Mingles with Jingles Episode 232

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It's late, I just had dinner and a few glasses of wine and I'm very sleepy. Yeah, let's call it “sleepy”, there are kids watching. Better get this show on the road!

I'll be joining the guys from FILO for some World of Warships on Sunday afternoons.
All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I get the feelings most youtube commenters are bots.

  2. You never reply to my e-mails. A curt “F**k Off” would at least let me know you got them. 😛

  3. Jingles is a Youtuber?

  4. Re WoWP 2.0, ofc the remaining playerbase doesn’t like the changes. They’re what’s left after all of the players that didn’t like the former game mode quit. It’s survivorship bias in action, and it’s an obstacle to corrective action for every game company that didn’t get it right in the first place and didn’t take immediate action to fix the problems.

  5. One does not simply troll The Mighty Jingles………..

    We camp in bush.

  6. God damnit Jingles you troll! You had me going! Nice dinner, couple bottles of wine and after dinner coffee. Someone get Jingles a nurse! Lol

  7. Watching some older videos and saw that Schrader is back at it. Check noobmeter

  8. Any other Jews watch jingles

  9. u need intervention not troll

  10. What ever happened to Rita?

  11. Copy right laws, FILO and congrats on your 10. Another great Mingles. Although I called you a bastard for getting your cyclops posted before I found everything.
    I built mine today.

  12. Jingles you should play Rainbow Six Siege it’s really fun. Try it!

  13. jingles i was going through some of your tank reviews and lots of them are way out of date have you considerd redoing them because of updates to the tanks in the game ? a lot of them are 2 or 3 years old or more.

  14. “I’m never going to be allowed to forget that one, am I?”


  15. “World of Warplanes forums hates me!”

    Yep I was in that thread (NA) and oh my god did they savage you. And they did it multiple threads btw… They all butthurt anyways…

  16. JINGLES HOW DARE YOU SAY DAT ABOUT MY SHIPFU MIKASA!!! I once got 7 kills with her! You just don’t know how to use her right. I will now never worship you as my senpai ever again BAKA!

  17. have you ever heard don’t shoot the messenger well your not a messenger you a big fat stupid battleship who sails in straight lines

  18. Don’t worry about it Jingles. I can’t land virtual aircraft either. I can land a virtual space shuttle though


    ~TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life~

    This friendly reminder is brought to you by a retarded salt miner who skipped work and consumed around 6 hours into the website.


  21. Actually Jingles, the google machine says you are an MI6 recruiter who uses Ghost Recon to scout talent.

  22. 30 or less FPS in World of warplanes… since 2.0 yeaaaa it sure is optimized jingles

  23. While Jingles was in the Royal Navy you can tell he wasn’t in the Fleet Air Arm from his War Thunder videos


  24. urban dictionary
    top definition: the mighty jingles
    a guy from the U.k who is 40 something years old. He sits on his ass all day making youtube videos on mostly world of tanks and world of warships.
    jingles: hey guys! welcome back to world of tanks with the mighty jingles!
    by 1337 hackerz April 27, 2017….

    *A youtuber who plays either World of Tanks or World of Warships while sitting on their ass all day is now considered as doing a ‘Mighty Jingles’.* 😀

  25. WTB more Subnautica and this time bring your big boy pants!

  26. Its the beard, they hate beards

  27. I keep expecting Jingles to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi in this series but I haven’t even heard a mention. Did he bring it up in his stream or is he just trying to avoid opening that can of worms? I’m genuinely curious what he thought of the movie.

  28. Hmm, a pillow with jingles face on it, that sound pretty good… but come to think of it, waking up in the morning when your halfway dead then seeing the pillow and instantly turn inside out and screaming “holy shit I am laying on jingles” doesn’t really sound like something someone who is, well… “normal”, would have to much fun doing, but at the same time, if you are subscribed to jingles you probably have an IQ of 3 and won’t be able to properly move a fork half an inch without nailing a plank of wood to your head, sooo, yee… a jingles pillow won’t be that bad

  29. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Jim Sterling introduced me to the word chungus.

  30. Does anyone else think that this IS-4 is absolutely OP? How can a single tank bounce that much damage while being simultaneously attacked by so many enemies?! But who’s actually really surprised if you talk about a russian tank in a game made by wargaming? Hilarious? No, disgusting!

  31. It’s been a while since i’ve watched mingles with jingels… but what happend to his roomate? Rita right?

  32. I’m sad you didn’t find the Rita adoption one… I would like to see his comment on that one XD

  33. There is no pillows with Jingles face on them available at salt mine ; -). Will be anu in the future lol

  34. You rape salmon in the oven for 40 minutes????????? Until it is crispy? Until all the taste and texture is burned out to ash? Is that it? It is Salmon ffs, you can eat it raw. Just get it warm that’s it. No wonder people talk of English food and English cooking but not of English cuisine.

  35. Challenge Accepted!

    The Mighty Jingles… the biggest troll on the internet; so good that instead of trolling other YouTube Celebrities and their subscribers, he trolls himself and his own subscribers. Strangely enough his technique works, with hordes of followers flocking to his channel to watch a man with non existent skill and help mine the Salt, which allows him to be sustained as he endures the long hours of trolling the trolls in World of Tanks & World of Warships. While some have managed to stain his shirt, or at least the pants he was wearing, his mastery has been said to “Sheer Dumb Luck” doesn’t do the world justice, as nothing has come close to the sheer magnitude of the ineptitude in life that Donald Trump has attempted to buy America Back into England’s grasp!

    Unfortunately this Whistle blower has said too much, and with a heavy heart decided to admit… he is just a noob as the Jingler has come returned me into the fold!

  36. Why do you have to go to forums to get this level of… .ass.

  37. Challenge accepted

  38. Beware what you are asking for…
    I’m a programmer.
    If I was as focused on details in my job as you are Mighty Scrublord, yes, I’m picking on naming tanks during replays you’re showing us, You’ll be prompted to input paul.charlton70@gmail.com while logging to EULA, to play agile light soviet tank Pzkpfw TOG IV armed with 1.7 pdr autocannon.

    But hey, don’t even try to change 🙂

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