYE jingles thanks for playing my replay (the Des moines) MOM MOM GET THE CAMERA I’M FAMOUS! (gets dragged back to the salt mines)

  22. I live in Florida and I had no idea when the Superbowl is scheduled for.

  23. I wonder if any of your fans are composers? Anyone?

  24. Hey Jingles, you talking about how little has changed after 70 years got me thinking about something (not quite to the same degree as you were talking about but still). Whether it be with youtube channels or video games, I never stay on one for too long, I typically get burnt out and either I don’t come back or take a very long break. Usually, when I come back to these things, they’ve changed quite a bit. They just seemed to have changed a little too much and in some cases, they hardly ever feel like its the same channel or game I enjoyed several months or even years earlier. However, there are two exceptions to that rule, those being your channel and World of Tanks. I’ve been watching your channel for probably over 5 years, and playing World of Tanks for a similar amount of time. And every time I come back to your channel, it feels just like it did several years ago when I first stumbled upon it. You still provide entertaining videos that I always enjoy watching time and time again. Some of my favourite channels have seemingly become these big companies which now only seem to put quantity over quality or just simply don’t have the same magic touch as they used to have or don’t even care anymore. But you have never seemed to stray too far away from what makes your channel so great. Now, this paragraph is probably terribly worded and long-winded, but I felt the need to basically say, thank you Jingles for being such a great channel that I can always rely on to entertain me or give me a good laugh no matter the situation for so many years.

  25. Mr. Jingles, Overlord, sir! Subnautica was great to watch. Looked very interesting game. But when can we expect Lone Echo again?

  26. Hey Jingles, I’m a long time subscriber and I’m writing a paper on the Polish national hero Witold Pilecki hero of world war two, I was hoping that you would talk about him like you’ve done so many other heroes of WW2, He allowed himself to be captured and sent to Auschwitz so that he document what was happening there in hopes of overthrowing the camp and liberating it from German hands, both the allies and the Polish resistance refused his request for asistance in liberation of the camp because they thought the numbers he was reporting to be vastly overestimated. He eventually escaped the camp to try and plead in person the case of the people of Auschwitz to the allies, polish resistance, and polish government in exile. He sadly failed as they did not believe him, he went on to participate and play a major role in the Warsaw Uprisings. Upon the order of the PGE after the war he went into the Soviet puppet regime to gather information, he proved that the “elections” of 1946 were heavily fraudulent and for his trouble was captured, tortured, given a show trial and labeled a “German Collaberator” and shot in 1948. His reported last words were “Long live free Poland!”

  27. Thanks for enlightening me of the terms and conditions of using different soundtracks on videos.

  28. It feels like I saw that Des Moines gameplay elsewhere..

  29. pff, enough free copy right music around, no need to stick to capitalist pigs that just try to fuck over everyone else in their greed, its not like disney doesnt already own 50% of the usa, yet its still not enough

  30. The NFL has just lost it, will watch King of the Sea.

  31. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    Sony Execs are not the lowest form of life………………..

    Their Lawyers are.

  32. I laugh every time I hear English navy then look at their ships lol

  33. Get rid of that intro…

  34. hi jingles, i know this is completely random but i’ve been wanting to do some research on operation gunnerside, the Norwegian assault on a heavy water plant in 1943, and i remembered from a little while ago that you made a mingles w/ jingles which featured a book you were reading and some facts about gunnerside. could you tell me what that book was called, or which mingles w/ jingles it was? hope you see this, and thanks for always making great content.

  35. You should give a warning at the start.
    “In this video there will be 4 cunts, one clitoris and a foreskin and as they only appear in this introduction, you’re past them now.”

  36. I live just south of where the super bowl is being hosted (US Bank stadium in Minneapolis, MN) *RIP traveling downtown* and honestly don’t care much about the game as I mainly watch for the ridiculous commercials they play and maybe the halftime show. playing games > watching sports

  37. Neptune’s Inferno: Got it last year, couldn’t put it down. I second the recommendation.

  38. New intro better than the old one. I don’t miss it.

  39. NFL is dead by many former fan’s accounts this year, so Super Sunday is going to be surprisingly available for people who would watch NFL games if it weren’t a corrupt bag of contempt for Veterans, cops, and their families.

    Kings of the Atlantic sounds like a terrific alternative that hopefully will avoid letting politics wreck the viewing experience.

  40. Super Bowl would be nothing if it wasn’t for the new advertisements so I don’t rlly care about the game if isn’t teams I like or half time shows if the person or band isn’t one I like XD

  41. Jingles, how about no intro but an surprise aftercredits scene/picture like marvel? idk, some wierd screenshot or a beautiful landscape… you could start the next episode of MwJ with a short explanation or just a laugh..

  42. Mister Torgue Flexington

    To be honest most of the American players watching your videos probably don’t care about the Superbowl.

  43. Mmm….can we have a team… “E-50 M is Weak”…or perhaps. “Jingles Babies”….or maybe “Soviet Bias”….”Because Stalin!”, comes to mind.

    Honorable mentions:

    Box Tank, Spamming the Gold, and simply, World of Tanks. (Let the who’s on first jokes fly).

    SOoo…who won the World of Tanks Tournament?

    Make it so.

  44. king of the Atlantic tournament on Superbowl… There was a lot of fore-thought put into that.

  45. Horfiscer’s other great book “Last Stand of theTin Can Sailors” is also a great read and highly recommended.

  46. Subnautius, yay!

  47. Carry on, Jingles. You’re not a saint, but you have no need to explain your moral fiber. o7

  48. If you want another good book on the second world war, try Troop Leader by Bill Bellamy. He was the commander of a troop of three Cromwell tanks who fought from Normandy to Berlin. That book also tells multiple stories which are almost too good to be true.

  49. What The Fuck Jingles…..You’re an old salty….best act like it!!

  50. Never know Jingles. With the recent act the NFL pulled. People are boycotting.

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