Mingles with Jingles Episode 231

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Source: The Jingles

Here's the deal. It's early, I haven't had coffee yet, so you just imagine I said something witty in this intro have a good laugh about how funny I am. Ok? Ok.

Hundreds of US Navy documents and manuals: http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/ref/


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. okay… that ending was adorable… i’ll admit it!

  2. Yes! Use Benjamin’s sons’ voice. Just set’s the mood for an intro. 🙂

  3. best part of vid was Benjamin’s son singing outstanding .get him to sing full song please

  4. You totally have to your that 4-year’s rendition of Hearts of Oak again.

  5. Jingles voice can make a bad day good no matter what hes talking about. And the jokes although they can be cheesy they are golden. If you see this Jingles keep up the good work.

  6. Epic ending.. Well-sung

  7. God bless Benjanmin’s son from ze Deutschland – well done young Sir.

  8. This intro is better

  9. Go play the new x box one x 150 fps 4 k on all maps on x box ps we have more games on x box then pc look it look it up and we have better games pc players Fuck youuuuuuu and we have less buttons then pc and better graphic then youuuu fuck yeah bitch

  10. Merriman Devonshire

    So… would you do a video with the Jimquistion versus the Extra Credit team then?

  11. i miss the 2 or 3 jingles videos a day

  12. Ready for the French BBS in WOWS?!

  13. Of course I’ll bet YouTube will still PUT ads on those “too small to pay” channels. How convenient for them.

  14. Love the ending, that was Awesome

  15. The thing with YouTube is they are trying to weed out the bot channels that go out and steal content, bot views, and get money from the ad revenue. Unfortunately, this method also hits the little guys. But like you said, if someone is passionate enough, they’ll keep uploading. Don’t give up, small channels!

  16. Just wondering if you think the Italian tanks will be historically accurate by having 4 reverse gears and one forward, in case the enemy appear behind them. On another subject, we hear in the Asian servers are getting French battle ships, and I like to know what you think of them (being French and all).

  17. Jingles, love your subnautica video’s. Really looking forward to more vids of it. You said you were looking for non wargaming titles to diversify video’s into, i would love for this to be one of those.

  18. YT not caring about smaller channels? I know some who are not even that small but they still get demonitized for absolutelly no reason. Would it even mater?

  19. #bestENDINGever

  20. who said the British had stopped invading the lives of other counties

  21. Navigating in Subnautica can be quite hard. To get anything done in the lava zones i had to rely heavily on coords from the wiki. Should probably use more beacons.

  22. Jingles you have tons of Youtube time under your belt. So much so it’s hard to fathom. What is even harder to fathom though, is your channel never seems to get old. You did not settle into some kind of total routine. You do have regular features but your channel still regularly surprises people, your community interaction keeps getting even better (and funnier!) and this, my friend, is what keeps the channel fresh no matter how old it is. Not to mention you are definitely the best Youtuber at getting things slightly off on occasion and triggering “Actually, Jingles…” moments.

  23. Jingless, I think I’m speaking for everyone here… We love you, because you are one of the few people who stand behind your words. You have turned down offers worth of thousands because you thought that we wouldn’t like it. Don’t think that we have forgotten how you handled the Mr foch incident in wot. You said that if wargaming won’t give a promise that they will never again use copyright claims to take down content that they don’t like, you will quit their community contributor program. Wargaming didn’t deliver, what did Jingless do? Quit the program. That’s why I love you – no matter the cost, you stick to your promises.

  24. my answer to the loot box question, is I won’t buy a non F2P game that has them in it. Period.

  25. Raymond van der Linden

    Playing Subnautica to now Jingless… got infected by your video…..!

  26. hahahaha that intro. Perfect, mate haha

  27. Ah yes… the whole YT ad revenue thingy…
    Almost got 10k lifetime view last month and they changed the policy. But who am I kidding, everything seems to be out of reach at the very last moment… well, at least most of it.
    Then again, my aim on YouTube is changing over the past year I’m doing this.
    I was one of those people who sees YouTube as a scheme for making easy money. But that slowly changed. At this point, I’m doing YouTube for stabilizing my mental conditions and having fun while doing it. Sounds weird, but it just goes like that.

    tl;dr: Not doing YouTube for money anymore, but still pissed since I just realized I was so close.

  28. Gday Jingles! Today is my 18th Birthday, it also marks the third year of me watching your videos, and i just wanted to say a huge thank you for your content, it’s given me the laugh to get through each day and helped me with my anxiety, so thank you!

  29. Eh, Youtube already screwed me over with their previous “you must have had 10,000 lifetime views thing”.

    Ultimately they will screw themselves over though. It’s the small channels that become big channels, so even if YouTube lose money on small channels I would have thought they would treat that as a loss leader. If they put barriers in front of people with small channels and those people go to other platforms as a result, it will ultimately be YouTube who lose out.

  30. Yeah definitely a slight idubbbz reference put in there with the unboxing videos

  31. I think with that little boy at the end,you’ve found your new intro! 😉

  32. that missouri could have easily won that game had A) He just took one more shoot at the atago to kill it 15:27 B) kill that dd at 16:47 (this one is RNJesus though) B) His CV not chose to kill himself to get the ram… ugh frustrating

  33. That outro o7

  34. I knew there was a reason I didnt buy Stars Battlefront II

  35. Hi Jingles. I like your videos on almost any subject. Your humour, straight talking and personality. I play AW, am a medium to crap player. But I enjoy myself. Recently AW asked to fill out a survey. So I thought OK. The 1st question was how often do you play AW. Almost every day. Then asked my age. 69. Sorry you don’t qualify for the survey!!. WTF! How old do you have to be to qualify. Age discrimination. Keep up the good work, I look forward every time to your videos. Bruce

  36. Wargaming’s games are also play-to-win, don’t fool yourself.

  37. just because you dont give a flying fuck about ratings, or doing this for money, you dont kiss some asses like other youtuber which called themselves quick. lol.
    love your work. love your rebel soul mate.

  38. CD Projekt Red are the only AAA devs who arent complete filthy sellouts.
    I hope Cyberpunk is ok.

  39. YouTube has become what it is on the back of small producers who grew from nothing into the big names of the format today. Encouraged no doubt by the start of revenue coming in, so the accountants never looking looking up from their spreadsheets help stifle creativity and ironically the possible future revenue stream. Always remember these enormously successful business are not really the result of business genius, just luck and hard work. In the Rock Paper Scissors of life stupidity always beats luck.

  40. We need more videos that are Lenin Cat approved

  41. That was the most adorable ending to a mingles with Jingles I’ve ever heard.

  42. Sir, both Planescape Torment and Baldur’s Gate 2?

    A proper gentleman of fine, fine taste.

  43. Alasdair Gillespie

    To hear a baby German boy singing an English Navy song fills me with a great sense of hope.

  44. wrong… human eyes can see just around 1000 fps. a 60hz monitor can only produce 60fps max even if it shows 100+ wanna see a game in 128 fps??? get a 128hz monitor

  45. i especially liked the part when tankslapper sailed broadside to a battleship and got spanked

  46. 11:00 POMF what are we gonna do on the sea bed

  47. I was suddenly looking forward to 48 hours of jingles in subnautica….

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